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Bare Midriffs And Bad Management

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: kitherarin | July 8, 2021

Many, many years ago, I worked in a small coffee shop on a university campus. Work was great and we had fun and loved the owners. Unfortunately, after I’d worked there for two years, they retired.

The new owner came in and put up multiple cameras — like eight in a three-meter-by-ten-meter coffee shop with all the cameras trained on the counter and staff areas. He started to proposition the girls — we were all university students, so seventeen to twenty-one years old — that they would get extra shifts if they went home with him. If you argued back, then you got your work hours cut down to the bare minimum.

Our uniform was just a loose black polo shirt with the cafe logo, black pants, and closed shoes — standard coffee shop staff attire. A couple of months in, the new owner decided that the uniform would change, but only for the girls.

Now the girls would wear a midriff top with the cafe logo and low-rise pants. The boys still got to wear the old uniform. We argued that it was unsafe — hot coffee and plates of food next to bare skin — and got told too bad, so sad. Staff got together and hashed out a plan.

On the first day of the new uniform, the girls showed up in the old uniform. The boys showed up in the midriff tops and the low-rise pants.

The new uniform policy lasted an hour. The boss was not impressed.

No one lost their job because our coffee shop was right next to the law faculty. One of the students had already had a conversation with her lecturer about what was going on. I’m pretty sure that if we’d been fired for non-compliance with uniform, that the boss would have found himself in far more trouble.

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Betcha Dimes To Doughnuts She Didn’t Learn A Thing

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: wworrall | June 30, 2021

Once a week, I stop by the local coffee shop and pick up a drink and a doughnut on the way to work. The one near my work is always busy, and with the health crisis restrictions, most times I end up waiting outside because of the line.

Today is no different. There are about ten people in line, and I get in line behind a woman. She got in line just before I did, but I can hear her already complaining.

Woman: “Oh, my God, this place is so slow! Why do I have to wait outside?”

I have my headphones on, so even though I can hear her complaining, I can easily ignore her. It takes a good five or ten minutes until we are even in the store, and she complains the whole time.

Woman: “My kids are in the car getting cold. Why do they only have one person on the counter and five on drive-thru? I don’t have time for this!”

When we finally get in, we can see the counter girl running around as fast as she can. She definitely isn’t lollygagging or anything. But still, the woman keeps loudly complaining. There is no way the worker doesn’t hear her. Another five minutes later, it is the woman’s turn to order. She starts with an, “Ugh… Finally!” and then she orders a drink and a couple of sandwiches. It comes to $9.90 all together. The woman gives the girl a $10 bill and then sticks her hand out for her change.

Woman: “I want my ten cents back, please. You don’t deserve it.”

The girl just sighs, gives her her change, and then makes her coffee. She takes it without even a thank-you and goes to the sandwich area to wait for her sandwich.

My turn. I order my coffee and doughnut, which come to about $3. But as luck would have it, I have a free coffee today, so it is only $1. Normally, I don’t carry much cash, and I will pay with just my debit and throw them a quarter or two if I have it. But today, I happen to have $5 in my wallet, so I hand it to her, and when she tries to give me the $4 change I say, loud enough so the woman can hear:

Me: “No, thanks, you work hard. You keep it.”

Employee: *Smiles* “Thanks.”

The woman looked over at me like she had just smelled a fart or something. When I opened the bag at work, there was a second doughnut in the bag. Never tasted so good.

Hopefully, the woman learned something. She got her dime, but I got the extra doughnut.

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Boiling Over An Ice Cap

, , , , | Right | June 29, 2021

I work drive-thru for a popular coffee chain in Canada over the summer nights. There are only three of us. A lady orders a coffee, black, with five caramel shots. I make it and hand it to her.

Customer: “No, I wanted an iced coffee with caramel.”

I make it the same way as I have many times before. I get to the window, charge her the difference, and then hand it to her.

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me? I wanted an iced coffee with caramel shots!”

Me: “This is an iced coffee.”

Customer: “No, it isn’t. I wanted an iced coffee.”

I stop and think. I’ve worked there a little over a month and made it many times; I think I know what it is. I think logically, and then ask:

Me: “Did you mean an icecap?”

Customer: “No! Iced coffee.”

Me: “Did you mean a regular coffee with ice in it?”

Customer: “F***, just give me an ice cap.”

Me: “I can’t, not without the upcharge.”

She then tried to chuck her Thermos at me. I slammed the window shut and ignored her. My coworkers said not to worry about it and that all the confusion was on her side. Later that week, she was named for pulling the same stunt and actually hitting a worker, covering them in hot coffee.

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Who Peed In Her Coffee?

, , , , , | Working | June 25, 2021

I normally work from home, but after some Internet issues, I go down to a small local coffee shop while it gets fixed.

Me: “Hey, is it okay if I work here?”

I point to my laptop.

Server: “Oh, sure. As long as you’re buying something, it’s okay. Might ask you to move on when it gets busy.”

Me: “Oh, sure. It’s only for an hour. “

I put my stuff at a table around the corner and out of the way, and then I go to the counter and order. The woman helping me looks fed up and talks to me like she hates me. She uses no manners, tries to ring me up before I get to finish ordering, slams my coffee down, spilling it, etc. She barely says a word to me.

I sit down out of view, and after a while, I hear the woman talking to someone. I can just see her at the counter on her mobile.

Woman: “Nah, I’m working.” *Pause* “Yeah, at the coffee shop.” *Pause* “It’s all right, I guess. Boring. Might call in sick tomorrow.” *Pause* “Yeah, come over. No one’s here. I’ll give you my secret ‘discount.’” *Pause* “Bye, hun.”

She hangs up her phone before making herself a cup of coffee and sneaking a couple of cookies into her apron.

Woman: *Yelling into the back* “Hey, you gotta cover me! I need a break.”

Server: “Again?”

Woman: “Yeah, again. I’m going now.”

I finish my work and drop my empties back at the counter. The server from earlier is there and the woman is still not back.

Me: “You might want to do a stocktake of those cookies; your coworker stole a few. Oh, and she said she will be sick tomorrow.”

Server: *Sighs* “I don’t know why my dad doesn’t just fire her. Anyway, thank you for stopping by.”

I try to use that coffee shop instead of the chain ones more often. The server is always there smiling and cleaning. I don’t know what happened to the other woman, but I haven’t seen her again.

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A New Kind Of Drinking Problem

, , , , , , | Right | June 24, 2021

Coffee shops have opened up again after a health-related lockdown. I’m a new mum and surviving on very little sleep. I’m hormonal, emotional, and tired.

I excitedly order my usual drink, try to hold a decent conversation with the cashier whilst half asleep, and move to wait.

My name is called. I say thanks, grab my drink, and take a big gulp… forgetting I’m wearing a mask. Coffee goes all down my dress and into my bra, and I drop my drink in surprise.

I’m bright red and unsure whether to laugh or cry, and the cashier is looking at me in horror. She grabs lots of tissues and comes round the counter, helping me manoeuvre my pram out of the way and clearing up my mess.

I’m apologising over and over, but she shrugs it off and says it’s fine. I manage to blot away the excess and she makes a joke about my dress looking better in brown. It makes me giggle.

They remake my drink, give me a muffin, and even give me a voucher for a free drink next time.

I am so touched I tear up, to which the cashier says, “Don’t cry! You’ll ruin your mascara, too!”

Best coffee shop ever!

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