Ridiculous Regulars

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(I work at a donut and coffee place. There is one customer who always demands two turbo shots — espresso shots — but is only charged for one at $0.99 each. She has a very specific request on how to make her iced coffee correctly. She pulls up into our drive-thru.)

Customer: “Large iced caramel coffee with a large turbo shot.”

Me: “Okay, your total is $5.13.”

Customer: “Excuse me. That is not what I ordered.”

Me: “I apologize.”

(I recite her order back with same total.)

Customer: “That price isn’t right. I am a regular; where is the manager?”

Me: “I apologize, but the manager has left for the day.”

(By this time my coworker is telling me she is a regular and always gets said order. The customer pulls up, fuming. I open the drive-thru window and I am met with cursing and ranting about how I am doing my job incorrectly. I apologize and make her coffee.)

Customer: “That is not how I want it.”

Me: “This is the way we are taught to make an iced coffee.”

Customer: “I don’t get ice first; it’s the large turbo shot that is first. You aren’t giving me a large.”

Me: “Ma’am, again, I apologize, but I cannot put a hot beverage in a plastic cup, and I could be burned. You only wanted to pay for one of the turbo shots. I cannot give you a large without you paying for it, as I will lose my job.”

Customer: “Where the f*** is [Coworker]?”

Me: “She is currently with a customer at the front counter, if you would like to come in.”


Me: “Again, I apologize. Please do not yell at me. [Coworker] is busy, and I also have other customers waiting in line.”


Coworker: “She is our regular, and the manager gives her what she asks for.”

Me: “Why? She still has to pay for what she wants. We can actually lose our jobs for incorrectly or not charging someone.”

(Weeks go by and I avoid this regular like the plague.)

Manager: “Hey, so we had a complaint from one of our regular customers that you did not serve them what they wanted. She also has your work schedule.”

Me: “Excuse me. She has what now? She also should be charged for her large turbo shot like everyone else.”

Manager: “Well, [Coworker] says you wouldn’t give it to her. She also is the one taking photos of your schedule and giving them to the customer.”

Me: “That is illegal. She is not an employee or management and should not have that information. It is clearly a safety issue.”

(I actually got suspended for saying how wrong it was because I did not give this regular something she did not pay for. I was told I was wrong for feeling unsafe with some stranger I didn’t know having my schedule. This happened a year ago and I am still speaking with a lawyer about how this company did nothing for their employees and their safety.)

Customers Versus The Law Of Thermodynamics

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Me: “Hi there. What can I get for you today?”

Customer: “Can I get a large tea, with three milk and three sugars?”

Me: “Sure, anything else?”

Customer: “No, thank you. But can you make sure the tea is hot this time? Last time I got this tea here, it was cold.”

Me: “Oh, no! Sorry about that! Sure thing.”

Customer: “Thanks.”

Me: *to coworker making drinks* “He said he wants it hot… Apparently last time it was cold.”

Coworker: “I wish people understood that, if you fill it almost halfway with milk, of course it’s going to cool down right away.”

A Dis-stir-bing Thing

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(I work for a well-known coffee chain. I typically open Sunday mornings, and we always have this one guy in drive-thru who gets an espresso drink with five raw sugars, stirred. It HAS to be stirred. He repeats the instructions to stir it at least three times at the order box, and then drives around and repeats it again when I am taking his money at the window. Because he comes to the drive-thru so often, we are all very familiar with his drink, so this gets to be annoying. Even though he is unpleasant to serve, he is usually in and out very quickly. But one morning, he decides to be nasty.)

Me: *hands customer the drink* “Thank you. Have a great day!”

Customer: *forcefully shoves the drink back through the window* “She didn’t stir it!”

Me: *turns to my coworker who made the drink* “I watched her stir it.”

Customer: “How hard is it to stir a d*** drink!? Raw sugar doesn’t melt right; you have to stir it!”

(His face was beet red because he was yelling so loudly, so I handed the drink off to my coworker, who popped the lid off and made a point of standing directly in his sight line to stir the drink, put a new lid on, and hand it back. He snatched it out of my hand and drove off in a huff. Every time he came in after that, the barista working the espresso bar would walk right up to the window with his drink and stir it in front of him, just to be spiteful. I think that annoyed him more than if we had just stopped stirring it, which was satisfying, to say the least. He never complained again.)

What A Sweet Price!

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Me: “Hey, can I please have a large earl grey?”

Barista: “Yes. Sweetened?”

Me: “No.”

Barista: “What?”

Me: “No, not sweetened. Thanks.”

Barista: “Okay. Sweetened?”

Me: “No, I don’t want it sweetened.”

Barista: “You ordered the earl grey, right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Barista: “Sweetened.”

(At this point, I’m looking around at the other barista because this is getting ridiculous.)

Other Barista: *comes to the register* “It’s $3.10.”

(Yup, I felt very stupid.)

Caught Them Coffee-Handed

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(My mum is waiting for me in a popular coffee shop. She grabs a coffee while she waits for me to get off work nearby. After a while, she needs the restroom, so she leaves the table for a few moments. When she returns:)

Random Customer: “Hey! Cheeky cow! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Mum: “What?”

Random Customer: “You can’t just drink someone else’s coffee, lady!”

Mum: “What are you talking about? This is my coffee.”

Random Customer: “Er, no, it isn’t. I’m getting you kicked out!”

Mum: “It is my coffee. I just went to use the ladies; that’s all.”

Random Customer: “Yeah, right.”

(The random customer then cuts the queue to rant at the barista about my mum. The barista looks over, and tells the man that my mum did indeed pay for the drink, and is entitled to drink the coffee she paid for.)

Random Customer: “But I was here! She just walked up and started drinking it!”

Barista: “Yes, because she paid for it. You walked in just after she got up to go to the restroom. It is her coffee; now leave her alone, or you’ll have to leave.”

(This apparently embarrassed the random customer enough to shut up. Later, Mum dropped her walking stick to the floor, and the same random customer who accused her of drinking someone else’s drink came over, picked it up for her, and walked off without another word.)

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