There Is Merit In Them To-Going Away

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It’s a busy Sunday morning and we’re understaffed, so my manager has told me, the hostess, that neither the kitchen nor the servers have time for to-go orders.

Customer: “Hi, I need an order to-go.”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, we’re currently too busy to take to-go orders.”

Customer: “What? But I can see open tables!”

There are some open tables because we’re on a pager wait and I’m waiting for people to come back in.

Me: “These tables are for people who were here earlier and are on my pagers.”

Customer: “Well, fine, what if I sit down and order to-go?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, sir, but the kitchen is too busy to bag up a to-go order.”

Customer: “Then what if I sit down, order, and bag it up myself?”

Me: *Giving up* “Sir, if you’d like to wait fifteen to twenty minutes for a table, sit down, wait another fifteen minutes for your food, and bag it yourself, I’d be happy to get you a pager for your to-go order.”

Customer: “What?! All that for a to-go order?! That’s the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard!”

Me: “Sir, you suggested it.”

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(I work in a well known department store that has Ship-from-Store and Online transactions as well as in store purchases. We don’t usually get phone calls from customers about the online purchases, as they have their own department, but this one seemed to slip through the cracks.)

Me: Hello, thanks for calling (Store), (Name) speaking. How can I help you today?
Woman on the line: I need to know where my underwear are!

Me: …E-Excuse me?

Woman: My underwear! I ordered underwear from Macy’s two weeks ago and they aren’t here! I’m going out of town and I need them!

Me: Oh, okay. We don’t usually have a way of checking that in store, but let me see if I can find a transaction record for you. Do you have your (Store Credit Card) or transaction number on hand?

Woman: I don’t have a number!

Me: Okay, then what about your-

Woman: *Interrupting me* I DONT HAVE A NUMBER!

Me: Thats fine, lets check your-

Woman: *Interrupting me again, only this time she incoherently screams in my ear repeatedly for a good minute or so*

Me: *Speaking loudly to be heard over her screaming* Ma’am, I can’t help you if you’re going to scream at me. I’m trying to help you, but I can’t do so if you yell!
Woman: *suddenly quiet and calm again* Oh, okay. I don’t have my (Store Credit Card) or Number.

Me: Okay. Without those, I can’t look up your transaction from here, but our online site should be able to.

Woman: Okay Bye. *Click*
(I have no idea if she ever got her order or not.)

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I work in a cafe that sells pastries, coffee and sandwiches. I’m the chef there and I work overnight. Sometimes in the morning, I’ll have an iced coffee at work, but across the street is a starbucks. And I much prefer their frozen drinks than what my work offers. So, after a long and tiring shift, I head on over to starbucks for a drink. I’m standing in line, in my full uniform, when a woman taps me on the shoulder
woman: why are you here when you have coffee at your work? don’t you get a discount or free drinks?
me: yeah, I do. I just much prefer starbucks for their frappuccinos than my work.
woman: oh man, if I had your job I would never drink coffee from here. it’s so expensive and its never all that good.
me: *looks at her dumbfounded*
the cashier calls next in line and she goes right up, and orders a mocha (something my cafe sells and for half the price) I shake it off and decide that maybe she’s picking it up for a friend or something. I order my drink and go wait. When her mocha is done, she takes a big sip, gives the barista a thumbs up and tells him it was as good as always, gives him a tip and walks off. All the while, I just wonder to myself why she praised my cafe’s coffee so much and bashed on starbucks?

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Customer: Let me get a burger with no steak. Just bread and lettuce

Coworker: Excuse me?

Customer: Ya, we have steak at home we just want bread and lettuce

My coworker gestures to the Manager to get on the line and since we are slow he does so immediately.

Coworker: Anything else?

Customer: Uh ya…we want a milkshake with no milk-

Coworker: Okay, I think you guys need to go to a different drive thru

Customer: But we at this drive-thru and we ain’t leaving

My coworker tries talking to them but I can hear through the head seat that the customer is talking to her. She eventually says goodnight and just lets the customer ramble.

Customer: We gonna stay here all night until we get out bread and lettuce and milkshake with no milk!

Manager (takes over): You can stay here all you want. Please pull up to the front so we can talk

Customer: You f*cking bitch, you eat a lot of dick

The customer drives off but we got their licence plate and reported them to the police for harassment and general mischief.

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(I work as a hostess in a restaurant that only serves lunch and dinner, so we open at 11:00 AM. I’m finishing up my opening duties when I hear a sudden pounding on the doors outside. There are two women waiting very impatiently to be let in. I look at the time, and it’s 10:45. I’m only allowed to open the doors before 11:00 if there are customers outside. I go to unlock the door.)

Me: “Hi ladies, how are you today?”

Woman #1: “How do you expect to get any business if your doors are locked?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we open at 11:00.”

Woman #1: “Yeah, whatever. We want a booth.”

(I try to make conversation on the way to their table, but they just ignore me and talk to themselves. After they situated themselves in what they deemed to be the most uncomfortable booths in the world, I lay their menus before them.)

Me: “Alright, here are your menus. Your server will be -”

Woman #2: “We’d like two Bloody Mary’s.”

(It happens quite often that a customer will mistake me as a server.)

Me: “Absolutely, I will let your server know -”

Woman #2: “Why can’t​ you get us one? They’re easy to make.”

Me: “I’m not a server or a bar tender. The only thing I could do is run the drink to you when it’s made.”

(Woman #2 huffs and rolls her eyes, muttering under her breath.)

Me: “Your server today will be [Name], she’ll be with you in one -”

Woman #1: “I’m not seeing your breakfast menu.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we don’t serve breakfast here.”

Woman #1: “Yes you do, all restaurants have to.”

Me: “We are strictly a lunch/dinner restaurant. That’s why we open at 11:00 instead of earlier like some places.”

Woman #1: “This is ridiculous! What kind of restaurant doesn’t have breakfast?!”

Me: “Well, the closest items we have to breakfast is our Brunch Burger, it’s got a fried egg, bacon, and hash browns on it. We also have steak and eggs.”

Woman #1: “This is f***ed up, you wanna just leave?”

Woman #2: “No, I want my Bloody Mary. (Turns to me) Be useful for once and get us one, will you?”

Me: (biting my tongue) “No problem, ma’am. You’re server will be [Name], she’ll be right out.”

(I go to tell the server she’s got a table, and that her customers want Bloody Mary’s. The bartender overhears me and starts making the drinks while the server goes to greet the table. The women start up another commotion, almost yelling at the server, who comes back to the bar to grab their drinks.)

Bartender: “What happened?”

Server: “They asked where our breakfast menu is, then bitched at me for us not having one.”

Me: “I already told them we didn’t!”

Server: “I guess they wanted a second opinion?”

Bartender: “Do I need to grab the manager?”

Server: “No, I can handle it.”

(The server takes the drinks up to the table. Woman #2 takes an eager sip, only to pull back and SPIT IT OUT ONTO THE SERVER. She starts screaming, loud enough for the few customers we have to hear that it was the worst drink she’s ever had, before the pair of them storm out. The server comes back to the bar with one untouched drink and the barely sipped one. She’s got tomato juice and alcohol dripping from her face and shirt.)

Server: “So, who wants a free Bloody Mary?”