Should Read The Labels With A Sniper’s Vision

| USA | Working | March 9, 2016

(I work at a pharmacy and convenience store that also handles movie rentals. We cater to an older demographic, which is far more likely to rent movies than stream them. For whatever reason, people have been asking for the movie ‘American Sniper’ since January. It is finally set to release in May, so there is a spot for it on the wall, and many customers have come to my counter demanding to know if any copies have been returned and are available to rent.)

Customer: “I’d like American Sniper, please.”

Me: “Sorry, that isn’t out just yet.”

Customer: *immediately takes a snobby tone* “Yes, it is! There’s a SPOT for it!”

Me: “I know. Every movie tag has the release date on it so people can see when it actually comes out.”

Customer: “I know it’s out! I’ll show you!”

(The customer then proceeds to storm back toward the movies and hover over the section where the American Sniper tag would be. I watch him read the actual release date, which is May 19th. Note, this is May 3rd. The customer turns and stomps out without another word. Later on, one of the managers is browsing the movies and brings up a few jackets to rent.)

Manager: “Hey, did anyone return American Sniper?”

Me: “Really?!”

Manager: *is startled and looks over at the paper displaying all the titles being released by date* “OH, MY GOD, I was just one of THOSE customers, wasn’t I?”

Me: *laughing* “Yes, you definitely were. This is why we read ALL the helpful words. Though, I guess we can’t expect the customers to when even the managers don’t!”

That’s One Serious Chip On Your Shoulder

| Bloomington, IN, USA | Right | February 24, 2016

Me: “Please use our new chip reader.”

Customer: “I hate these chip reader things. I hate it more than genocide.”

Me: “What?”

Customer: “Yeah, genocide doesn’t affect me, like the chip does.”

Don’t Bet Your Bottom Dollar On Them

| TX, USA | Friendly | February 19, 2016

(I have just gotten home from school and I had a pretty rough day, so I decide to use the $20 that my mother had given me a while ago to buy some snacks. While I’m walking down the street to the store, I see three men who look like high-schoolers. I only have one $20 bill.)

Guy #1: “Hey, excuse me but do you have a dollar I could have?”

Me: *looking back but still walking* “No, I’m sorry but I don’t.”

Guy #2: “Do you have 25¢?”

Me: “No, sorry.”

(At this point they give up and begin to walk along however they’re still staring at me as I walk up to the store. I’m about to go inside when one of them shouts at me.)

Guy #1: “I thought you didn’t have a dollar!”

Me: *slightly annoyed* “I don’t! I have twenty!”

(They finally leave the area and I purchase my snacks, I’m almost to my apartment complex when see them again, glancing at me. The same guy asks me again.)

Guy #1: “Now do you have a dollar?”

(At this point I am fed up this these three.)

Me: *annoyed* “Yes, I do, but after that do you really think I’m going to give you one?!”

(As I headed inside I could see them hanging their heads in shame, walking away embarrassedly. Needless to say, I think they learned something that day! )

Worse Than The Yes Men Are The Yes/No Men

| Banbury, England, UK | Right | February 11, 2016

(It’s a late night shift, Friday, around nine pm. It’s fairly quiet tonight and I don’t have much to do. After a while occupying myself around the store a heavily-accented Eastern European man comes up to the counter.)

Customer: “Scotch whiskey?”

Me: “Yup, we have a selection of spirits behind the counter.”

(I turn to show him the cabinet behind me.)

Me: “For scotch whiskeys we have [Brand #1]—”

Customer: *interrupting, in a panicked tone* “NO!”

(I pause, expecting him to continue or elaborate, after a moment he seems to relax.)

Me: “[Brand #2]?”

Customer: *seemingly scared* “NO!”

(Pause again.)

Me: “[Brand #3?]”

(He nods; I take the bottle and scan it through.)

Me: “That’ll be [price].”

(He displays a card inserts it into the machine. We go through the steps and come to entering his PIN code. He presses three numbers then stares at me.)

Me: “Your PIN code should be four numbers.”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “You only pressed three.”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: *baffled* “You should have pressed four numbers, then the enter key.”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: *starting to see where this is going* “You should have pressed five buttons in total. Four numbers, then the green enter key.”

Customer: “Yes.”

(This continued for a while. A queue of angry and confused customers was starting to build. After several minutes of this same back-and-forth he eventually huffed and said something I couldn’t understand, threw up his hands and walked out and left the bottle behind.)

Can’t Milk Anymore Out Of The Milk

| Sweden | Working | January 22, 2016

(I drop by the local convenience store on my way home to pick up a carton of milk. It’s Sunday evening.)

Convenience Store Guy: “Sorry. I can’t sell you just that.”

Me: “Why not?”

Convenience Store Guy: “Sorry. Boss says I have to sell more. Candy rack’s over there.”

Me: “But I only want the milk.”

Convenience Store Guy: “Sorry, I can’t sell you just that.”

Me: “Fine. No sale.”

(I put the milk back in the fridge and leave. On the way out, I hear:)

Convenience Store Guy: “Sorry! Boss says I have to sell more!”

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