Doesn’t Have Hundred-Percent Comprehension

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(I have just started my shift and I only have $100 in my till, as per policy.)

Customer: “I would like change for a hundred.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t have enough change at this time.”

Customer: “Then I would like an iced coffee with cream and sugar, please.”

Me: “Okay, the total will be [less than a five].”

Customer: “Well, here is my hundred.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I don’t have change for a hundred.”

(He continued to stand there staring blankly at me for a few minutes, holding up the next customers I was trying to serve, before walking out in a huff.)

Time For You To Recruitment Drive The Other Way

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(A customer calls in an order for multiples coffees, nothing unusual. When she gets here, I ring up her order and package any additional pastries she wants. As we are going over the list, she suddenly asks me:)

Customer: “Hey, do you know anyone looking for full-time employment?”

Me: “Um, I’m not sure. Sorry.”

Customer: “The last three people we set interviews with didn’t show, so we’re looking for new people. Can I give you my number?”

(I make a noncommittal comment about how cruddy it is that people don’t show up. We finish the transaction, and she begins to leave, before turning around.)

Customer: “Here. Take my name and number. We’re hiring. Put it on Facebook, or something, and let people know.”

(Not only did she never once tell me WHERE she worked, but she was asking me to help poach employees from the company I currently worked at. Wow.)

No Penny Is Worth These Thoughts

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(In Canada we recently got rid of the penny. We round up or down for cash transactions. A customer comes up and orders a medium coffee refill and a muffin.)

Me: *$2.86 shows up on screen* “That’ll be $2.85.”

Customer: “It’s normally $2.75.”

Me: “You asked for a medium refill, correct?”

Customer: “Yes, it’s $2.75.”

Me: “Well, on my till it’s coming up as $2.85, and as far as I’m aware, that’s the price it’s always been.”

Customer: “I ALWAYS PAY $2.75!”

(Not wanting to argue, I charge her for a small refill, thus making her total $2.76.)

Me: “That’ll be $2.75.”

Customer: “IT’S NORMALLY $2.75!”

Me: “Yes.”


Me: *stunned silence*

Customer: “FINE!” *throws cash at me and runs away*

Me: *to my coworker* “Did that lady just get angry over a penny she wasn’t even being charged for?”

If I Wasn’t Complaining Before…

, , , , , | Working | January 30, 2018

(I am going for a walk and stop at a coffee chain to grab a coffee. There’s nobody at the counter, but I’m not in a hurry, so I just stand there waiting, looking at the menu. Finally an employee comes out and sees me.)

Employee: “Are you being helped?”

Me: “No, not yet.”

(The employee then yells to some other employee in a back room.)

Employee: “Hey! Come and take this lady’s order!”

(The first employee isn’t actually doing anything, so I don’t know why she couldn’t take my order, but whatever. The second employee then comes out and joins the first one.)

Employee #2: “I was doing something in the back.”

Employee #1: “Whatever, this lady was complaining that nobody was out here.”

(At this point I haven’t said ANYTHING throughout the entire exchange. [Employee #1] walks away.)

Me: “Actually, I didn’t say anything.”

Employee #2: “Yeah, whatever.”

(They proceeded to take my order, and I proceeded to avoid that place whenever possible.)

Cappuccinos, Cookies, And Clashing

, , , , | Right | January 29, 2018

(I am a barista. A customer has come from the food ordering counter to the coffee counter and shown his receipt.)

Customer: “I just wanted to check that the coffee you called out is mine and not somebody else’s.”

Me: “Extra shot small cappuccino? That’s yours, sir.”

Customer: “But you need to make sure.”

Me: “What’s your order number?”

Customer: “[Order number].”

Me: “Yep, that’s yours. It’s just down at the pickup counter.”

Customer: “But is it really mine? It could be somebody else’s.”

Me: “It’s definitely yours; we only had one extra shot small cappuccino order.”

(The manager goes past and grabs it, and hands it to him.)

Manager: “This is your coffee, sir. Thank you!”

Customer: “Could I also get a cookie?”

Manager: “Sure, that’ll just be [price].”

Customer: “No, it should be [lower price]; there’s a deal.”

Manager: “Your coffee is already in a meal, so you already have a discount. The deal is only for coffees that aren’t in a meal.”

Customer: “But I paid more for this coffee!”

Manager: “Sorry?”

Customer: “I paid extra for this coffee! I should get a discount.”

Manager: “No, it’s in a meal, so you actually got a discount. The drink has a price, but in a meal it’s a lower price. So, you still have a discount.”

Customer: “No, I literally paid extra for this coffee. Are you telling me I can’t have the discount after I paid extra?”

Manager: “You didn’t pay extra; you got a discount.”

Customer: “Seriously? I paid extra!”

Manager: “All right, I’ll give you the deal, anyway.”

Customer: “I paid extra! I already paid extra for this coffee!”

Manager: “No, you didn’t, but that doesn’t matter. Give me [lower price], and I’ll get your cookie.”

(He gets his cookie and goes. I step up to take the next order.)

Next Customer: “Wow. Some people just like to argue, don’t they?”

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