Wouldn’t Put It Past Them To Scam A Child

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(I have a personal cell phone, which I am using to play a game while my four-year-old has a snack and uses her tablet. While playing my game, I see a call coming in and I answer it. Nearly right off I realize it’s a scam used before, but using a different system.)

Me: “Hello?”

Scammer: “Hello, this is [unintelligible name and heavy accent]. I’m calling to let you know your netbook has a security issue.”

Me: *thinking of the old Windows version of this scam* “Oh, no, that’s terrible!”

Scammer: “Yes, ma’am, you should check your netbook and make sure its security is running.”

Me: “Will do.” *gets out my WINDOWS laptop and boots it up, letting them hear the Window’s obvious boot-up noise* “What should I do?”

Scammer: “You need to open your security and see if it’s working.”

Me: *pretends to do that, while instead just clicking on the desktop* “Oh, no, it’s not! What do I do?”

Scammer: “Do you see the CTRL button and a button that has four squares on it? Press those two and R together, then let go.”

Me: *hits G, H, and T, doing nothing to my laptop* “A pop-up came up…”

Scammer: “Could you tell me what it says, ma’am?”

Me: “Yeah, it says, ‘Congrats! You are being scammed!’ You people aren’t bright, are you? That was WINDOWS you heard boot up. Not netbook.”

Scammer: *starts swearing*

Me: *puts the phone to daughter’s ear*

Daughter: “No, no, no, no, no! Bad! No!” *wagging finger at phone* “Bad! No! No, no, no!”

Me: *laughing* “Good girl.” *brings the phone back to my ear* “Might want to remove my number; I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve.” *hangs up* “Hey, [Daughter]. Want some ice cream off for telling that bad man, ‘No, no, no’?”

Daughter: “Yeah!”

(Oh, well. Another scammer to mess with, I guess. I hate scammers.)

Hopeless, Not Homeless

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(There is a guy that stands near my local supermarket every day, asking people for money. I don’t really carry cash on me; I just use my card. Whenever he asks me, I just say, “No, sorry,” which is usually fine, except on this day.)

Guy: “Any change. Any spare change, ma’am?”

Me: “No, sorry.”

(As I’m walking away just loud enough for me to hear, he says…)

Guy: “F****** stuck-up b****.”

(This pisses me off. If I ever have spare change, I’d much rather give it to a busker, who’s actually doing something for their money, rather than someone who just harasses people.)

Me: *turning back to him* “Excuse me! What the h*** did you just call me?”

Guy: “You heard me. Look at you, driving a fancy car, wearing expensive clothes, but you can’t help out someone that’s struggling with a few dollars.”

Me: “Can I ask you something? How much do you make a day?”

Guy: *condescendingly* “I don’t go home without making at least $50.”

Me: “Okay. I’m guessing that you get [government pension] and you live in [government housing]?”

(He nods slowly, trying to work out where I’m going with this.)

Me: “So, you get about $900 a fortnight from [pension], and then if you make $50 a day, that’s $700 a fortnight, which totals around $1600 a fortnight. So, you’re doing better than I am. And that’s before you take into account the fact you get incredibly cheap rent, pay next to nothing for medications, and don’t pay taxes. So, even though I work, you actually make more money than I do and pay cheaper rent. So, how about helping someone struggling with a few dollars?”

(By now there are a few other shoppers, homeless people, and the security guard from the supermarket watching and listening, and people start laughing at the shocked look on his face. Someone says, “S***, I’ve been giving him money for months when he’s better off than me!”)

Guy: “What? This is bulls***! You’re nothing but a stuck-up s***. You think you’re smarter and better than me.”

Me: “Well, you’re obviously pretty smart in one way: for months, if not years, you’ve been harassing people out of their money, while doing nothing for it. But you’re right; I do think I’m better than you, simply for the fact that I work for everything I have and don’t expect people to just give me money every day.”

(I walked away and got in my car with the guy yelling obscenities at me. For the next few days, I avoided that supermarket. When I did go back, the guy was nowhere to be seen, but the security guard came up to me to tell me that after I’d left the guy had started shouting at the gathered crowd and then took a swing at the guard. He was charged with assault and threats to kill, and given a trespass order for the whole street. While I know it’s not easy not being able to work and living on a pension, it doesn’t mean you have a right to abuse people when they won’t give you money for nothing.)

You Can’t Dismiss The Karma On This One

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(Since I began my job, one of the managers has taken a dislike to me, which I cannot understand and which she never explains. I get on really well with everyone else, and over time they all notice her attempts to bully me and the unfair way she treats me. They cannot understand it, either, but according to some of my colleagues who’ve been with the company a long time, she has a habit of singling out a particular person to try and bully and dominate. Our working relationship deteriorates over time. I stand up to her bullying, which she hates. I always make sure my work is flawless so she has no reason to complain, but she deliberately gives me the most difficult tasks to do. The better I do my job, the more surly she becomes. Finally, she resorts to accusing me of things I haven’t done — including stealing — and fires me. I immediately hire a lawyer and claim unfair dismissal, and legal proceedings begin. We start with a mediation session between me and my lawyer, and her and the company lawyer. When it’s over — and I am shaking with rage at the lies she’s attempted to tell, and that I’ve been able to prove are lies — I go into the ladies room to take a few deep breaths and splash my face with water, etc. The next thing I know, she’s entered the bathroom, too, and stands there grinning at me. I go to push past her, when she says:)

Manager: “Do you remember [Client] file you were working on?”

(I stop. The client in question involved many complex tasks, and delicate and difficult work. I’ve actually been wondering how they’ve been getting on without me on that one, because I had been doing the majority of the difficult tasks. So, curiosity, and the dawning of a realisation that I might be about to have the opportunity for a little revenge, stops me from storming out.)

Me: “Yes.”

Manager: “Could you bring me up to speed? We haven’t been able to move forward since you left, and [Client] is threatening to leave. What I need is an hour of your time right now so we can go over the unfinished work. Are you free now to do that now?”

Me: “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. But I’m not going to. It’s called karma, you psychopathic b****, and there’s a whole lot more of it coming your way.”

(With that, I marched out. The case proceeded, and I received compensation for unjustified dismissal, loss of wages, pain and suffering, etc. I heard from my old colleagues that she was moved to a different position in the company, one where she wasn’t in charge of people, and a few months later was fired for gross dishonesty. Karma got her good!)

Age Is Just A Number But Yours Is Bigger

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(As I’ve aged, my mother, annoyingly, likes to announce how old I am, basically teasing me about aging. She does it quite a lot in front of friends who are younger than me, and always with a childish head nod as if she’s telling tales. Ordinarily, I don’t care about my age and most of my friends know it but it gets on my nerves. After one time when she keeps announcing it:)

Me: “Have you ever considered that I might not want people to know my age?”

Mum: *smugly* “No.”

(One day we are out with a large group of our friends. She starts up on what my age is going to be next birthday. I see our friends cringing for me as they try to ignore her, but she keeps going on, and I’ve had enough.)

Me: “You know what I’d be more worried about if I was you?”

Mum: *smugly* “What would be more worrying than being [age]?”

Me: “Being old enough to have a daughter my age. Oh, that’s right! You!”

(A few friends hid their sniggers by coughing, and that was the last time Mum teased me about my age.)

Keeping Abreast Of Feeding Time

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(My husband’s family does not believe in breastfeeding a baby beyond the first couple of weeks. I am determined to breastfeed for at least the first six months. We are visiting my husband’s parents and I have taken our one-month-old daughter into a bedroom to feed her. I hear my husband’s brother arrive and greet my husband.)

Brother: “Are you alone? Where’s [My Name]?”

Husband: “No, she’s in the bedroom, feeding [Daughter].”

Brother: *loudly* “Is she still feeding [Daughter]?”

Husband: “It’s not like [Daughter] can get her own food yet.”

Brother: “That’s not what I meant.”

Husband: “So, what exactly did you mean? That [My Name] has no right to feed her baby the most natural way there is?”

Brother: “Point taken.”

(That was the last time I heard anything more about my choice of feeding my children.)

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