Fresh Ways To Deal With Problem Customers

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(I work at a popular coffee shop. We have a regular who makes sure we make her coffee with a fresh-brewed pot in front of her. One day she comes in while we are brewing a new pot.)

Me: “Hello! Can I get you your usual?”

Regular: *ignores me and states her regular order*

Me: “Okay, that will be [amount].”

Regular: “I want a fresh pot!”

Me: “I know.”

(I make her order with the pot that just got done brewing and give it to her. A few minutes later, I overhear her complaining to my manager, who then tells me to remake it. The lady watches me to make sure I use a fresh pot.)

Regular: “That wasn’t fresh. I know what fresh coffee tastes like, and that’s not it.”

(Fed up with her and my manager’s attitude, I take the oldest pot to remake her coffee. She takes a sip.)

Regular: “Ah! Now that’s fresh coffee!”

A Diseased Understanding Of Infection

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Customer: “I’ll have a large americano for here.”

Me: “Sure thing.” *reaches for a china cup*

Customer: “Oh, no, no, no! I’ll have it in a paper cup.”

Me: “Oh, okay.” *makes his drink in a paper cup*

Customer: “I don’t want to drink out of something other people have been drinking out of. Swine flu, you know.”

Me: “Fair enough, but you know, health regulations require that all reusable dishes be run through a sanitizer that uses boiling water and a chemical disinfectant. The dishes come out basically sterile.”

Customer: “Nah, I’d still rather not chance it. Have a great day!”

(This gentleman paid cash, and when he left, put his hand on the doorknob that is cleaned maybe once a week with a basic glass cleaner, and went on his merry way.)

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(I work for a [very popular coffee chain] at the aiport and am working on the register during an afternoon rush. A middle aged lady come to my register to order her drink)

Me: Hello. How may I help you today?

Customer: I would like to get a Tall Latte with almond milk please.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but we do not have soy milk. We do have coconut or soy milk in the non-dairy choices though. Would you like to try that instead?

Customer: But the [popular coffee chain] store near my house has almond milk. I always get that in my coffee.

(Now I know for a fact that [popular coffee chain] has never carried almond milk but [rival coffee and donuts chain] does. So I thought she may have been confused between the two)

Me: As I mentioned earlier ma’am we do not offer almond milk. Our soy and coconut milk are equally deliciious!

Customer: Well the store I go to has almond milk and I want you to get me an almond milk latte.

(This continues for a few more rounds and the line starts to get longer. I got tired of explaining the same thing over and over)

Me: Unfortunately we sold out of almond milk today and only have soy or coconut milk. The new delivery only arrives this afternoon.

Customer: Why didn’t you tell me this before instead of waiting my time? I have a plane to catch. I’ll just have it with soy extra hot.

Me: I apologize again. Your total is $4.65.

(She pays with hands me her credit card to pay)

Me: Thank you. Here is your receipt and have a good day! *bangs head on counter*

He’s Not Worth Mar-Greeting

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(I am waiting for my tea latte to be done when a rude man comes, orders, and then takes other people’s drinks, one being mine.)

Man: “Miss! You put the wrong name down. My name isn’t Moorgreat.”

(Yeah, he pronounced my name wrong.)

Barista: “Sir, that’s probably because you grabbed the wro—”

Man: “No, I did not grab the wrong one! You just spelled my name wrong! I want your manager! This is third time you have made a mistake!”

(I have now gotten next to him and grabbed my drink from his hand.)

Me: “It’s pronounced ‘Mar-Greet.’ This is my drink. Yours are over there, getting cold.”

(The man was speechless and looked around to the glaring people, and then he took his drinks and left. Everyone got their right drinks and I bought a muffin for the barista.)

Found Out Accidentally

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(My daughter is friends with a guy that I can’t stand. I feel that he treats her badly, often ditching her at the last minute, and I strongly suspect that he is a liar. I know better than to forbid her from being friends with him, though; all I can hope is that she’ll eventually come to realize that he is a terrible person. One day, she comes home with this story.)

Daughter: “I was out having coffee with [Friend] and [Friend’s Brother]. I got onto Facebook on my phone, and there’s a whole bunch of messages on [Friend]’s wall, saying how awful it is that his brother got into a terrible accident.”

Me: “Doesn’t he only have one brother? The one that was having coffee with you?”

Daughter: “Yup.”

Me: “So… What’s all this about a terrible accident?”

Daughter: “I asked the same thing. [Brother] just sighed and said, ‘Yeah, [Friend] didn’t want to go to a party he’d been invited to, so he told everyone that I’d been in an accident and was in the hospital.’Then [Friend] started laughing his a** off and said, ‘Pretty smart, eh? That way, I don’t have to go to the party, and everyone is sorry for me! Someone even brought food to the house to make us feel better in our time of trouble!’”

Me: *horrified* “That’s unbelievable!”

Daughter: “Yeah. I think I was supposed to think it was funny, but all I could think of was all those friends who were feeling sorry for him, not knowing that he was laughing at them.”

(Then, she starts looking thoughtful.)

Daughter: “You know… there have been plenty of times when [Friend] and I had plans, and he’s called me at the last minute to say that he’s sick, or he slept in, or he forgot that he had plans with someone else. I’m starting to think that at least some of those excuses were lies, too.”

Me: “That’s possible, yeah.”

(Not long after that, she decided to stop being friends with the guy. Hallelujah.)

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