A Sign From The Lord

, , , | Right | March 1, 2018

(My chorale meets once a week at a church on Wednesday nights, and since we share the building with various other organizations, chorale members have a specific code to get in. The following ensues the first time we try to use our new codes.)

Chorale Lady: *punches code* “Huh?”

Me: “Oh, you can’t—”

Chorale Lady: *ignoring me, punches code again* “They said this was the code… It’s supposed to be [code], right?” *punches it again without waiting for an answer*

Me: “Um, ma’am…”

Chorale Lady: *punches random buttons* “Ugh, this is SOOOOO frustrating!”

Me: *feeling amused and a bit annoyed, points to big 8.5×11″ sign above the keypad* “This might be why. ‘Codes are not working this week; please use intercom.’”

Chorale Lady: *blinks for a minute, then waves dismissively* “Oh, I never read signs if I don’t have to.”

Me: *face-palm*

Soda, So Dumb

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(I’m at a grocery store. It’s shortly before the store closes and their sale prices end. It’s a location I’ve never shopped in before, but I have been visiting a friend nearby, so I stop in. There are very few customers in the store, which is a bit surprising. I’ve been charged with purchasing the soft drinks for a large party and am buying 12-packs in a variety of flavors. Most of my shopping has been done on previous days and I’ve limited the purchases to 12 twelve-packs during each stop to avoid depleting the shelves. This store has stacks and stacks of the product, which surprises me, as the price is quite low and the other locations I’ve shopped at have limited quantities due to the large volume of sales.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry. I can only sell four 12-packs to you; we have to limit the sales so we don’t run out of product. Which would you like to buy?”

Me: “Really? The store is nearly overrun with the soda and the sale ends in an hour. Do you think you’re going to run out before then?”

Cashier: “That’s our policy and I can’t make any exceptions.”

Me: “May I speak with the manager, please?”

(The manager confirmed that this was the case and I would be only allowed to buy four, also that I wouldn’t be allowed to purchase more if I left the store and re-entered. I left, not purchasing anything, and made a hasty drive to the location near my home where I usually shop to get the rest of the soda. As expected, the supply was depleted, but I managed to find what I needed and check out with no issues. I mentioned my experience to the cashier, and she knew exactly to which store I’d been and related that the particular store has very low sales numbers and always has loads of unsold product at the end of special promotions, and the management there can’t figure out why.)

A Parking Spot Of Bother

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I always take morning classes in college because I have work in the afternoons. Since my class is at eight am, the parking is pretty empty when I get there. By the time I get out of class, around 11, the parking lot is filled up and there aren’t a lot of spaces left. I usually will have someone follow me to my car to get my spot since I parked so close to the building. If they’re unable to park in this parking lot, they have to park all the way down in another parking lot at the adjoining library and then walk all the way back to this lot where the college is. I am currently leaving and it has snowed heavily, so I start clearing my car off. It’s pretty cold, so I am quickly trying to finish, when the following takes place.

A student pulls up next to my car and puts their turn signal on indicating they want my spot. I look up, and put a hand up and nod to acknowledge them. I pick up my pace clearing my windows so I can leave and give them my spot, and not even 30 seconds later…


I stop what I am doing and look at the driver. They throw their hands up in the air in a way that gestures that they think I am taking too long.

So, not breaking eye contact, I move my scraper and brush in the slowest way that I possibly can, slowly dragging the snow off my car.

They were probably late to class but got the hint they were no longer going to get my spot and had to park in the other lot. The person behind them was sure thankful to get my spot, though!

Unfiltered Story #106348

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(I put on my headset after a break and get to hear this exchange:)
Drive-through customer: I was wondering if you still had that tea here, the peach one.
Coworker: Was it a hot tea or an iced one? We used to have a peach syrup for the iced tea–
Customer: No, no, it was the hot tea!
Coworker: Let me check our tea bags… Yes, we still have the peach flavor hot tea. What size would you like?
Customer: Take the peach out, please.
Coworker: I–sorry?
Customer: Can you take the peach out of the tea first?
(I couldn’t hear the rest of the exchange over my laughter.)

Husband, You Wound Me

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(I am looking at Pinterest when I find a pin on how to do subcutaneous sutures. I am looking at it when my husband comes in, glances over my shoulder and issues the following pronouncement:)

Husband: “You don’t get to practice on me. We’ll get you a side of pork if you really want to try.”

(I have no medical background, whatsoever; I was just looking out of curiosity.)

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