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I was working graveyard shift and a customer comes in at 4 am and I have started running store reports that shuts down all equipment until the reports are done printing. The customer tells me,”I need to buy some gas.” I tell him,”I’m sorry sir it will  be about five minutes because my reports are running.” He tells me,”No,you don’t understand I need to buy some gas.” I tell him again,”I’m sorry sir but it will be about five minutes while the reports print.” He goes outside and starts pressing buttons on the gas pump to try and get gas. While he is outside my manager comes in and starts asking me questions about my shift and where I was with the closing paperwork. The customer comes running in from outside and says,”Excuse me sir,are you the manager?” My manager says,”Yes I am.” Customer tells him,”Look I told her that I need to purchase gas and I want it now.” My manager tells him,”I’m sorry sir it will be about two minutes more while the reports finish running.” So the customer stood there with arms crossed and glaring at us while the reports finish. After they finish,he pays for his gas and goes on his merry way!!

There’s Calling Out White Privilege, And Then There’s This

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Me: *greeting an elderly customer* “Hello, how are you?”

Elderly Customer: “I am fine and dandy, you?”

Me: “Tired, ready to get off in 30 minutes.”

Elderly Customer: “You think you have problems?”

Me: “Uhh…”

Elderly Customer: “You’re not black. Black people have problems.”

Me: “Uh…?”

Elderly Customer: *points to the cashier* “She has problems.” *points to one of my supervisors* “He’s black, so he has problems. See, you’re white, so you don’t know what it’s like to have problems like they do, especially ones caused by us white people.”

Me: *silence*

Elderly Customer: “Okay, y’all have a nice day.” *leaves*

(Not so sure what those problems have to do with how I am feeling, but okay.)

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