Must Have Been Smoking A Half-Pipe

| Denton, TX, USA | Right | September 18, 2014

(I work the front in a local computer repair shop and am in charge of answering phones and scheduling service. The phone rings and I answer.)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Caller: “Do you guys have any skateboards?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, sir. We are actually a computer repair company.”

Caller: “Oh…” *long pause* “So, do you guys have any skateboards?”

Me: “… No, sir. We only sell and work on computers.”

Caller: “Oh. Okay.” *hangs up*

Trying To Get A Laptop Lap-Dance

| New Zealand | Romantic | September 10, 2014

(For three weeks I kept having to come into the same IT store and speak to the same guy over a somewhat important component for my new laptop that wasn’t working when I first purchased it. The last time I go in, I am with my little brother and we are just waiting on the IT guy to bring the new part to the front desk.)

IT Guy: “So I checked the [important component] works out the back, but we’ll just check it works on your computer too before we close the service job. Some of the other guys here might accuse me of purposely screwing this up so I can keep seeing you!”

Me: *blushes* “Um, thanks?”

(I pull out my laptop and we check the component works with it before I take the component and put it away with the laptop, satisfied the whole situation is sorted.)

IT Guy: “Great! Now that’s all done, you won’t have to come back in here! Although personally I hope your whole laptop dies so you’ll have to come back so I can keep seeing such a pretty lady!”

Me: “Geez, I hope it doesn’t die! I really need it to work after all this running around trying to find a part!”

IT Guy: “Yeah, well, I do… But I don’t… But really, I do.”

Brother: *sensing this is getting a little awkward* “Well, thanks! Bye!” *drags me out of store*

(To the IT guy: dude, you helped me out so much, but you were so much older than me, and that conversation, wishing me absolute failure with my brand new laptop, got REALLY awkward, really fast. But you made me laugh, and embarrassed my brother heaps!)

Vacation Crime

| ME, USA | Right | August 7, 2014

(I work for a computer repair shop which gets a lot of work orders from a big company because we’re nearby and are known for how fast we repair units. We also use receipts for orders that are being picked up by others.)

Customer: “Hey, I’m here to pick up a computer for [Supervisor].”

Me: “Do you have the repair receipt for their computer?”

Customer: “No, just use my ID.” *shows me work ID*

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, I’m not allowed to give you any computer without a receipt due to security reasons.”

Customer: *suddenly very angry* “Look! I’m an executive at [Big Company]. I can pick up as many computer orders as I want! Just shut up and do your **** job and give me [Supervisor]’s computer!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. But regardless of who you are, I cannot give you any computer without a receipt.”

(The door jingle goes off, meaning another customer has come into the shop.)

Customer: “That’s it! I’m gonna have your a** fired, you incompetent f***! I’ve never been treated so rudely!”

Me: “Well, I hate to repeat myself but again, we’re not allo—”.”

(At this point I notice a police officer and security guard from [Big Company] standing behind the man.)

Customer: *practically yelling at this point* “What?! Not allowed to give me [Supervisor]’s computer?! Well, I’ll –”

Police Officer: “Mr. [Customer]. You’re under arrest for attempted robbery.”

(The customer turns around to see the two men, and makes a break for the door only to be tackled in seconds and taken away by the police officer.)

Security Guard: “Can you believe that guy? He quit and threatened to steal [Supervisor]’s computer all because he didn’t get the vacation time he wanted.”

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Breaking Bad Passwords

| Australia | Working | July 26, 2014

(I work for a computer repair shop, and it is not uncommon for customers to forget to give us a password, or give us a wrong one. To save us a phone call, we try to guess the password in this instance.)

Coworker: “I can’t get in. The hint is ‘ice’. I’ve tried ‘frozen water’ and ‘cold’.”

Me: “Have you tried anything relating to drugs?”

Coworker: “I’ve tried ‘drugs’, I’ve tried ‘meth’, I’ve tried ‘speed’…”

(We burst into laughter and he realises how that sounded out loud.)

Coworker: “I haven’t tried DOING those.”

Common Sense Has Folded

| Wilsonville, OR, USA | Right | July 20, 2014

Customer: “Where are all my old emails? I had them in the deleted items box so I could refer to them.”

Me: “They were removed from the deleted items box because they were deleted and you no longer wanted them.”

Customer: “I store them there so I only have to push a button to get them filed. Also so I can find out who contacted me previously about a construction contract I have in case I get sued.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. They were in the deleted items box and they were deleted to help ease the migration from POP to IMAP.”

Customer: “Can you restore all my emails?”

Me: “With your backup I can put them in a folder.”

Customer: “What’s a folder?”

Me: “It’s a place to put email you want to save, manually.”

Customer: “That seems like a lot of extra work. Why can’t I just push a button?”

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