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My boyfriend and I like to make midnight runs to the corner store for junk food when I don’t work the next day. We’ll snack like pigs and watch videos or play games together. We seem to always go when this one particular guy is working, so he’s used to seeing us. My boyfriend’s pretty agoraphobic, so having someone he knows helps him a lot. We went to a popular coffee shop the other night around 2am, and loband behold, convenience store guy is there! My boyfriend and I chat with him while me makes our sandwiches and coffees, and while he’s doing that I judge my boyfriend over to the tray.

Me: *whispers* I’m not crazy, I only asked for two doughnuts right?

Boyfriend: Yeah, no, we only asked for two…

We didn’t mention anything but The Guy gave us a knowing nod. We’re going back there later tonight, so if I see him I’ll make sure to leave him a pretty decent tip!

Something Is About To Get Punched

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(I work in a coffee shop with my brother. A mug of coffee is $1.25, but we have recently started selling French press for tables. You can purchase a half pot or a full pot. Two older men — one of whom makes a regular pest of himself — come in, and they don’t care for the brew of the day, so we suggest the French press with a different kind of coffee. They purchase a full pot and I give them each a mug. We have punch cards. If you buy nine drinks, you get one free. [Customer #1] pays and gets his card punched.)

Customer #2: “Shouldn’t he get two punches, since there’s two of us?”

Brother: “Well, it’s one French press.”

(A little while later I go over to their table.)

Me: “Is it good?”

Customer #1: “Yes, it’s very good.”

Customer #2: “Now, I don’t mean to pick on you. But we paid $4.19 for this pot, and we’ve got two mugs. So, shouldn’t he get two punches on his card?”

([Customer #1] silently shakes his head and mouths, “No.”)

Me: “If there were three of you sharing it, would you get three punches?”

([Customer #1] laughed while [Customer #2] spluttered.)

That’s A Latte Things To Mix Up

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Customer: “I’ll take a large coffee toffee and English cream latte.”

Me: “…”

Customer: *long pause* “Oh, what am I talking about?”

Me: “You want an English toffee and Irish cream latte?”

Customer: “Yes.”

In A Crazy State

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(I am working the cash register in a cafe in Ontario, Canada. A large group of men enter and when I overhear their conversation, I realize they are American. They all sit at a table, and one man walks up to my till to order coffee for the group.)

Customer: “I would like eight large coffees with cream and sugar on the side.”

Me: “Okay, that will be [total].”

(I begin pouring the coffees while he waits, and we make small talk.)

Customer: “I’m American, you know.”

Me: “That’s nice. How long are you staying in [City]?”

Customer: *ignoring my question* “I’m from [State]. Do you know where that is?”

Me: “Yes, sir, I know where [State] is.”

Customer: *suddenly angry* “You can’t possibly know that! I don’t believe you!”

Me: “I can assure you that I do know where it is.”

Customer: “Stupid girl! You need to be more respectful!”

Me: “I’m very sorry if I offended you—”

Customer: *cutting me off* “It’s fine. Just think twice before you go ahead and lie to a customer!”

(With that, he took the trays of coffees from my hands and stormed off to his table. I heard him complaining about “young people” and grumbling, “Damn girl thinks she’s smart.” I’m still not sure how my knowing where his home state was made him so upset.)

Tipped To Be A Few Degrees Shy Of Politeness

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(I am visiting some former coworkers at a popular chain coffee shop. The place is empty when a woman in her late 40s to early 50s comes in and orders a drink. She pays, but then immediately goes to the bathroom, leaving the barista holding her change from a $20 for a small coffee. He then goes ahead and makes her drink so it is ready for her when she comes back. Once she goes back to the counter, my friend gives her the drink and her change, and tries to joke with her.)

Friend: “Here’s your coffee, and here’s your change, ma’am. Unless you wanted to leave all of this as a tip!” *he smiles*

Customer: “Absolutely not! Here’s a tip for you! Go to college, and then you wouldn’t have to try and swindle people like me out of their hard-earned money!”

Friend: *completely speechless as she starts to walk away*

Me: “Ma’am? I think you should apologize to him. He was joking with you and wasn’t trying to get your money. And furthermore, he is, in fact, a college teacher. He teaches a graphic design course at [Local College], so he has a couple of degrees.”

Customer: “Well, he doesn’t look like it!”

(With that, she hurried out of the store, and my friend came over to high-five me. He said she’s never been back in.)

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