The Alarm Tag Wasn’t Designed For This Alarming Situation

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(I work in a big retail store. Our clothes have those annoying plastic tags on them that require a cashier to slide them into a magnetic setup at the registers to remove them. This happens one day as I am working the returns counter, and an elderly woman approaches me.)

Customer: “I bought pants here, and they didn’t remove that alarm tag. Can you do that?”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry about that.”

(I see that she has no shopping bag, but I think perhaps they are in her car or purse.)

Me: “I can take care of that for you right here. It is store policy that I ask to see a receipt before removing any tags, though.”

(The woman places her purse on the counter and takes the receipt out. I can see there is, indeed, a pair of pants on her receipt.)

Me: “Okay, I can see the pants here on the receipt, so if you want to go ahead and bring them in I can certainly take care of that for you.”

Customer: “Perfect! Where should I stand? Should I sit up here?” *gestures to my counter*

Me: “Pardon?

(The woman then lifts up her leg a bit, and I can very clearly see the nub of the tag on the seam of her pants, near the hem.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I can’t remove the tag with them still on you. That’s quite impossible with our setup.”

Customer: “You mean I need to take them off?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. I have no way to remove that tag while you are wearing them. You would have to come back with them not on so I can take off that tag.”

Customer: “Okay, then.”

(She steps back, and I assume she is going to leave and come back, when, I kid you not, this woman then proceeds to unzip her pants and starts to remove them.)

Me: “Ma’am? I’m sorry, what are you doing?”

Customer: “You said you can’t get it off while I’m wearing them. What does it look like I’m doing?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t have you do that, here, in the middle of the store.”

(I begin looking around now because there is a line behind her, and I am nervous that at any point my manager will come around, and that I will somehow be blamed for this woman trying to strip down.)

Customer: “Well, how the f*** are you going to get it off?”

Me: “You will have to come back on another day with them not on?”

Customer: “That’s a waste of my time! I came all the way here, just to find out you can’t take this tag off! You deserve to be fired for lying to the elderly!”

(She stormed off. I saw her again a week later, wearing the same pants, with the same alarm tag still on.)

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My older sister and I are identical twins, and we manage to create chaos without even trying. My sister went in for an appointment for the first time at the hospital. The receptionist gave her a clipboard and told her to make any necessary changes to her personal information. They grew concerned when they noticed that she was making a lot more changes than usual. It never crossed my sister’s mind to say anything about the many changes that needed to be made–until they put the ID bracelet around her wrist. It turned out that the appointment was made in my name! When the error was discovered, my sister had to reschedule her appointment so that she could be put into their system. When she returned, the receptionist said, “Oh, we know you!” They later told her that the entire department had to attend a seminar on paying attention to detail!

Your Account And Thermometer Are In The Red

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I worked at a franchise location of a sandwich shop that was owned by a husband and wife who were notoriously cheap.

In early July, right after Independence Day, the air conditioning broke and they priced it out to be a $300-500 repair. They decided that because summer was “almost over” we should suck it up, and they would fix it in the autumn or winter when they could get a better rate.

The weather continued to get hotter and more humid. On several occasions, my coworkers had to leave shifts early because of heat sickness. It was regularly over 90 degrees, and with the bread ovens going, we were left working with sweat dripping down our faces, pools of sweat under our armpits, and our shirts sticking to our backs. We made a point of babysitting each other to watch for signs of dehydration and to remind each other to drink water.

Then, the freezer stopped working; we lost several hundreds of dollars of frozen stock because the freezer broke from running too hard. The icemaker in the soda fountain broke. Then, one of our service fridges. In order to serve customers, we had to walk back and forth from the prep room for sandwich meats. Then, the toaster oven overheated. One of my coworkers finally actually passed out on shift one afternoon, and my bosses were pissed that I was called in to cover her, because I ended up with overtime. Customers stopped coming into the building because of the oppressive heat.

By September, my bosses were out several thousand in repairs, stock replacement, and new equipment, all because they wanted to pinch a few pennies.

A Different Way Of Laying Pipes

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(I’m in my twenties and still living at home after college. I’m a pretty timid person, and haven’t had many relationships of any kind, even by this age. However, an online friend and I have become rather more than just friends, and I take a trip to meet him in person for the first time, since I have a friend in the area who can shelter me in case things go awry. Thankfully, they don’t, and when I return home, this conversation happens.)

Dad: “Was it nice to see [Friend] again?”

Me: “Yeah! We had some time to catch up; it was nice.”

Dad: “And things went well with [Boyfriend]?”

Me: “They went great! He’s going to visit here in a few months, we think… and, um, if that goes well, I might move in with him down in Oklahoma.”

Dad: *after a moment of thoughtful silence* “Well, sweetie, I’m glad you finally got your pipes cleaned out.”

Me: *absolutely mortified* “DAD!”

(I’m all for acknowledging your children as adults who do adult things, but that was a bit much!)

Your Humor Falls Short

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(I am with my friend as she drops off her wedding ring to be resized. I am a very short person.)

Friend: “I’m kicking myself for not getting the ring a size larger. It never occurred to me that it would get this tight so fast!”

Jeweler: “It’s a sad truth that as everyone gets older, they also get bigger.” *he looks over at me* “Except you.”

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