They Are Not Scoring An A

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(I have my Internet provided by a company that was recently bought out by a company that offers the worst customer service. I have just had our service set up at our new house. When I receive my first bill I see they have spelled my name wrong, throwing in an extra A, so I call to have it corrected.)

Representative: “Hello. Thank you for calling [Internet Provider]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hello. I just received my first bill from you guys, but it looks like my name is spelled incorrectly and I would like to have it fixed. You guys threw in an extra A.”

Representative: “I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we cannot fix this over the phone. You will have to drive to one of our stores and show your ID as proof of the mistake, and then it will be fixed.”

Me: “Really? The closest store to me is an hour away. Is there no way to fix this over the phone?”

Representative: “Nope. You have to drive to a store.”

Me: “So, just so I’m clear… I have to take time out of my day to drive an hour out of my way, to fix my name that one of your people spelled incorrectly to begin with?”

Representative: “Yup.”

Me: “Thank you. Have a nice day.”

(To this day I still have the extra A hanging on my name. I do laugh when I have to call in for something and they drag out that incorrect A in the pronunciation.)

Or… Just MAKE Her Do It Right?

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(Part of our pre-closing duties is to clean the bathrooms. While it’s not hard, one of the cashiers always takes longer than normal to do it and never actually does it right. One day, my manager pulls me aside.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], can I ask you to do the bathrooms?”

Me: “Didn’t [Cashier] say she’d do them?”

Manager: “Yeah, but I found out she spends half the time on her phone. And I’m tired of having to go back through to do what she doesn’t.”

Me: “Yeah, fair.”

(We got a lot fewer complaints after she stopped doing the bathrooms.)

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My son recently discovered he is allergic to soy. The chef at his workplace decided to make a special dish which he thought took my son’s allergy into account. Unfortunately, he was not aware that edamame is young soybeans.

Yep, he served edamame to the man with the soy allergy.

Not Sold On Your Explanation Of It Being Sold

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(A customer has come in looking for a necklace she put on hold. We are unable to find it, which means that she probably didn’t pick it up when she said she would and that we put it back on the floor. I offer to help her find it again, but it is a piece of clearance jewelry so chances are it has already sold.)

Customer: “Are you sure it’s not behind that counter there?”

Me: “Ma’am, we only have two hold spots. One is underneath the register, which is filled currently with only associate holds, and one in the safe for fine jewelry. I checked personally and it is not there.”

Customer: “How do I know that an associate didn’t take my hold and put their name on it?”

Me: “None of the holds in there match the description you’re giving me. Chances are it was put on the floor and has already been picked up.”

(She continues looking for it but finally gives up and wanders off. I figure she has left, since she checked out prior to even looking for the necklace she was missing. I begin working on switching cases, and I have filled a basket filled with fine jewelry items — pearls, diamonds, gold rings, etc. — and am just about to move when she suddenly appears again.)

Customer: “Is my necklace in there?”

Me: “No, ma’am. This is all from a case I just emptied. No costume jewelry would be locked up like that, and I already told you that it probably got sold.”

Customer: “Can I look just to make sure?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but no. There is a lot of fine jewelry in here and I can’t have customers handling it. I assure you that we do not have it.”

Customer: “Fine.”

(I later caught her watching me as I filled the new case up, to make sure I still didn’t have it. All this for a clearance necklace that she probably forgot to pick up in time.)

Tighten Your Purse Strings

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(I am in my junior year of college. My friend and I go to a local fabric and craft store to get some supplies for a sewing project we have in our fashion courses. It’s around the holidays, so it’s extra busy. While we are waiting in line to have some fabric cut, we start to hear a woman screaming across the store.)


Me: *to friend* “Geez, someone is being demanding. Doesn’t she realize it’s busy—”

(We then hear a large crash and look behind us. [Woman #1] has another woman by the shirt collar and is smashing her into a display of greeting cards.)

Woman #1: “Help! She’s trying to steal my purse!”

Friend: “Holy s***!”

Woman #2: “No, I’m not! You’re lying! I didn’t do anything! Let me go!”

(The manager comes running to find out what is going on. Turns out [Woman #1] had her purse in the front part of her cart and while her back was turned [Woman #2] tried to grab it and run away. That’s when [Woman #1] tackled her into the card display.)

Manager: “Okay, I’ve called the police; they’ll be here to sort this out.”

Woman #2: “No! NOOOOO! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” *sobbing* “I’ve never done this before! I’m sorry! Please don’t call the cops! Let me gooooooo!”

(My friend and I collected our fabric and checked out… clutching our purses tightly to our bodies.)

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