Ninten-dad Entertainment System

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(This is when the Nintendo Entertainment System first comes out. My parents not only feel I am responsible enough with school that I deserve a TV in my room, but they also get me a NES that comes with “Super Mario Brothers” and “Duck Hunt.” I play only when my homework is done and turn it off at nine pm on school nights because I don’t want it taken away. Dad comes in and starts playing and sometimes will be in my room at midnight or later, cursing as he gets killed by a Koopa yet again. Without fail, every school night, it is the same thing:)

Me: *trying to sleep* “Daddy! Go to bed! I have school tomorrow!”

Dad: *cursing up a blue streak as he “dies” yet again* “In a minute!”

(Finally, I complain to Mom, telling her how I’m not getting any sleep because of Dad always playing video games. Mom calls Dad and me for a family meeting.)

Mom: “From now on, no video games after ten pm on school nights!” *after a couple seconds* “And that goes for you, too, [My Name].”

(And that’s the story of how my dad was the first one in our family to be put on video game restriction.)

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Years ago I had a cocker spaniel with a lot of allergies and a skin condition that made her very itchy. Her regular vet prescribed allergy shots for her. A few times we didn’t get to see him but a newly graduated vet who was working there temporarily. All she did the every appointment was try to refer us to specialists. So much so that we were starting to think she was getting kickbacks from them. One time we got her when we were there for my dog’s allergy shot.

Vet: “She’s just itchy because she has fleas.”

Mom & Me: “No she doesn’t.”

Me: “I just checked her this morning. No fleas. And she’s had a bath.”

Vet: *rolling her eyes* “It’s just fleas. She doesn’t need an allergy shot.”

Mom: “Dr. (Regular Vet) prescribed them. We want her allergy shot.”

At that point we watched as a flea crawling on the vet herself jumped from her to my dog. The vet only sees the flea now.

Vet: “I told you she had fleas!”

Mom: “We saw that flea crawling on you! Now we want her allergy shot.”

The vet continued to argue and tried once again to send us to a specialist, but we finally got the shot – only after a lot of huffing. Mom complained to the regular vet as soon as he was free and told him how this one was always trying to send us to specialists. He seemed rather angry with her when he heard this. We never saw her there again.

They Get Our Vote!

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Facebook is semi-allowed at my workplace, and three of my Facebook friends are on the city council. Of those three, one also owns a pub in town.

I happen to be extremely sensitive to smells. It was a Sunday, and only two staff were on duty, a librarian and myself, so we couldn’t take breaks. I had just finished helping a super heavy smoker and was extremely sick to my stomach. After 15 minutes of terrible nausea, I posted a message to Facebook asking if someone would bring me a ginger ale, as I couldn’t leave the building and didn’t have time to call home between patrons.

Within a half hour, my councilman friend had the cooks at his pub make me homemade potato chips and brought me, not one, but two bottles of ginger ale, and two bottles of ginger beer (non-alcoholic). He took time out of his workday to help me not spend my workday throwing up.  

It’s not every person who takes time out for others, and especially not every politician.