Multiple Email Fails

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(I am a communications specialist for a major university. We help faculty and staff update their websites, put out press releases, etc. The start of each semester is always very busy, so we get stretched thin as people panic. Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone on the same page…)

Staff Director: “We need our website updated TODAY with new content. Urgent.”

IT: “Thank you; someone will respond to you soon.” *to my colleague* “Here is the request. It’s for [URL].”

Colleague: *copying me* “My docket’s full today; have [My Name] do it.”

Me: “I can do this, but what is the content? I didn’t get any attachment.”

(No response.)

Staff Director: *emailing an hour after the initial request* “Please update me. This is urgent.”

Colleague: “[My Name], the request is in the email. It’s for [URL].”

Me: *to colleague* “But what is the content they want added? Could someone forward it to me?” *to Staff Director* “Hi, what do you need updated on the website?”

Colleague: *now copying IT* “It’s in the email.”

Me: *to Colleague and IT* “Was there an attachment with the content? It didn’t come through to me.”

IT: “[My Name], go to [URL]. You have access.”

Colleague: *in separate email* “It’s in the email. IT says you have access to edit the website.”

Me: “I know I do, but what am I putting up? There’s nothing in the email.”

(An hour passes. No response from anyone, until…)

Colleague: “Is this done yet? I can’t do it today. Just read the email. You have access to edit their website.”

Me: “What am I editing?!”

Staff Director: *two hours later* “Hi, [My Name], thanks for emailing. Please post immediately. This is urgent.”

(I finally got the document they wanted “urgently” to be put on their website. It takes only a couple of minutes to do so. An hour later…)

Supervisor: “Hey, could one of you handle this? It’s urgent.”

(It’s the same request.)

Me: *emailing everyone at once* “Yes, this one is done.”

Colleague: *responding to my email* “[My Name], everything you need is in the email. Just contact [Staff Director] to find out what the information is.”

Me: *head-desk*

Theater Groups Love Drama

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I’m 17 and newly in university when I join a volunteer theater group, and at first I think it’s going great. One of the directors even invites me to the regional convention, when it usually takes two or three years to be invited. Then we get there, and I realize that the director brought me along as a scapegoat.

She insists that I overstepped my bounds and invited myself along, she spreads rumors about me, she convinces the rest of the group that she heard me making racist comments, and generally does everything she can to make me miserable. I can’t say anything without coming off as whiny or lying, since I just joined, and she’s been a respected member of the group for years.

I’ve always had social anxiety problems, and coupled with the fact that we’re two states away and I don’t have a way home besides a guy who gave me a ride and now thinks I’m a racist scumbag, it’s a nightmare.

It is halfway through the second day, and things are bad enough that I am contemplating hitchhiking home, no matter what happened, when one of the girls in the group, who I’ve never really talked to before, comes over. She hands me a drink and tells me, “Ignore those jerks. I haven’t heard anything from you other than you being friendly and shy, and I think you’re pretty okay.” She stays close to me through the rest of the weekend and makes sure I have a way to get home, and she is pretty much the only reason I got through that convention.

We both left the group soon after, for similar reasons, and my life improved hugely. Eight years later, she’s still one of my best friends. She’s getting married soon, and I’m making the wedding dresses for both her and her wife, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. I don’t know if she realizes she may have saved my life that weekend, but I’m delighted to have the chance to do something in return for her.

Needs A Roommate Rebate

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(I am meeting up with a friend before a lecture. She is on the phone with someone when I arrive, so stand a little away to not eavesdrop. She has another friend with her who notices me.)

Other Friend: “Excuse me, who are you?”

Me: “I’m [My Name]. I’m just waiting for [Friend].”

Other Friend: “Like she is even interested! She has a boyfriend.”

Me: “I know. I have one, too.”

Other Friend: “One what?”

Me: “Boyfriend.”

(She sneers at me and leans back before turning away. She takes Friend’s phone and whispers something before handing it back and walking away. Friend looks confused, but finishes her call and comes over.)

Friend: “So, what was up with [Other Friend]? She said she had to go, but she has a lecture in the next theater.”

Me: “No idea. All I said was I had a boyfriend.”

Friend: “Oh, that would do it. She’s a homophobe.”

Me: “And you’re friends with her?”

Friend: “We share a room. It’s hard to completely ignore someone when they’re f****** their boyfriend while at the same time telling you that you deserve human rights because ‘The Penis’ has oppressed us for too long. After that you just have to deal with it as best you can.”

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Late in my college career my school purchased the first large time share computer in the state. To defray the cost, it rented out compute time to a major accounting firm in a large city 30 miles away. Because rapid long distance transmission did not exist and tapes had to be hung, a team of accountants showed up periodically to work.

The chief among them was a man who resembled a malignant toad and was relatively unpleasant. To be fair, he had reason to be as the cadre of computer nerds, me among them, did various things to annoy him. I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary nor was I the principal in the actions; I didn’t think they really knew who I was.

Fast forward a three years and I’m teaching an honors Physics class near the large city. There were seven students in it so things were relaxed. Among the group was a man whose brother was an accountant, a fact that didn’t register with me. Until…

One Monday this student came in laughing like crazy. Over the weekend his brother had introduced him to a gentleman who turned out to be the malignant toad. During the conversation my name came up. My student’s statement, through tears of laughter:

“He doesn’t like you!”

A Friendly Way To Learn

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(A childhood friend and I are on the same course at the same university. We are in our first year, and I assume everything is going well. I am in a local café when my friend comes in.)

Friend: “I hate this!”

Me: “We can go somewhere else?”

Friend: “No, uni! I hate uni!”

Me: “It isn’t that bad.”

Friend: “I didn’t even want to come!”

Me: “Then why did you?”

Friend: “Because you did.”

(Great. Landing yourself in debt and forcing yourself into higher education, just so you can be with your friend.)

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