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(It’s a busy Saturday night. I’m walking around the dining room checking tables when an older couple, probably in their mid-60s, stops me outside the back entrance to the bar.)

Woman: We’re looking for our friends. He’s tall…..

Me: I don’t know who is where but feel free to walk around.

Woman: Oh but he’s tall. They ordered nachos!

Me: Are they in the bar? There’s an entrance right there you can look around.

Woman: Oh ok.

(Situations like this happen more often than you’d think, but this was the first time someone expected me to know where their friends are based on what they ordered.)

They Snow Nothing

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(I work for an environmental research company that provides historical data about properties. We do maps, aerial photos, tax maps, etc., and nothing to do with the government.)

Caller: “I’m going snowbird hunting and wanted to know if I need a license.”

Me: “Well, I’m not sure, sir; you called a research company. You have the wrong number.”

Caller: “Can you tell me if I need a license?”

Me: “No.”

Caller: “Well, who do I ask for when I call the operator at your number?”

Me: “You don’t ask for anyone; we can’t help you here. Call the town hall or something.”

Caller: “The town hall? Well what can you tell me?”

Me: “I can tell you not to call this number again.” *click*

Worth Checking Out This Checking In

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(Our particular chain of gas stations developed an app that, in addition to sending you discounts for certain items, allows you to “check in” whenever you are at one of their locations. After a certain number of “check-ins,” you get a code for $2 off a purchase of gas. It works via the GPS on your phone, so you don’t have to actually be AT the store to check in just nearby. Furthermore, while you can only use one discount per transaction, there is no limit to the number of discounted purchases you can make in a day, and no minimum purchase required. We have one customer who is some sort of delivery driver, just driving around all day. He comes in several times a day and asks for $2 in gas, presents his $2 discount code, and drives off with free gas. I ask him about it; he isn’t doing anything technically wrong, but I am curious. He says as he drives around, any time he passes one of our stores, he hits the check-in button, and racks up the $2 discount codes. When he has time to stop, he gets another free $2 worth of gas. This gets me thinking. I live pretty close to another of our stores. I discover I can “check in” from my living room. So, sitting at home at night, watching TV, I check in every 30 minutes or so. Next day, I stop and ask for $2 in gas, pump it, then go back in and ask for another $2, repeat, repeat… As long as they are separate transactions, I’m not breaking any rules. I admit, I am taking advantage of the poor design of the app; somebody didn’t think it through very well. One day I go into work and the manager approaches me.)

Manager: “Are you the one who’s been abusing the app?”

Me: “I’m not abusing it; I’m using the discounts it’s offering me.”

Manager: “Well, you’re not supposed to do that.”

Me: “Why not? The rules, restrictions, and limitations are clearly stated in the user agreement. I’m not violating a single one.”

Manager: “That’s just not how it’s supposed to work.”

Me: “Then the problem is with your app, not your customers.”

(It didn’t take long for the app to be changed to limit the number of discounts and frequency of use… and ultimately they scrapped the whole thing altogether. But at one point, I did go an entire month without paying for gas.)

75 And Very Alive

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(I am ringing up a customer in his 50s. Because it’s a small store, and it’s midday, I enjoy making small talk with our customers.)

Me: “Your total comes to $19.75, sir.” *without saying dollar*

Customer: “1975, great! That was also a great year.”

Me: “Really? Was that the year you were born?”

(As I am in my late 20s and the customer in his 50s, I know this is impossible, but I am being friendly.)

Customer: “Nope. Even better; it’s the year I lost my virginity!”

(Stunned, not knowing what to say, I handed him his receipt. He just smiled and walked out of the store with his bags.)

This Is The Self-Entitlement Aisle

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(I work the self-scan registers at my local grocery store. My job is to show customers how to use the machine, assist them if something is not working correctly, clean up the garbage customers leave on the registers, and keep an eye out for possible shoplifters. I am not supposed to scan a customer’s order for them, or bag their groceries. I’m in the process of cleaning up a bunch of half-eaten cookies someone left on the floor when this happens.)

Customer: “EXCUSE ME!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am?”

Customer: “I’ve been standing here over two minutes and you haven’t come to ring my order out!”

Me: “These are the self-scan registers, ma’am. The registers with cashiers are down a bit further.”

Customer: “I don’t want to wait in those lines; they’re too long!”

Me: “I can help you use the self-scan if you’d like, ma’am.”

Customer: “I know how to do it! You guys need to open more real registers!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we’re short-staffed today and one of the cashiers is on her lunch break. Please let me know if you need any help.”

Customer: “I’ll be fine.”

(I leave the woman to go back to cleaning up the cookies. The woman rings out her order, bags her groceries, and walks off. A few minutes later, she comes stomping back up to me, my manager behind her.)

Customer: “This is the one! She didn’t ring up my groceries or bag them! You need to fire her right now!”

Me: “I offered to help her.”

Manager: “Ma’am, I’ve already explained to you that at the self-scans you do everything yourself. If you’d like a cashier to ring and bag your order, you need to go to the other registers.”

Customer: “I shouldn’t have to ring out my own groceries!”

(She stomped out of the store. My manager sighed, shook his head, and walked off.)

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