Acting Like A Spoiled Princess

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(My friend is on the tills, on a break between customers. A little girl comes up with a few items, including a fairy princess wand and another toy. She loads them onto the belt and starts to walk over. A woman rushes in, barges past, and loads her stuff on the belt.)

Friend: “Excuse me, madam. That young girl was here first.”

Woman: “Oh, she’s just a child! She can wait! I’m in a hurry!”

(The girl is looking slightly confused by the whole thing.)

Friend: “No, sorry, she was here first and I’m serving her first.”

(He grabs the girl’s items and starts scanning them through. Deciding to keep the rude woman waiting, he starts talking to the young girl.)

Friend: “So, you’re a fairy princess?”

Girl: *smiling* “Yes!”

(The conversation goes on for a minute or two. The rude woman is getting crosser and crosser. My friend gives the girl her change, after slowly counting it out, and she happily goes on her way.)

Friend: *sweetly, to the rude woman* “Next, please.”

(She glared at him throughout the transaction, and didn’t say a word, grabbing her shopping and flouncing away. That will teach her for being rude!)

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Free-Flow Thievery

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(My older sister often takes my stuff without permission. It drives me crazy. I finally muster the courage to call her out. I catch her eating while watching TV.)

Me: “[Sister], can we talk for a minute?”

Sister: “Can’t it wait until commercial?”

Me: “No! I’m sick of you taking stuff without permission.”

Sister: “Stop being so sensitive. Aren’t siblings supposed to share?”

Me: “It’s hardly sharing when I have no idea when you took something, what you took, and what you used it for.”

Sister: “Seriously, can it wait until the episode is over?”

Me: “No and… what are you eating?”

Sister: “Some ice cream bar I found in the fridge.”

Me: “That is a dog laxative that was supposed to be kept frozen. I know that because Dad asked me to put it there and put a ‘do not eat’ sticker on it.”

(She had a fun weekend. I love Karma.)

What’s His Deal?

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(I manage a business that caters to people with body modifications such as gauged ears, plugs, piercings, etc. A lot of my clientele is polite, but occasionally I get a customer who gives us modified types a bad rap. Since I’m female, sometimes the male customers don’t take me seriously and think they can bully me.)

Customer: “How much are these plugs in my size?”

Me: “They’re $20 a pair.”

Customer: “And if I get two pairs?”

Me: “That would be $40.”

Customer: *stares at me*

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “You’re supposed to make me a deal if I want more things.”

Me: *flatly* “Am I?”

Customer: “Yeah, b****, it’s called good customer service. Don’t you f****** know anything?”

(Since this sort of encounter happens more than I would like to admit, I’m already over trying to help this guy.)

Me: “All right. You can either talk to me with respect, or you can leave, dude. I don’t have time for your crap.”

Customer: *looks at me stunned, silent*

Me: “Well?”

Customer: “I want a manager! Who the f*** do you think you are?!”

Me: “The f****** manager.”

(The customer looked pissed, then left.)

The Rains Of Karma

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(I am employed as a baggage handler at a small bus stop for interregional buses. There is a two-hour stop for one of the more popular routes. Customers can leave as many bags as they want with me for $2, so they can get something to eat and explore the town while waiting for their bus. On this particular day it is pouring with rain. The customer throws his two large duffel bags at me and starts to walk away.)

Me: “Excuse me; it’s $2 to store your bags.”

Customer: “And?”

Me: “If you don’t pay, I’ll have to leave your bags outside, and it’s raining quite heavily today.”

Customer: “You listen to me. This service should be part of my bus fare, and I am not giving you a single cent. My bags had better be with you when I return, or you’re not going to like what happens next.”

(He then stormed off, ignoring my warning. I picked up his bags and took them outside, The bus station was well-known for not having any outside shelter, so I left his bags where no one would trip over them, but still in the rain. He wound up coming back just when his bus was about to leave, and saw his bags sitting outside. I could tell he wanted to talk to me but couldn’t risk missing his bus. He picked up his bags and it was like a waterfall with all the water coming out if them. I never heard from him again. Thing is, if he had polite, I would have stored his bags for free, given how bad the weather was.)

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Must Be Friends With Aaron Schlossberg

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(A regular customer has come into my line. She speaks very limited English, so we do the transaction in Spanish, making small talk as I scan the items in. It’s very late for our store, past ten pm, and I’m the only open register. A burly man comes in line and slowly gets more and more frustrated, I assume because of the wait. It’s worth noting that I’m white, but speak pretty fluent Spanish.)

Me: *to [Customer #1], in Spanish* “Have a nice day, and good luck tomorrow!”

Customer #1: *in Spanish* “Oh, you, too. Sorry you’ll have the angry one.”

([Customer #1] leaves, and [Customer #2] looms over the register, getting in my face.)

Customer #2: “So, you speakin’ monkey language?”

(My jaw drops. I’m new, and still in high school. The guy has several inches on me, and no one is around.)

Me: “I-I’m sorry?”

Customer #2: “I asked if you was speakin’ monkey language.”

Me: *I blink* “Well, I can understand you just fine, sir.”

(The man went about purple in the face as I realized what I had just said. I was certain the man would kill me. With his neck veins literally bulging, he stormed out of the store, leaving his items.)

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