Out Of Control About The Birth Control

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(I am coming in for a routine checkup with my GP. I am female and he is going through all the questions. Then, we get to the contraceptive part.)

Doctor: “Are you on birth control?”

Me: “No, I don’t react well to it.”

Doctor: “So, what do you use for protection?”

Me: “Condoms.”

Doctor: “Condoms are fine and all, but not 100% effective. You should really also be on birth control pills.”

Me: “Well, I tried taking the lowest dose offered, but I gained a ton of weight and was always throwing up while I was on it. I don’t react well to it and prefer not to take it. Condoms work just fine.”

Doctor: “Just using condoms is like playing Russian Roulette! It does not protect you 100%!”

Me: *thinking to myself that the “pullout method” was more akin to “Russian Roulette* “Well, again, I get really sick when I’ve taken it in the past, so I really don’t want it.”

(He went on for about five minutes more on how I was being “risky.” I couldn’t help but feel he was being a “pill pusher” and not listening to what I was saying. At that point, I was 26 and married with a steady job, so if I did accidentally become pregnant it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. Every time I went in after that, he was always pushing birth control. I think I need a new GP.)

This System Is 100% Stupid

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(I work in a computer store where the cashiers are tracked on how many emails they “capture.” It is based on a percentage; for example, if I have the potential to capture a hundred customers but only get ten, my ranking is 10%. It is a very screwed-up system because if some cashiers only have the potential to get one customer and get that email they receive 100%. This happens a lot to the people working at the service desk. Due to the fact that I am very fast, I always check out the most customers but have a low capture rate because of this. My store manager has pulled me in to discuss how I can do better.)

Store Manager: “You’re just not contributing enough to this company. There is no reason you shouldn’t be getting a better percentage ranking.”

Me: “Well, I check out the most customers, so my ratios would be harder to hit. I mean, I checked out over two hundred people and captured almost sixty emails.”

Store Manager: *pulls our ranking sheet* “You see, [Corwoker #1] has 100% and you work the same shifts.”

Me: “Yes, we do, but he works over at the service desk. You can see he only had the option for five customers and only got five emails.”

Store Manager: “That is no excuse.”

Me: “So, let me just get this straight. I captured sixty emails but he only captured five, but because he received 100% he is doing more for the company than I am?”

Store Manager: “YES!”

(I walked out of the office at that point. Another time when I had busted my butt one day my front end supervisor said that out of everyone I needed the most improvement because of my email captures. If you looked at the list, I had the highest amount of email captures, but it was only maybe 60% of the customers I had, so my ranking was the lowest. But what does that matter when my coworker over here got one of one and had 100%?)

They Are Not Scoring An A

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(I have my Internet provided by a company that was recently bought out by a company that offers the worst customer service. I have just had our service set up at our new house. When I receive my first bill I see they have spelled my name wrong, throwing in an extra A, so I call to have it corrected.)

Representative: “Hello. Thank you for calling [Internet Provider]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hello. I just received my first bill from you guys, but it looks like my name is spelled incorrectly and I would like to have it fixed. You guys threw in an extra A.”

Representative: “I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we cannot fix this over the phone. You will have to drive to one of our stores and show your ID as proof of the mistake, and then it will be fixed.”

Me: “Really? The closest store to me is an hour away. Is there no way to fix this over the phone?”

Representative: “Nope. You have to drive to a store.”

Me: “So, just so I’m clear… I have to take time out of my day to drive an hour out of my way, to fix my name that one of your people spelled incorrectly to begin with?”

Representative: “Yup.”

Me: “Thank you. Have a nice day.”

(To this day I still have the extra A hanging on my name. I do laugh when I have to call in for something and they drag out that incorrect A in the pronunciation.)

Or… Just MAKE Her Do It Right?

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(Part of our pre-closing duties is to clean the bathrooms. While it’s not hard, one of the cashiers always takes longer than normal to do it and never actually does it right. One day, my manager pulls me aside.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], can I ask you to do the bathrooms?”

Me: “Didn’t [Cashier] say she’d do them?”

Manager: “Yeah, but I found out she spends half the time on her phone. And I’m tired of having to go back through to do what she doesn’t.”

Me: “Yeah, fair.”

(We got a lot fewer complaints after she stopped doing the bathrooms.)

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My son recently discovered he is allergic to soy. The chef at his workplace decided to make a special dish which he thought took my son’s allergy into account. Unfortunately, he was not aware that edamame is young soybeans.

Yep, he served edamame to the man with the soy allergy.

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