The Luck Of The Irish

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(The state where I live is a part of the US where many Irish and Scottish immigrants settled in the 19th and 20th centuries. You’ll find a lot of town names and people’s last names similar to names in those countries. I am on my way to an appointment and have some extra time, so I stop by a coffee shop for a few minutes. I have my coffee and a book, sitting at a little table by myself, when a man who looks to be in his late 60’s or early 70’s comes over with a mug of tea and sits down across from me.)

Older Man: “I hope that’s a good book you’re reading.” *his tone is perfectly friendly, not creepy or intrusive*

Me: *smiles* “It is! It’s a biography of JFK’s life before he became president.”

Older Man: “Excellent! You know he was Irish, I’m sure.”

Me: “Yes, the book talks about his family background quite a bit.”

Older Man: “I happen to be Irish myself!” *he introduces himself, and he does have a very well-known Irish last name* “My grandparents came through Ellis Island not long after they were married.”

Me: “That’s great! My great-grandmother came here from Scotland with her family when she was a little girl.”

(We have a nice chat about family history, and he tells me about a business he used to own in the area. Soon though, I have to leave for my appointment.)

Older Man: “It was very nice talking with you, young lady! I wish you the best in your endeavors.”

Me: “Thank you, very much! It was nice talking with you too.” *I stand up to leave and he shakes my hand*

Older Man: “Now, you remember, if you’re ever having a bad time, or you need cheering up, just look under the tables. That’s where the leprechauns are hiding!”

(He walked out of the cafe before I could respond. The funny thing is, since then, if I have a bad day, sometimes I’ll catch myself peeking under tables. Just in case!)

Soy Not Sorry

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(A 20ish female customer comes up to my counter.)

Customer: “Can I just get a large cup of hot water? With a lid?”

(I prepare it and add a sleeve because it’s hot. She drops in a teabag from her purse.)

Customer: “Thanks. Do you have any honey?”

(I point to the condiment bar. As she’s adding honey, she looks at the cream pitcher.)

Customer: “Excuse me, do you have soy milk?”

Me: “We do, but that’s not free.”

Customer: “Really?! I guess I should’ve gone to a DIFFERENT coffee shop!”

Me: “I guess you should have.”

It’s Not Every Day You Get To Prove Them Wrong

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(I’m in line, paying for my own order, when another customer comes up to the other register at the counter, and I overhear this exchange.)

Customer: “I’m not telling you my order. I’m in here every morning. I always get the same thing. You should know what it is.”

(I sneak a glance to look for some sign that he’s joking, but he seems serious and irritated. The server is visibly flustered and begins apologizing. I’m angered by his attitude, but since he relents and gives his order, I decide to stay out of it. For the record, his order wasn’t complicated, but neither was it very simple. I pass him to collect my sandwich at the end of the counter and am going to leave, but he starts complaining again.)

Customer: “I can’t believe this. I’m in here every day! You people should know this.”

Me: “Excuse me sir, I’m curious.” *points at his server* “What’s her name?”

Customer: “I don’t know her name.”

Me: *points at other two servers behind the counter* “What are their names?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Really? But you’re in here every day.”

Customer: *smiles and drops his head, chagrined* “Good point.”

(I left then, but I hope his next words were an apology!)

Regularly Demanding

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I work at a small independent coffee shop as a barista. We have a number of regular customers whom I recognize. One night, I get a phone call saying there’s been a flood at the shop and when I go to check the damage, I realize we won’t be able to open in the morning, it’s so bad. I put up several signs on the windows, and one huge one on the doors that says “We are CLOSED today due to flood damage. Will be re-opening soon. Thanks for your patience.”

In the morning, I’m there with a few coworkers, salvaging what we can and cleaning what we can, when we hear loud banging noises at the front door. We ignore it and keep working, but it happens two or three more times, to the point of irritation. I finally go to the door and open it up to find one of our most regular customers standing there. I ask her why she’s there and she says “well, for my morning coffee, of course” as she’s trying to move past me into the building. I keep her from entering and tell her that as per the signs, we are closed.

Without even blinking an eye, she looks straight at me and says, “well, maybe for strangers, but not for your regular customers!”

I made her a coffee.

Unfiltered Story #91934

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I was sitting, enjoying my order at (popular Canadian coffee shop), when I saw a woman with kids, impatiently say, “I’m still waiting for my bagel.” I’ve never had the urge to do anything like that. If it takes too long, I politely say something, but I generally wait. A couple examples of a wrong order, include me asking for a tropical drink, and getting the chocolate version, instead. Now, since I’m a fan of chocolate, it wasn’t too big of a deal, and I kept the drink, anyway. Another time, and I wish I hadn’t, was that they didn’t put cheese on my sandwich (they don’t automatically put it on, anymore, because it costs you more money to add it extra). I forgot about that, so I didn’t ask for cheese. So, of course, when I got my sandwich, I didn’t get any cheese on it. I politely asked for cheese, and they asked me if I asked for it, which I said “no”. They said they’d put it on, anyway, but, for the next time, to ask for it. I felt bad, but I wasn’t being a jerk about it. That same day, I witnessed an employee admit that she overcharged a customer for two coffees. At least these cases make me realize that not all customers/employees are jerks.

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