Cover(sheet) Your Ears

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(We have a self-serve fax, with store cover sheets to use for free. When checking customers out, I always ask if they used a cover sheet, since their confirmation sheet doesn’t tell me; it only says how many total pages went through. If they used a cover sheet, we charge one less page than the confirmation sheet says:)

Me: “Did you use one of our cover sheets today?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I charge him for all the pages on his confirmation and he pays.)

Customer: “Wait a second. Aren’t the cover sheets supposed to be free?”

Me: “Yes, but you didn’t use one.”

Customer: “Yes, I did!”

Me: “Only our store cover sheets are free. Sorry.”

Customer: “No, I did use one of yours!”

Me: “You told me you didn’t.”

Customer: “No, I didn’t!”

Me: “Yes, you did. I asked you if you did and you said no.”

Customer: “Oh, well, I wasn’t listening.”

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I work in a large printing office, which also does shipping and other stuff. So, since this office is small and located inside of the hotel, our main customers are guests who come to workshops. Since we do other more important stuff, customers can print on their own by renting out our rental computers. The fee is usually $0.40 a minute. So, there was this woman, blonde, who refused to pay the fee but needed several pages to be printed for some event. I offered her to rent out and print from an email or get a USB and print at the printer.

She: I am not paying for that.

Me: Then get it on a USB and pay for the papers only.

She tried to open it at the printer, but her files were broken. She sent it to me, and I even couldn’t open her USB. She used our main computer, pulled that file and wanted to change the size. Our printer would print the same size file on a larger paper.

Meanwhile, the male customer walks in asking for his order. After we couldn’t find it, he showed me an email from a nearby store. I told him it would take him 5 minutes to walk here and that email was not from us. He argues the email was ours, and that he even saw it written on the door. I was about to check it, but the woman stops me and asks me to help her instead.

After the printer was jamming, I beg her just to pay and print out from the rental computer, but she still wouldn’t. After everything failed, she accuses me for everything.

Customer: Your printers wouldn’t even open my files

Me: Your files are broken, your USB is defective

Customer: You don’t know how to print!

Me: I was not even supposed to help you and waste my time, this is a self-service area. Just pay 40 cents and print on your own.

Customer: I won’t pay anything. you even didn’t help that customer!!!

Me: Excuse me mam, that customer is not your business! But then you stopped me when I was about to help him.

Customer: What’s your manager’s name?

Me: I gave it

Customer: Even your door had a wrong email address!!!

I ask her to leave, and she takes the papers and leaves, without paying.

I went to check what was written there. It said, after business hours please go that location which nearby, and included their phone number and their email address.

These people didn’t know how to read or print.

A Cents-less Use Of Copying

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(Our self-serve copiers need either a credit card or a prepaid copy card to work.)

Me: “You’ll need either a credit card or a copy card.”

Customer: “I don’t want to use a credit card for ten cents! That’s so stupid!”

Me: “Okay, then you can put money on a copy card. The minimum’s a dollar, but it never expires.”

Customer: “I’m not paying a dollar for a copy that only costs ten cents!”

Me: “Then use your credit card.”

Customer: “Why would I use my credit card for ten cents?! That’s ridiculous!”

Me: “Do you get charged every time you use your credit card?”

Customer: “No!”

Me: “So, why is it ridiculous?”

Customer: “Ugh! You just do it for me!”

Me: “Okay, it’s more expensive, though. Is that okay?”

Customer: “I don’t care!”

(After doing their copies and giving them the price…)

Customer: “WHAT!? That’s too much money!”

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Faith In Humanity? How Cute

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(I work in a copy shop. Our self-serve machines run on credit cards or preloaded cards you can get at the cash registers. The following exchange happens far too often with different customers:)

Customer: “The copier won’t work! It says to put in a card!”

Me: “Yes, you need a credit card or a prepaid copy card.”

Customer: “I don’t have a credit card!”

Me: “Okay, then you put money on a copy card.”

Customer: “Why can’t I just make my copies and then pay you after?!”

Me: “Because the machines don’t work without a card.”

Customer: “But you should change it so I can pay you after!”

Me: “Yeah, but then people would just leave without paying for their copies.”

Customer: “I don’t think anyone would ever do that!”

(Yes, they would.)

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As If Having Cancer Isn’t Already Bad Enough

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(We have universal health care in Canada, and the card in Ontario is called an OHIP card, although OHIP does not cover everything. I am booking in a copy order when the customer notices my silicone bracelet which has, “[Friend] beats cancer,” on it.)

Customer: “That’s not a cure for cancer.”

Me: “Um, no, that’s my friend’s nickname. She’s just selling these bracelets to help support her cancer, since she has to take time off work and stuff. It’s her second time with it.”

Customer: “She must not have applied for sick leave, then!”

Me: “Um, of course she did. You don’t get your full pay on sick leave.”

Customer: “Nope, only 50%.”

Me: “Right. Hence the bracelets.”

(I try to go back to booking in her order.)

Customer: “There are lots of things she can apply for, you know. Tell her to look stuff up and do her research! She’s not trying hard enough!”

Me: “Well, I’m not one to tell her what to do about her cancer, but I will support her this way, since that’s what she’s doing. Plus, she might have to get pills this time and pay for those.”

Customer: “No, that should be free.”

Me: “Um, no, she was under the impression these drugs weren’t covered by OHIP. I think it’s just because it’s not as serious as it was the first time she had it, so she is just supposed to be getting them from the pharmacy.”

Customer: “Oh, no, I never said it would be covered by OHIP. Drugs are rarely covered by OHIP unless it’s going to save your life—” *which I beg to differ* “—but her work benefits should cover them!”

Me: “Not all of it.”

Customer: “Well, it should cover most of it!”

Me: *irritated by this point* “It depends on the jobs people have and what kind of coverage it provides.”

Customer: “Well, I know all about it! Tell her to do some research!”

(Ugh, I wanted to smack her! I didn’t, of course!)

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