Cashiers On Third Day Of Work Are Already Hardened

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(I am at a big box store, waiting in line. There is only one line open in the whole store. The poor girl who is checking us out is fairly new. She looks frazzled and is trying to hurry along. When it gets to my purchase, there is a problem ringing something up, and she has to call for the manager. There are well over seven people in line behind me; several let out moans and sighs of aggravation. One particularly obnoxious guy behind me in line has been making plenty of negative comments laced with profanity. He is getting on everyone’s nerves, and of course he just HAS to make a comment.)

Customer: “Well, if they would hire enough f****** people, we wouldn’t have to wait on this stupid b**** to ring everything up wrong.”

(The poor cashier, who I later find out is only on her third day of work, looks like she is about to cry. Fed up, I turn to him.)

Me: “Excuse me. They do hire enough people. I happen to know the manager here, and people come in all the time begging for jobs, get hired, and then don’t show up for work. This poor girl is working as hard and fast as she can, and doesn’t need your snotty attitude.”

(Shocked, he did shut up, but started mumbling under his breath. I gave him a dirty look and he finally marched out of line, cussing along the way. The poor cashier thanked me. She told me she had been yelled at all morning. The people in line behind me smiled at her, one said don’t worry about that jerk, another said they weren’t in a hurry anyway, etc. She told me I made her day.)

Driving Like A Pre-Schooler

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(One summer while in college I take a job at a day-care center to earn extra book money. My job is to drive the kids in a passenger van to the local pool. It is the kids’ favorite day of the week and they are usually incredibly excited. One day we’re slowed down by a group of police cars with their lights on taking care of an accident on the side of the road. The kids are hollering, “Faster, faster! Drive faster!” A little four-year-old sitting behind me cries out:)

Four-Year-Old:No! Oh, no. Don’t drive faster!”

Helper: *curious* “Don’t you want us to take you swimming?”

Four-Year-Old: “Oh, yes! I just don’t want the driver to walk the white line.”

Helper: “What do you mean?”

Four-Year-Old: “Well, every time the police stop my daddy, they make him walk a white line, and we always end up not being able to go where we wanted to.”

Making A Beerline For The Road

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(I work in the take-away area of a popular Australian steakhouse. My job is to bring food to customers waiting in their cars, so they can drive off and take it home to eat. This exchange happens at 10:45 on a Saturday night. I have just gotten this woman’s change while she is waiting for the rest of her food to come out.)

Me: “Can I get you anything else while you wait?”

Woman: “Yeah, can I order [alcoholic beverage] from the bar?”

Me: “What?”

Woman: “Can I order something from the bar and drink it while I wait?”

Me: “No, ma’am, you can’t.”

Woman: “Well, why not?”

Me: “I’m not allowed to give you alcohol. You’re sitting in your car in the to-go area. It’s illegal to drink and drive.”

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(I work in a craft store as a customer service manager. One of my jobs is to answer the phone.)

Me: “Columbia [store], this is [My Name] speaking, how may I direct your call?”

Caller: “Hi, yeah, can I get directions to your location?”

(Normally we aren’t allowed to do this, as it eats up time, but we were slow so I figured I could attempt.)

Me: “Yeah sure, where are you located right now?”

Caller: “Oh I’m in Vancouver, where are you located?”

Me: “Oh, uh we’re in Columbia.”

Caller: “What state?”

Me: “…Maryland?”

Caller: “Oh, I’m so sorry!”

Me: “No really, it’s okay, have a great day!”

Caller: “You too!”

(How do you call a Maryland number from Canada? This made my night!)

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The Quality Of The Front Will Send Them To The Back

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(I am 19 and have bought a truck that is about ten years old. It looks bad on the outside, but I know it is sound mechanically. I take my mother with me to pick it up. On the way home, she insists on taking it to a national chain oil change store where she will pay to have it done, even though I already know my way around cars, and have done major engine work on previous vehicles I have owned. I think she just doesn’t want to take the chance I will spill oil on her new driveway. While in the waiting room, the mechanic comes up to us.)

Mechanic: “Okay, I am very glad you brought this in. It is in bad shape. It is not safe to drive.”

(My mother is visibly upset.)

Me: “Excuse me. What are you talking about? It is fine mechanically.”

Mechanic: “Listen, son. I know my business.” *he turns to my mother* “This thing is a death trap. I am surprised it even got here without crashing. The front end is totally shot. Your steering—”

Me: “Hold on. I do know quite a bit about cars. I have been working on them with my father since I was old enough to hold a wrench, and there is nothing wrong with the front end. It drives just fine.”

Mechanic: *ignores me and continues talking to my mother* “Listen. If you want to endanger your son’s life, you go right ahead and listen to him. I can give you a great deal and redo the front end for around $700. Be a mother and protect your son.”

(At this point, I about lose it. My mother is about to do it when I tell her they are lying. I tell the mechanic the car is in my name and I refuse to allow them to do any work on it. We pay for the oil change and leave. My mother is terribly upset, so I drive out of my way to a mechanic’s shop that is owned by a man I know my mother would trust. I do not tell him about what we were told, but ask him to do a quick check on the lift.)

Friend: “Oh, man. You got a good deal on this. She looks great underneath the hood.”

Me: “How about the front end?”

Friend: “Oh, it looks great. I can tell it was rebuilt less than three or four months ago. You really did good with this.”

(The other business closed within a year as their reputation quickly spread through the town for being dishonest and continually — accidentally, of course — leaving the oil caps off the engines after oil changes. You would think a national chain would be smarter and more careful in who they hire; guess not.)

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