Sometimes You Just Have To Say “F*** It”

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(I work in a grocery store deli. I have a new coworker who is from Poland and has a strong accent. I walk into work one day when an angry customer is giving him a hard time and I decide to step in. I am Caucasian but very tan.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Is there something wrong?”

Customer: *notices my tan* “Oh, great. Now a Mexican! Does this place only hire immigrants?! I can’t f****** understand this Russian. I want macaroni salad. Did anyone teach you what that is in Mexico, you [racial slur]?!”

Me: *blank stare* “I’m from Idaho, you f****** idiot.” 

(Just one mildly annoying HR meeting and I managed to keep my job, and I earned a splendid high-five from my coworker.)

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The Battery Is Giving Him The Finger

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I was sitting in the parking lot at my local superstore waiting for my friend when I felt the entire car rock. I looked over to see a man loading groceries into the car beside me. He had opened his door far enough and with enough force that he shook my car. I looked at him for a moment before shaking my head and returning to my phone.

Then, there was a knock on my passenger window. I looked up to see the man peering in at me. He grinned and gave me the middle finger before getting in his car.

I’m a small woman and as such I generally avoid confrontation, but I was angry. I got out of my car to inspect the damage and saw that, aside from a small scratch I couldn’t prove he’d made, the door was fine. The man saw me get out and quickly locked his door and put his keys in the ignition. 

Click click. He stared at his steering wheel, confused. Click click. Again. Click click. He pounded on the steering wheel. Click click. Click click. Click click.

I must have looked crazy, standing in that parking lot laughing as hard as I was. His battery was dead! He sat there for another half-hour in 85-degree weather before he got it started.

I would have helped him jump his car even after he hit mine, had he not acted like such an a** about it. In the end, I didn’t have to do anything; karma did my dirty work for me!

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Harassment Meets Dismemberment

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My best female friend is a waitress at a small restaurant. Just another waiter and the owners man the kitchen. My friend is very obviously of Asian descent and her coworker has been harassing her, telling her that he has never slept with an Asian girl and that he wants her to be his first. My friend repeatedly reports him to the owner, but he just tells her that she can live with it.

I’m at her restaurant waiting for her to finish her shift when her coworker makes yet another inappropriate comment. My friend, red with anger, approaches him and hits him as hard as she can in the groin. The guy is in so much pain he can’t breathe, and my friend grabs his hair and pulls him towards her and says, “If you ever talk to me like that again, I will make sure you’ll leave no kids behind.”

By this moment, one of the owners has come out to see what’s going on, and quickly realises what happened. He shouts at my friend that she can’t do that, and that her coworker is in so much pain he can’t even breathe. Her answer? “If I can live with his harassment, he can live with the pain.”

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How Do You Like Them Applesauce?

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(My husband and I have recently had our first child and I have been struggling with postpartum depression. My mom has made some unwanted remarks towards me as a mother. This happens when I’m dropping my daughter off with my mom so my husband and I can go on a date. My daughter is about eight months old and I’m going over stuff with my mom. I’ve already had a rough day and am kind of out of it so I didn’t pack everything I needed for her.)

Me: “She can have whatever you guys have for dinner; just cut it into pieces she can handle.”

Mom: “Did you pack her any snacks?”

Me: “No, I forgot. But she’ll eat cheese or crackers or any fruit that you have.”

Mom: “Well, good moms bring snacks for their children when they go to their grandparents.”

(This is the last straw for me because my family has already made me feel like a bad mom in the past and I haven’t said anything until this point.)

Me: “Well, good grandmas have snacks for their grandchildren when they come over.” 

(My mom stopped after that, and the next time we came over, she was stocked up on applesauce and crackers. Thankfully, she hasn’t made any hurtful comments anymore, either.)

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Outlapped Your Thinking

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(I’m in eighth grade when my class gets a very young, inexperienced teacher. Since this is a small school, he teaches several of our classes. One of the classes he has to teach is PE. I do not like this teacher or gym class.)

Teacher: “All right, we’re doing volleyball today. I’ll break you into teams. Losing teams will run laps.”

Me: “Why do the losing teams have to run laps?”

Teacher: “Because it means they’re not trying hard enough.”

Me: “Even if both teams do their best, there will still be a loser. Why punish them for something out of their control?”

Teacher: “Go play with your team.”

(No one had to run laps. A few weeks later, my teacher brought it up at parent-teacher conferences. My parents told me that when he mentioned the incident, he said, “And the thing is… I can kind of see her point!”)

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