Substitute One Customer For Another

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(I’m at the airport in a popular coffee shop and the woman in front of me is on her phone. She asks for an iced coffee with every imaginable substitution, addition, and change. The poor cashier keeps trying to clarify while the woman is talking on her phone to a friend, and finally breaks away to shout at the cashier:)

Customer: “…and make that as non-fat as possible! I’m trying to lose twenty pounds! Do I look like I need to lose twenty pounds? I need to lose twenty pounds!”

(She keeps talking on her phone while the cashier tries to get her to pay and move on. She finally huffs and sighs and complains to her friend about how the staff are SO RUDE and how she needs to lose twenty pounds. I finally make it to the register and order. I’m dying laughing.)

Cashier: “Any special requests?”

Me: “Yes, please do that in the simplest way possible so I’m not the a**hole you’re making fun of all day!”

(I got a free pastry.)

Their Complaining Cup Runneth Over

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(I work on the cash register with three baristas currently on the coffee machines. Our sanitizer (where we put the dishes in) is broken, so we can’t serve eat-in cups and plates. A sign is put out so customers know that all orders are in takeaway cups. One elderly man comes forward with an order filled out, waiting for a small latte. He is served the small latte, and comes back saying he wants it in a standard cup, then saying he wants it in an eat-in cup.)

Customer: “I want it in this cup.” *points to the cups on the top of the coffee machine*

Barista #1: “We aren’t serving in mugs today, as the sanitizer/dishwasher is broken.”

Me: *points to sign in front of him* “We can serve in a takeaway cup.”

(The elderly customer grumbles, takes it, and goes to wait in the dining room. Once the coffee order is done, I take it to him since he’s waiting.)

Me: “Here you go, sir. I hope you have a very good morning!:

Elder Customer: “No, I do not want it in a paper cup! I want it in a china cup; I do not like paper cups.”

Me: “I am sorry, but we are unable to do it today, as the sanitizer is broken.”

(As I am rather new to the cafe and haven’t dealt with this type of customer, I am unsure what the problem is.)

Customer: “I don’t want it in a paper cup! I need it in an eat-in cup, Can you not understand that!?”

Me: “I know, sir, but this is what we can serve, until we get the machine working again to properly clean the cups.”

Customer: “I don’t want it then!” *gives me a look, like I am some sort of child*

(I walk back into the cafe to the three baristas, and tell them what the customer said.)

Barista #1: “Are you kidding me! It’s the third one! They don’t seem to understand we can only serve in paper cups today.”

Barista #2: “I’ve had enough; I am telling the manager!”

(The manager on duty placed another sign outside to tell people. Apparently the idea of drinking from a paper cup shocked the little perfect coffee world they live in.)

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(I’m a white woman who has just returned from a four month trip to India. My coworker is of Indian heritage, but doesn’t speak any Indian languages. We get a lot of Indian customers and some of them speak little to no English.)

Coworker: Hi, what can I get for you?

Elderly customer: Big order! You Hindi?

Coworker: No, I’m afraid I can’t-

Elderly customer, in Hindi: I would like three small hot coffees, a vanilla latte and two chocolate muffins.

Coworker: (My name), I need you to translate!

Elderly customer, in woeful Hindi: Oh no, he does not understand. This will be difficult for me.

(The remainder of the conversation was almost entirely in Hindi.)

Me, in Hindi: Hello, sir! It shouldn’t be too hard! Can you tell me your order?

Elderly customer, looking almost alarmed: You understand me? He doesn’t know, but you know? How do you know my language?

Me: I lived in Delhi for four months. I studied Hindi and taught English.

Elderly customer: You married Indian boy?

Me: No, I was a teacher. I studied Hindi to be a better English teacher.

Elderly customer: But no foreigners learn Hindi. I’ve never met a foreigner speaking Hindi! You are a special girl!

Me: Thank you! What was your drink order? (Coworker) can get it started while I ring you up.

Elderly customer: You are a better Indian than this Indian boy! This will be very easy for me!

(At this point, my coworker was face palming in the background. The Indian gentle took a few minutes getting over the shock of me speaking Hindi, and now comes in regularly!)

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I work as a barista in a coffee shop. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we have a teenager come in and order the same drink: a half-and-half coffee. Unfortunately this customer suffers from Down syndrome, however she is the sweetest person ever and all of the staff are extremely polite and enjoy her presence. This event occurs on a Tuesday evening, around 5 pm. A woman yapping loudly on a cell phone strolls into the resturant and proceeds to order. It all goes smoothly until she goes to collect her coffee and takes notice of the disabled girl.

Woman: Oh my god, a f***ing r*****! How do you let people like this in your shop?

I go speechless, having never met such an inconsiderate a**hole in my life, and simply stand there stunned.

Woman: I mean I can’t believe those crazy f*****s aren’t locked up in an asylum like they should be!

She is quite loud, and by now the whole cafe is dead silent, and glaring at her with looks of pure disgust. The disabled girl is visibly upset and tears are pouring down her cheeks.

Woman: (continues her ranting for about another 30 seconds, using immense profanity. Suddenly, another middle-aged male customer approaches her.)

Male Customer: Excuse me ma’am, your name doesn’t happen to be [name] does it?

Woman: (looking annoyed) Why yes, it is. And exactly who the f*** are you?

The man smiles at her, but there is a fire behind his eyes.

Male Customer: My name is [name], and I’m the CEO of [company]. If I recall, you just applied for a position at our loca office last week. In fact, I was just going over to the office to review your application, but now I see I won’t have to do that. Watching you be completely rude and undeniably terrible to that girl who has no control over her disability made my blood boil. I can say with one hundred percent certainty, that you will NEVER work for my company ever. You’d be a major embarrassment to our image, and I can’t have that on my plate. Now I recommend you apologize to that poor little girl, and then get the f*** out of this coffee shop, because I don’t ever want to see your piece-of-s*** face again.

The woman’s jaws were on the floor by this point. She muttered a quick apology, and ran out of the store, not even bothering to pick up her coffee. At this point, the manager has come out of his office.

Manager: That was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I grant you the employee discount for life!

All around the coffee shop, people gave a round of applause to the man, who graciously accepted and sat back down. The disabled girl was given a free coffee and our store t-shirt!

Room For Scream

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(I have a customer that comes in every single day, two minutes before we close, and orders a sixteen-ounce Americano with room for cream. He is never overly friendly, but not necessarily rude, so I don’t have a problem with him… Until one day, when I don’t give him enough room.)

Customer: “Do you not know what ‘room’ means?”

Me: “I’m sorry; you didn’t specify, so I just gave you as much room as most people.”

Customer: “Do you not know what ‘room’ means or do you think I’m stupid? Remake it, and put room in it.”

Me: “I’ll remake it, but next time you could ask a little nicer. It was an honest mistake.”

Customer: “Nice has nothing to do with it!”

Me: “Nice has everything to do with it!”

(It took me months to be able to make his drink again, because whenever he walked up to the counter I would refuse to make it and another barista would do it for me. He’s still incredibly rude, and if I have to make his Americano, I use decaf. I do not feel bad.)

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