Bye-Bye, Bigot!

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I’ve been shopping with my husband. My seven-month-old is tired and fussy, so he drops us off at a coffee shop so I can breastfeed her whilst he finishes our shop. The only seat left is next to their loud vintage coffee machine and it keeps startling her from her feed.

As I sit, I watch a couple of older ladies point and snicker at a transgender woman who is minding her own business. They’re loudly commenting on her hair, dress, and stature, clearly unhappy with her even existing.

A table with an upholstered chair comes available and I get up, ready to move, as I’m struggling to carry my toddler — still feeding — and bags. The ladies loudly tut at me and sigh about “young mothers and unfortunate degenerates.”

All of a sudden, a chair is thrown back and the woman they were commenting on takes hold of my bags and coffee and makes a path for me to the table. She settles us down without saying anything, smiles at my copious thanks, and goes back to her table without any fuss.

Suddenly, a loud comment is directed at me.

Woman: “She could have asked if you needed help. How rude!”

Me: “At least she helped! You just bloody stay there, you miserable, small-minded cow! Enjoy your coffee and leave us ‘unfortunate degenerates’ alone.”

They silently finished their coffee and left. When my husband came back, I explained and he also thanked the kind woman. She refused all offers of thanks but reaffirmed my belief in humanity. Wherever you are, thank you!

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Not A Customer-Employee Matcha Made In Heaven

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My friend and I are sitting in a coffee shop and have ordered our drinks. Despite not being busy, it seems to take a long time for anyone to get served. We grab a table in sight of the collection area and wait… and wait and wait.

Eventually, they call our names and I collect the drinks. We chat for a bit and then I take a sip.

It’s a matcha (tea) latte, and while normally bitter, this tastes just wrong. I grab some sweetener and it gets worse the more I drink. Even the colour is wrong; it’s normally light green but this looks brown. I go up to the counter to try to get it sorted.

After a long wait to get served, I explain.

Me: “I’m sorry, but this is disgusting. It is brown and so bitter I can’t drink it.”

Barista #1: *Dripping with sarcasm* “Yeah, that would be the coffee in it.”

Me: “What? It’s a tea; there is no coffee in there.”

Barista #1: *Sighs* “Look, if you don’t like the drink, you shouldn’t order it.”

Me: “I do like the drink, but it’s disgusting. Do you have a manager here?”

Barista #1: *Smirking* “I’m the manager on duty today.”

Me: “You know what? I’ll just talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.”

She waves me off sarcastically. I ring the corporate phone line and explain that the “manager” managed to put coffee in my tea and that they just didn’t seem to care. They give me a large gift card, and I return the next week to spend it.

Me: “Can I get a matcha latte, please?”

Barista #2: “Sure.”

Me: “Oh, and no coffee in that, please.”

Barista #2: “Sorry?”

Me: “Last time, someone put coffee in it.”

Barista #2:  “Don’t worry sir, there’s no one here that will make that mistake again.”

I’m not sure what happened to the sarcastic manager, but I never saw her there again.

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The Caramel Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Salty

, , , , | Right | February 17, 2021

I take a customer’s order, she pays, and as I go to hand her the change, she walks away. My coworker makes her drink and sets it down on the pickup counter.

Coworker: “Salted caramel hot chocolate!”

Customer: “Um, excuse me. What are you doing?”

Coworker: “I… I just called out your drink, ma’am.”

Customer: “Oh, so first, your b**** of a coworker doesn’t give me my change and also doesn’t tell me to have a good day, and now, you won’t personally hand me my drink or call out my name? What is wrong with you people? It’s no wonder no colleges will take you.”

My coworker, who is very new to the job, starts tearing up and I’m biting my tongue. Luckily, my manager hears the commotion and comes out from the back.

Manager: “What seems to be the issue, miss?”

The customer repeats the story to the manager with quite a few more expletives.

Manager: “First of all, all of my employees are the most respectful I have ever met. Second, this ain’t [Major Coffee Chain] and we do not take the customer’s name, and third, you absolutely will not speak to me or my employees with that filthy mouth.”

He proceeds to take her drink from her.

Manager: “Now get out of my store.”

She stormed out. Unfortunately, my manager left a few weeks later, but I was so grateful that he stood up for us.

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An Extra Sprinkling Of Spice In Your Latte

, , , , , | Working | February 16, 2021

I’m on the road for a business trip and stop off for a coffee. With the masks, it takes a few attempts to get through my order, even face to face, but we get there and the cashier repeats it back to me. While he doesn’t say it, I definitely get the impression that this is all too frustrating for him — lots of sighs and terse replies.

I stand down the way and wait for the coffee. The same cashier puts a cup on the table with a slam.

Cashier: “Coconut latte!”

Me: “Sorry, is that mine?”

Cashier: *Sighs* “Did you order a coconut latte?!”

Me: “Well, no, I ordered a coconut vanilla latte.”

Cashier: “No, you didn’t.”

Me: “My receipt is here.”

Cashier: *Taking the receipt and muttering* “Should be clearer when you order.”

Another worker brought me my drink and I left. I understand getting fed up if you’ve had a long day, but this was only an hour after opening and it wasn’t even busy.

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How To Make A Customer For Life

, , , , , , | Right | February 14, 2021

I’m a broke university student.

I should be going to university on a scholarship because I come from a low-income family, but a last-minute £100-a-year pay rise for my mum pushes my family over the threshold for what defines “low-income” and I’m suddenly no longer eligible for £15,000 a year in scholarship money. This news comes after I’ve been accepted to university and signed the lease for my accommodation.

Despite my family not being labelled low-income anymore, I still won’t receive any financial support from my family as all the income goes toward taking care of my disabled brother and paying their own bills. It will be tight, but because I have savings from working, I decide to go to university anyway. After paying my rent and utilities, I have £10.20 a week for everything else including food, toiletries, and school supplies.

As I’m in a new city, I really want to make friends, which is difficult when most of the social activities are expensive, so I jump at the chance to do a relatively cheap coffee shop trip with my dorm.

I have £20 with me to get a cheap cup of tea and my food shopping for a few weeks and I head to the coffee shop. While paying, I pull out the note and a handful of change and realise I can pay without breaking into the note, so I put it back in my pocket. It isn’t until I’m at the supermarket that I realise the note is gone. I’m devastated as it’s the equivalent of two weeks of money gone, and I go home empty-handed.

As a last-ditch effort, I message the coffee shop’s Facebook page asking if they’ve seen it, saying I know it’s unlikely, but I want to try asking if it was handed in because money is tight. By some miracle, they reply saying they have it!

Cashier: “Here you go. That was lucky we found it!”

She hands me a shiny new note. Mine was crinkled and beaten up with repeated fold marks.

Me: “Oh… This isn’t mine; my note was an old worn one.”

Cashier: “No, no, it is yours. I’m certain it is. Don’t worry; just take it.”

At her insistence, I took it, and it wasn’t until later that I realised they were most likely trying to help out a struggling student with the coffee shop’s own money. A few months later, things got easier with a part-time job, and now I’ve graduated and have an okay grad job. I make sure to head in there regularly; I’m definitely a customer for life!

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