Supportive Of Technical Support

| USA | Right | December 5, 2012

Technician: “Hello, how may I be of service?”

Customer: “You’re a technician?”

Technician: “Yes, sir. I’ve worked here for 3 years. I assure you that I’m qualified to help you with any problems you might have.”

Customer: “You’re the first female tech I’ve spoken to. You must really be good.”

Technician: “Thank you.”

Customer: “Do you ever get nasty comments?”

Technician: “Unfortunately, yes I do sometimes. I’ve learnt to deal with them.”

Customer: “Well, they can all stick it where it don’t shine! And if you’re seriously having trouble with a particular guy, let me know and I’ll make sure they’ll regret it!”

(From then on, this customer always asked for our female technician.)

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Don’t On-Call The Goose That Lays Your Golden Eggs

| South Carolina, USA | Working | December 4, 2012

(My boyfriend works for a local mom-and-pop computer repair business. Despite being told that his work is consistently excellent, the following takes place when he gets his third paycheck.)

Owner: “Can I talk to you in private?”

My Boyfriend: “Sure.”

Owner: *hands him his paycheck* “We’re going to have to put you on an on-call basis only. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to pay you any more for your hours in the shop.”

My Boyfriend: “…What?”

Owner: “We’re not getting the business we need right now. We had to dip into our savings to even pay your check.”

My Boyfriend: “Right. What about [front desk person]?”

Owner: “What about her?”

My Boyfriend: “I notice you’ve cut my pay and my hours, but you haven’t done anything to her.”

Owner: “But [front desk person] has been with us from the beginning!”

My Boyfriend: “I understand and respect that, but all she does is run the front desk. And as slow as we’ve been, all she’s been doing is playing on Facebook. I’m a technician. I’m doing the work that actually brings money into this place.”

Owner: *silence*

My Boyfriend: “So, let me make sure I’m getting this straight: you’re basically getting rid of me, the one person who has done everything possible to help this business. I set up a ribbon-cutting with the local chamber of commerce in an effort to help get the word out for your business, got in touch with [local TV station] to set up advertising for your business, and successfully negotiated maintenance contracts with several local businesses, including the local police department. I’ve maintained a good rapport with any customer that I have done repair work for, and you’re cutting 100% of MY hours in favor of [front desk person], who has done precisely jack s*** to help this business? And you’re basically firing me without officially firing me?”

Owner: “…Yes.”

My Boyfriend: “I’m going on break.”

(My boyfriend didn’t go back to work after his break. He called me to let me know what happened. I helped him write a scathing resignation letter that night He got another better-paying job a few days later, and is much happier! The last we saw, the owners were facing an eviction.)

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Spyware Is Strength

| South Carolina, USA | Right | June 28, 2012

(I run my own computer repair business out of my home. A customer has just arrived to pick up their computer, and I am explaining what I have done.)

Customer: “That didn’t take long. I expected you to have my computer for a few more days.”

Me: “I didn’t have to do much. You had two nasty viruses and some spyware to remove, but everything is good as new now.”

Customer: “What? You removed my spyware? No!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “But my computer can’t run without spyware! It keeps Big Brother from watching!”

(She storms out without paying, and I decide to them her go. Not surprisingly, they come back a few weeks later after gunking up their computer again!)

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| Chicago, IL, USA | Right | April 26, 2012

(I’m working as operator for a computer repair shop.)

Customer: “I’d like to check on the status of my repair, please.”

(I look her up in our system and her computer has been ready for 48 days.)

Me: “Ma’am, your computer has been ready for 48 days.”

Customer: “I know! I forgot all about it. Today, my daughter asked about the computer. I was all, ‘What computer?'”

Me: “Well, if you could pick it up before the 21st, that would be great. Otherwise, we have to recycle it.”

Customer: “Don’t do that! I need my computer!”

Me: “Don’t worry, ma’am. Today’s the 8th. You have some time.”

Customer: “But what if I forget?”

Me: “Please don’t!”

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RAIDed Storage

| Vancouver, BC, Canada | Right | May 27, 2011

Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, I need my hard drive put back into my computer.”

Me: “Okay. Why did you take it out? Is it defective?”

Customer: “No, and I didn’t.”

Me: “Well, who did?”

Customer: “The police…”

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