Nerdy Women Are A Wonder

| Romantic | April 28, 2012

(I am with my boyfriend, purchasing a pair of caped Wonder Woman socks for myself. While waiting for the booth cashier to finish with another customer, I’m looking at other Wonder Woman items, including a wallet and make-up case.)

Cashier: “Just the socks?”

Me: “Yup. I really loved RG3’s socks for the Heisman, and I was so excited when I saw there were Wonder Woman ones too.”

Cashier: *wide-eyed, to boyfriend* “She knows sports, too!?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, she’s a keeper.”

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We Are The Law

, , , | Right | November 4, 2009

(I’m helping at a comics show. Nearby are two men dressed in costumes as street judges from the comic Judge Dredd. A customer runs up to my store, clearly flustered.)

Customer: “I need help, I lost my drawing!”

Me: “A drawing? What type of drawing?”

Customer: “The artist at the signing table did a drawing of Spiderman for me and I lost it! I need the police!”

Me: “Okay, did you put it down at a stand or anything?”

Customer: “Yes… no. No, I think it was stolen.”

Me: “Somebody actually took it from you?”

Customer: “No, but, hey!” *looks and points at the street judges* “They’ll help me! Hey, guys!”

(The two judges come over to us at the desk.)

Judge Dredd: “What’s the matter?”

Me: “It’s okay, don’t worry. This man’s just lost a drawing.”

Customer: “I didn’t lose it, it was stolen. I want you guys to go find it.”

Judge Minty: “You serious?”

Customer: “Yes! Go! This b**** is useless!”

(Judge Dredd suddenly pulls big, obviously fake, gun from holster and points it at the customer.)

Judge Dredd: “You really want to talk to the lady like that?”

Customer: “Ahhh!” *runs away into exhibit hall*

(About forty minutes later the same customer comes back to my desk clutching a rolled-up sketch. He’s eyeing the main doors, in front of which the two judges are posing for photos.)

Customer: *to me* “Um, is there another exit?”

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