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I just finished ordering my drink and I move over to their pick up counter which is a few feet away from their ordering counter. I wait for a minute or two and my drink is ready, but I am just chatting with the manager since I am a regular there. There are other baristas on shift and no one else in line. Not even after two sentences with her just saying hi and asking how her day is, someone interrupts me.

Customer: ARE YOU DONE?
Me: *confused* What?
Customer: I SAID, are you done? Move it!
Me: Uh, yeah I guess. (I move out of the way).
Customer (to the manager): Can I get [order]?
Manager: Sir, you order over there. *points to EMPTY ordering counter with barista waiting*
Customer: Oh.

He moves over there and gives me a sheepish grin and I glare back at him. I say bye to the manager and leave for my shift.

They Have Maximum Expectations That You Should Stay In Minimum Wage

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I used to be a barista at a well-known coffee chain. Due to the abuse from customers, high stress, and incompetent managers, I finally quit and went back to school for a more professional job.

One of the regulars was always extremely picky and demanding and bought many drinks at a time. We all dreaded seeing her come in.

Several months after starting my new job, my boyfriend and I stop in at the coffee shop.

Regular Customer: “There you are! You’ve been gone forever.”

Me: “Yes! I finished school, and now I’m working at [Local Hospital], which is exciting for me.”

Regular Customer: “Hmph! It was awful after you left. You should have stayed because no one else made my drinks as well as you did!”

She then pays for her items and leaves.

Boyfriend: “Did she honestly expect you to stay here forever so you could serve her coffee?!”

Me: “Sadly, that isn’t the stupidest thing a customer has said to me.”

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Spreading Sparkles Of Justice

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I’m walking up to a coffee shop. A group of rowdy but harmless-looking teenagers are sitting outside.

Male Teenager: *To me* “Hey! I’m Sparkles!”

I reply in my best “grownup-talking-to-a-small-child” voice.

Me: “Well… Yay for being Sparkles, sweetie!”

Male Teenager: “I love her! I love this woman!”

I walk inside, still smiling, and I’m about to suggest the employees provide no more caffeine to the teens outside when I see the employees are clearly distressed and trying to calm a man in the store shouting and berating the barista.

Customer: “I wanted this iced! You are useless!”

Suddenly, he looks at me, trying to drag me into the ordeal.

Customer: “I’ll bet even she knows what I want when I say I want a ‘breve’ latte!”

Again, I call forth my best “grownup-talking-to-a-small-child” voice.

Me: “Yes, I do. It means that you want a latte made with hot half-and-half instead of milk… unless, of course, you ordered it iced.”

The man now realizes the error was his and waits quietly while the barista — now fighting back laughter instead of tears — prepares him the breve latte he ordered. He leaves.

Barista: “Thank you so much! Your drink is on me tonight!”

As I walk outside, the male teenager again shouts:

Male Teenager: “I’m still not over this woman! I love her!

I walked to my car sipping my free drink, feeling loved!

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She Wants Coffee So Dark It Bends SpaceTime To Be Served First

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I’m in a well-known coffee shop, waiting in line. [Customer #1] ahead of me orders a cappuccino for herself and a scone for her small child. The barista hands her the scone and she goes down the end of the counter to wait for her cappuccino. I order an iced latte and go down to wait at the end of the counter.

[Customer #2] behind me orders a blended drink with no coffee in it and goes down to wait at the end of the counter. After a few minutes, [Customer #2]’s blended drink comes up.

Customer #1: *To [Customer #2]* “You ordered after me! Why is your drink first?”

[Customer #2] shrugs and leaves.

Customer #1: *to the barista* “Excuse me! Those people ordered after me and got their drink first! Where is my drink? Did you forget it? I had a cappuccino.”

The barista checks the labels on the drinks in line.

Barista: “Yep, I’m starting on it right now.”

Customer #1: “I can’t believe this! How hard is it to make a cappuccino? I can’t believe she got her drink before me.”

I want to point out that the blended drink goes in a different line and was made by a different barista who did not have a line of drinks to make, but I decide to say nothing. [Customer #1]’s drink comes out about a minute later.

Customer #1’s Child: “Can we sit down and eat?”

Customer #1: “No. I’m not staying another minute in here. This is terrible service!”

I actually thought it was rather quick!

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(An unusually bad lightening storm knocked out the power for a few minutes. It’s back on at this point, but I have to completely shut down and restart my oven, which takes about forty-five minutes)
Me: Hi! What can I get for you?
Customer: I’d like a small hot coffee and a cheese croissant, please.
Me: Sure! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to toast your croissant. My oven is still rebooting from the power outage earlier.
Customer: That’s a bummer! Could you warm up a chocolate croissant, instead?
Me: No, I’m afraid I can’t. My oven won’t be available for about fifteen more minutes.
Customer: Oh no! Can you do a plain croissant?
Me: I can do any croissant cold, but I can’t toast anything. (I’m trying to smile apologetically, but I’m also getting tired of repeating myself and now I have a line.)
Customer: Oh, alright! I’ll just have a small hot coffee, please! (I give him his order and he leaves.)
Customer 2: I thought he was never gonna get it!