Prescribing Them Some Anti-Mean Pills

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(I work at a pharmacy as a technician. We have the ability to request certain prescription refills for patients at the doctor’s discretion. Notes appear on a patient’s profile when we make requests, giving us the status of the request — waiting for response, denied, or approved. It usually takes two or three days to hear back from a doctor, so we generally make the requests within a week or two of when the patient will be out of medication to avoid issues with insurance companies filling too soon. It is about nine in the morning on a weekday when a middle-aged man walks up to the pickup counter:)

Me: “Hi. Welcome to [Pharmacy]. How can I help?”

Customer #1: “I’m here to pick up a prescription.”

(I take his name and birthdate to pull up his profile. There are no prescriptions ready, but there is a note that we’ve sent a request to a doctor for a refill.)

Me: “It appears that you don’t have any prescriptions ready, sir, but we did send out a request to your doctor for a refill of [Prescription].”

Customer #1: “Yes, I know that. I was here yesterday and you guys told me the exact same thing. I have to drive a long way to get here. Why isn’t it ready yet?”

Me: “Well, it often takes a couple of days for a doctor to respond. Are you out of medication?”

(Occasionally, we will give patients a few extra pills if we’re having issues reaching the doctor, and they’re entirely out of medication. The customer gets angrier.)

Customer #1: “Why hasn’t it been filled yet? He always responds quickly! Haven’t you checked your messages yet? What kind of place is this?”

(At nine in the morning, not all doctor’s offices in our area are even OPEN, let alone writing prescriptions. We usually recommend calling in the afternoon to hear back from doctors.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but the doctor still hasn’t sent us the refills yet. If you really need the medication, you can try calling the doctor’s office, as well.”

(This sometimes does help to speed up a doctor’s refills and authorizations, and we reach out to the patient to tell them if we don’t hear back in three days of a request to recommend getting in touch with the doctor. This also causes a note on a profile, which is not on this customer’s profile.)

Customer #1: “Why do I need to call the doctor when that’s clearly your job?”

(At this point I’m shocked speechless in anger. It takes me a few seconds to recover.)

Me: “You could also call us to make sure we have the prescription before coming.”

Customer #1: “You people never pick up the phone! I always end up on hold when I call.”

(The customer walks away, muttering about how we never have the prescriptions ready and don’t know what we’re doing. The customer behind him, who was waiting for her prescriptions to be refilled, has heard the whole exchange, and is equally as shocked at this guy.)

Customer #2: “Wow… I don’t know how you can put up with someone like that; I couldn’t handle being yelled at by someone with an attitude.”

Me: “Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it. Sometimes they’re even meaner.”

Customer #2: “I’m sorry. I hope you don’t have any more like him today.”

(She was very polite throughout the rest of the exchange, and whatever upset I was feeling at the first customer was erased by her. She made my day. Whoever you are, thank you; I needed it.)

Masculinity So Small It Can Fit In A Purse

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(I’m at the host stand at the end of the night, so it’s not busy. A man walks by carrying a purse.)

Customer: *pointing to bag* “This isn’t mine, I promise!”

Me: “You stole someone’s purse?!”

Customer: “No, no! It’s my girlfriend’s.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m sure it is.”

(Just before closing time, I see the man leaving with some other people.)

Customer: *points to woman he’s with* “It was her bag, I swear!”

Me: “Right, of course.”

This Story Took A Turn

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(I work as a cashier in Connecticut. Part of our job is to bag the purchase as we ring the items up. As usual, I bag up a middle-aged woman’s items and spin the turntable towards her so I can work on the next bag. Her eyes widen in awe.)

Customer: “Whoa… and you can take it off?”

Me: “Yes? You can take your bag whenever you’re ready.”

Customer: “And it spins?! That’s just so cool! I’m visiting from New Jersey and we don’t have these over there! It’s so handy; you can fill bags and spin them around and take them. That’s so cool! Everything is so different here; it’s like a whole different world.”

(She suddenly looks like she’s realized something.)

Customer: “I’m finally going to have to learn how to pump my own gas.”

(The rest of the transaction went normally, but I was in shock that this middle-aged woman had never seen a bagging turner before.)

Giving The Flat-Earthers Hope

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(At my university, the science building has classroom-style lectures where the rooms are long and have doors on both ends of the room, so you can hear a lot from the hall. I am walking past one class when I overhear one lecture.)

Teacher #1: “…remember that a hypothesis can never be proven true…”

(Next door…)

Teacher #2: “…there was a point in human history where people thought the Earth was flat…”

Unfiltered Story #120991

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I work at a local grocery store. My job is usually sampling products, and today is a new brand of cookies we will be stocking in our bake shop.

My sample table consists of a tray of the product and some pamphlets about the product. Behind the table, about 10 feet high taped to a wall, are large custom re-fillable balloons that have our store logo and ‘SAMPLES’ written on them that we use to bring attention to the sampling table.

I’ve run out of product, and have gone to fetch a few more packages. Upon my return, I see a man, standing on top of the sample table, ripping the balloons from the wall.

Me: Sir! Please get down from there!

Customer 1: What, I’m just getting my kids some balloons!

Me: Those balloons are not for sale, they’re for display.

Customer 1: Well, how the (f-word) am I supposed to know that?!

Me: They’re attached to a wall, above customer’s reach! Now, please get down off the table!

The customer, jumps down off the table, causing it to snap in half. My manager comes over to the area. A nearby customer, Customer 2, walks over as well.

Manager: (My name)! Are you okay? What happened!

Me: I’m fine, this customer…

Customer 1(interrupts): She put those balloons to high for me to reach! I could have been killed trying to get them! Then she yelled at me!

Customer 2: Sir, I saw the whole thing. This young lady wasn’t rude or anything, she was only telling him to get off that table. He was standing on it pulling down that display. He broke the table when he jumped off.

Manager to Customer 1: Is that true, sir?

Customer 1: I just wanted some (f-word)ing balloons!

Manager: Those balloons were clearly not for sale, and you’ve damaged both them, and this table. You’ll need to pay for the damages you’ve caused.

Customer: Fine! (Throws a dollar at my manager, and my manager looks annoyed)

Manager: Sir, the table is $100 and those balloons are $15 each, you’ve ruined 3 of them.


Manager (sternly): Well, then we’ll just have to have you arrested for destroying store property. (Manager takes out his phone.)

Customer 1: No, wait, don’t call the cops, I’ll pay!

After giving my manager $150 cash and being banned from the store, he hurries out. I start to cleanup the area while my manager takes $25 of the money and buys ‘Customer 2’ a $25 gift card for being so helpful. My manager then comes back over to me.

Manager: You handled everything perfectly, good job.

Me: Thank you, but (Manager), those balloons were free from corporate, and you told me you got that table at a tag sale for $5.

Manager: Oh yeah! (smirks) I completely forgot! (Hands me the remaining $125.) Go next door to (Hardware Store) and get a new table under $25. When you get back, I think we’ll have employee pizza day.

(Most awesome boss ever!)

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