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(I am in line at a coffee shop with a really long line. The day is really hot so most of us have ducked in for air conditioning and iced drinks. Suddenly we hear a crash and notice a woman waiting for her drink has fainted. Costumers rush to help her, and the baristas get her water and a bag of ice.”

Helpful Costumer: Can someone call 911 for her.

Other Costumer: I’m already dialing.

(The man behind me in line gets upset and says to me)
Jerk: There is no need to get the police involved.

Me: No, but EMS would probably be helpful. She needs to be checked out.

Jerk: If there calling 911 than I don’t have time for this.

(He leaves the store. I don’t know why helping a stranger is that big of an incovinece, espically when everyone still got their orders quickly, and the EMS came and checked the woman out and cleared her to go without a hospital visit. Luckily hte rest of the store were better people)

Tipped To Be An Eventful Encounter

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I am the supervisor on shift at a coffee shop in a busy but “shady” area of town. It is almost midnight and I watch a woman pick up an old cup of coffee off a patio table, walk up to the front counter, and approach my employee.

Lady: “This coffee you sold me is cold. Give me a new one.”

Employee: “I just saw you pick that up off the patio. You didn’t buy that.”

Lady: “F*** you! I paid for this. Get me new coffee now.”

Employee: “No, I’m not doing that. Please leave.”

Me: “I’m the supervisor, and I want you out of the store now.”

The lady swears at us. Then, she takes the cup of cold coffee and throws it right in my employee’s face. My employee doesn’t flinch.

Me: “Okay, get out now or I’m calling the cops.”

Lady: “F*** you! Look at what you did! There’s coffee all over my clothes! I want a free coffee, and you’re paying for my dry-cleaning, too, b****!”

She grabs the pretty full tip jar off the counter, claiming that will pay for her dry-cleaning, and leaves the store. She crosses the street and just hangs out on the opposite corner, while I flag a local cop and tell him what happened. He goes across the street, grabs her, and brings her back.

Cop: “Is this the lady who stole your tips?”

Lady: “I didn’t steal nothing! These people tried to rip me off! They ruined my clothes!”

Cop: “Empty your purse.”

After fighting for a few minutes, she dumped out her purse and change went all over the floor. The cop told us to take everything. The lady was screaming that some of it was HER money. The cop let us take it, and then put her under arrest when FIVE crack pipes came tumbling out with the change!

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How Do I Explain This Monosyllabically?

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I work at a popular chain store. Right now, we are doing a deal where if you buy something in the morning, you can return after 2:00 pm and get a cold medium drink for $2. This customer comes in at 1:50 pm and throws a receipt at me.

Customer: “COFFEE!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I can’t ring you out for the deal for another ten minutes.”

Customer: “COFFEE!”

Me: “Sir, the register will not allow me to ring you out for the deal until the clock on it reads 2:00 pm.”


Manager: “Sir, she cannot physically give you that deal for another ten minutes.”

The customer snatches up the receipt and leaves. Ten minutes later, the guy comes back and throws his receipt at me again.

Customer: “COFFEE!”

Me: “Okay, a medium iced coffee—”

Customer: “NO. BIG. BIG COFFEE. HOT!”

Me: “Sir, the $2 deal is only for medium cold drinks.”


Manager: “Sir, come with me.”

My manager leads him off to explain what the deal was. He ended up getting pissed off and leaving, still yelling just one- and two-syllable words.

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Not Even In Line And Already Out Of Line

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(A friend and I are getting iced coffee when a customer interrupts the barista because she supposedly waited ten minutes in line at the pickup counter.)

Customer: *sounding exasperated* “Excuse me, where is the line to order?”

Employee: *gesturing to the woman’s right* “It starts where the ‘please enter here’ sign is.” *goes to give a drink to a customer*

Customer: *huffs and follows the employee down the counter* “Your line isn’t clearly marked; it’s confusing and I wasted all this time down here!”

(The employee apologizes for the confusion and repeats where the line starts.)

Customer: “Now I have to stand in line again even though I stood over here for ten minutes?!”

Me: “It’s not his fault you made a mistake!”

Customer: “This isn’t your business!”

Me: “You’re berating him for your mistake; I’m making it my business!”

(She got in the proper line and shot daggers at me the whole time.)

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(I’m the idiot costumer in this story, it should be noted I’m partially deaf and this particular coffee shop has really loud music playing)

Me: Hi, can I have a hot coco?
Barista: Sure. Do you want *inaudible thing*?
Me: I’m sorry I didn’t get that what?
B: Do you want *inaudible thing*?
Me: I’m so sorry what? (at this point I’m blushing really hard)
B: *Loudly screaming* DO YOU WANT WHIPPED CREAM?
Me: Oh yes please! I’m really sorry I’m partially deaf and the music is really loud.
B: Yeah, whatever.

As soon as they gave me the drink I left a tip and ran out of there