Going To Have A Date Of Death If You Don’t Get It Right

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(I work in the pharmacy of a regional grocery chain. We require the person picking up a prescription order to give us the patient’s name and date of birth; if they don’t give us the date of birth, we cannot release the prescription order to them. I am doing my scheduled counter rotation when a baby boomer who looks like a redneck Santa approaches. He is talking away on his cell phone.)

Me: “Hi there. Picking up?”

Customer: *pulls his phone away from his face* “Yeah I’m picking up for my mother-in-law. Wife’s after me to get this stuff.”

Me: “Sure thing. What’s her name?”

Customer: “Her name is [Mother-In-Law].”

Me: “And her date of birth?”

Customer: *scoffs* “I don’t know. She’s my mother-in-law. I don’t pay attention to that s***.”

Me: “Unfortunately, our system requires we enter the patient’s date of birth to help prevent prescription theft.”

(The customer quite literally turns very red. I steel myself for an angry tirade.)

Customer: “This is bulls***. Simple mother-f*****…” *storms off, ranting and raving to his wife*

Boss: “[My Name]… what was that all about?”

Me: “He didn’t react very well to me telling him I needed his mother-in-law’s birthdate to release her meds to him.”

Boss: “He was on the phone with his wife, wasn’t he?”

Me: “Yep. Don’t know why he didn’t just ask her.”


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(After 20 years of seeing only female OB/GYNs, I have moved to a new city and can only get in to see a male gynecologist. I have been reassured by a friend, who is also a doctor, that he is one of the best in his field, but I’m nervous even after chatting with him at his desk. Once I’m by myself and getting “into the position” in an exam room, I notice only one stirrup is up, leaving my foot away from the wall hanging loose.)

Doctor: *knocks politely before entering* “Okay, are you settled in?”

Me: “Well, I couldn’t scoot to the edge of the table because only one stirrup is working. Is it broken?”

Doctor: *smiling and wincing* “No, I just wait until I’m seated to move up that one. Walking into it once was enough to never let that happen again.”

Me: *realizing it would be at groin level for him as well as for me* “Well, that is an occupational hazard I wouldn’t have considered!”

(He’s still my doctor a dozen years later.)

Doing A Disservice To Customer Service

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(I work in a store in the lawn and garden department. I’m on commission, so regardless of how people act towards me, I still try and be as nice as I can to complete a sale. Some people think just because they are in the store, they can get what they want.)

Me: “What can I do for you today, sir?”

Customer: “Yes, I am interested in this patio set. What kind of deal can you make me?”

Me: “Well, it is on a lower sale than it normally is, so it’s already a great deal.”

Customer: “I need something better than that; I’m here and ready to buy.”

Me: “I do happen to have an extra 10%-off coupon that I’m technically not supposed to use, but I’ll give it to you.”

(Note that my boss is “working” near me and is following the whole conversation.)

Customer: “I need more than that, man; you can do better than that.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s the best I can do, and I’m not even supposed to be giving you that extra coupon.”

Customer: “Where is your manager? I bet he can get us a better deal.”

(My boss steps a few feet over to the customer.)

Boss: “Sir, what can I do for you today?”

Customer: “I’m here and ready to buy. What can you do for me?”

Boss: “[My Name], what did you offer him?”

(I say my offer.)

Boss: “Sounds like that’s my offer, too.”

Customer: “You’re telling me that’s all you’re going to do for me?”

Boss: “Yep.”

Customer: “I’m never shopping here again. You guys don’t know customer service.”

Boss: “Okay, I’ll see you next week, sir.”

(He came in next week and bought it for a higher price and no discounts.)

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Checking out customers. Current sales include metal decor. Customer comes to my line with a door mat and tells me it’s 50% off.

Me: Sir, this door mat is not on sale this week do you still want it?

Customer: No. It IS half off there was a sign in front of it.

Me: (shows him the current ad that I have on my register) I’m sorry sir but Im fairly certain it is full price.

Customer: There was a sign right in front that said it is 50% off!

Me: I can have someone go check for you. If the sign does say it is 50% off I will give it to you.

Customer: (marches to where he found the door mat. Few minutes later returns very upset.) The sign says metal decor is 50% off but was placed wrong. You need to move your signs!

Me: Sir, I believe the mats sit right below a rack of metal decor signs. That’s why the ad was placed there.

Customer: (very upset almost yelling) You should move your signs!! *storms out of the store*

Next customer in line: Maybe you should learn how to read?!


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(I’m working the register at the kid’s section of a popular clothing retail store around the holidays. Due to the volume of customers we deal with during this season, we have run out of gift boxes before the next shipment is due. Also note that the adult section of the store is actually a separate store right next to ours in the strip.)
Customer: I have just come from the adult store and they have run out of gift boxes. Do you have any?
Me: No I’m sorry we have also run out of them here.
Customer: Are you kidding me?! It’s just so tacky to give a gift like this! I can’t just give someone this in the store bag!
Me: Well I’m sorry, but we don’t have any boxes. Many people want them around this time.
Customer: What am I supposed to do? I need to have a box!
(She turns and stomps up to my manager and has the EXACT same conversation word for word before storming out of the store. We weren’t sure why she couldn’t just but another box!)

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