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(This happen at the self service check out, if you want to buy alcohol and you look under 25, you will need to provide an ID to the employee managing the self service area, I’ve been buying alcohol since I arrived in Ireland at 22  and not once I was asked for my ID, I’m 25 by the time of that story)

employee : I will need to see your id.

Me:(surprised) I’ve never been asked it in the past 3 years

Employee: yeah but you don’t look like you’re 25…

( I pop out my foreign identity card, with all the info stating that I’m indeed 25)

Employee : No, this isn’t good, I need to see your passport…

Me (annoyed): I don’t have one, it’s not needed when traveling the european union…

Employee : then you will have to go to a regular till

(he start to cancel the transaction)

Me : Seriously ??? (I remove my beanie)

Employee:(look at me) Hum…okay… you’re 25…(approve the transaction)

Must’ve been a magic beanie !

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A customer is contacting me to ask about a refund we made for him a few days earlier

(after checking the account)
[Me]: I see that the refund was correctly issued.
[Me]: it should appear after 5 to 7 days, but sometime takes up to 10.
[Me]: You should contact your bank to know when it will appear on your statement.
[Customer]: ? So i did get refund already????
[Me]: Did you check your bank account ?
[Customer]: I can’t see anything on my account online
[Me]: As I said, it take between 5 to 10 days to appear, the refund were made on the 5th and 8th so it should appear by the 15th and 18th
[Customer]: So i did received money or not??? This is too complicated
[Customer]: ?

(at this point I start to lose it)

[Me]: What is it you don’t understand (customer’s name) ?
[Me]: We made the refund, BUT it takes time to appear on your account, so please wait until the 18th of April and if you still can’t see it, contact your bank
[Customer]: So i did receive refund to my account already?
[Customer]: i don’t understand

[Me]: (customer’s name) did you read what I just sent you ?
[Me]: I don’t know how to put it in a more simple way (customer’s name), I’m sorry
[Customer]: so this is very straight question
[Me]: in 10 days
[Me]: do you understand ?
[Me]: it is on its way to you bank account but your bank need to update your account before you can see it.
[Customer]: ?
[Customer]: So you already sent money to my account?
[Me]: YES, we already sent the money back to you
[Customer]: ok

(end of chat)


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One time in Physics I got bored and made a paper plane out of a page from my notebook. I then asked the teacher in the middle of class whether he’d let me fly it through a Bunsen burner flame. I can’t remember why I thought it was even remotely a good idea to ask, especially given that the closest thing I had to a justification was “I wonder if it’ll catch fire mid-air.”

He let me do it after the class was finished. He justified it afterwards as a demonstration of how convection worked, despite that we’d done convection two months or so previously.

It didn’t catch fire, by the way.

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