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Always A Stormtrooper, Never A Bride

| Romantic | June 26, 2012

(I am talking with my friends in a hallway during a sci-fi convention. As we talk, two Stormtroopers come up and accost someone dressed as Princess Leia.)

Storm-trooper 1: “Ma’am, you’re going to have to come with us.”

Leia: “Are you serious?”

Storm-trooper 2: “Yes, ma’am. We are.”

Leia: “I can’t believe it. This always happens to me!”

(Leia plays along, and allows the Storm-troopers to lead her down the hall. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone dressed as Han Solo appears. He pushes the Storm-troopers away from Leia, and holds them back with a blaster.)

Han: “Princess, are you okay?”

Leia: “Yes, I’m fine.”

Han: “Princess…” *he turns, drops to one knee, pulls out a ring* “…will you marry me?”

(I thought it might have been a joke or a show at first, but it was real. All four of them posed for pictures for those of us who had been lucky enough to see this event.)

Seizure The Moment

| Romantic | June 24, 2012

(I am with my boyfriend at my very first anime convention. While in gothic costume, we head over to a chain of restaurants for breakfast. We are ambushed.)

Random girl: “Hi there! Neat outfits.”

Me: “Thanks! I just threw it together quickly for the convention.”

(The girl looks puzzled for a moment and then hands me a flyer. My boyfriend tries to stop me, but it’s too late.)

Random girl: “Do you want us to pray for you? You seem like a sweet girl.”

Me: “That’s okay. I prayed at church this morning.”

(At this point we are surrounded by six or seven of the flyer welding churchgoers.)

Random girl: “Oh, I insist! Let us just do a short little prayer for you!”

(They all join hands around us and start praying loudly. People nearby are starting to stop and stare.)

Me: *whispering to my boyfriend* “What do we do?!”

Boyfriend: “I don’t know. You got us into this.”

Me: “Okay, don’t freak out.”

(I suddenly drop to the floor and start thrashing around like I’m having a seizure while sobbing in pain. The church group freaks out and runs off as my boyfriend helps me up.)

Boyfriend: “I knew I loved you for a reason!”

(Apparently, some fellow convention goers saw it, because during the next few days, I had people wanting to take pictures with the ‘Seizure Girl’.)

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Nerdy Women Are A Wonder

| Romantic | April 28, 2012

(I am with my boyfriend, purchasing a pair of caped Wonder Woman socks for myself. While waiting for the booth cashier to finish with another customer, I’m looking at other Wonder Woman items, including a wallet and make-up case.)

Cashier: “Just the socks?”

Me: “Yup. I really loved RG3’s socks for the Heisman, and I was so excited when I saw there were Wonder Woman ones too.”

Cashier: *wide-eyed, to boyfriend* “She knows sports, too!?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, she’s a keeper.”

The Ups And Downs Of Love

| Romantic | September 29, 2011

(I’m at a convention in the Seattle area. The previous night, I’d gone to see a mock-up version of The Dating Game, where one of the hidden bachelorettes was very clearly a man. Throughout the show, he would occasionally assure the bachelor, in a very deep, masculine voice, “I am a woman.” The next day, while going up an escalator, I see the male-bachelorette on the down escalator while I’m going up.)

Me: “Hey! It’s you, from the dating game!”

Him: *looks puzzled*

Me: *in a deep voice* “I am a woman!”

(It finally clicks for him, and he proceeds to shout from behind me after our escalators have passed.)

Him: *as his escalator continues down* “I’ll be a man for you, baby!”

(Regrettably, I did not see him again for the rest of the convention.)

Not A Chance In (Convention) Hall

, , , | Right | January 13, 2010

Customer: “So the next convention in Sydney is THIS Thursday?”

Me: “Yes, sir. Would you like me to register you?”

Customer: “Ah, well, Thursday isn’t really going to work for me. Could you move the convention to Friday instead?”

Me: “I’m afraid that we have already booked the venue and the speakers and planned everything for Thursday. It’s a little late to consider changing the date, especially since we have around 70 people booked for this particular seminar.”

Customer: “So… no chance at all, then?”

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