Link, Nyu, And Sephiroth Walk Into A Bar…

| Comics Right | April 9, 2018

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Bagpipes Are A Scottish Instrument But Welcome To All

| Comics Right | March 27, 2018

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His Handicap Is A Lack Of Decency

| Comics Right | February 27, 2018

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Was Bra-ced For A Different Reaction

| Comics Learning | December 18, 2017

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Not Always Right – Tenth Anniversary: YOUR FAVORITE STORY!

| Comics | October 17, 2017

Dear readers, we asked you for some of your favorite and most memorable stories we have posted over the last ten years, and your results were put to a vote!

Thousands of you decided on a clear winner, That Is Pretty Awesome, which we are proud to showcase below!



The rest of the results are highlighted below. It’s awesome to see that every story was someone’s favorite!

2nd Place: Was Bra-ced For A Different Reaction (1,220 votes)

3rd Place: The Cake Is A Lie, Part 3 (659 votes)

4th Place: Karkat, Thor, And Loki Walk Into A Bar  (472 votes)

5th Place: Stress About The Dress (422 votes)

6th Place: 18 And Blunder, Part 3 (311 votes)

7th Place: Whoever Said Easter Isn’t Egg-citing Is Hopping Mad (212 votes)

8th Place: He’s The Best Actor Of The Bunch (201 votes)

9th Place: Pinheaded, Part 2 (173 votes)

10th Place: Drive Hoo (130 votes)

What did you think of our poll? Were there any classics over the last ten years that we should have included? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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