Needs To Adopt A Different Type Of Customer Service, Part 2

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(I have been a volunteer with a dog rescue for about six months, fostering dogs, helping out at adoption events, etc. Not once in that time had I met a rude customer, until this past event. Our time slot at the pet store is from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm; however, since we often get a few adoptions right at 2:00 pm, we often stay later, sometimes until 4:00 pm. By that time, we and the dogs and puppies are exhausted from meeting hundreds of people all day. This day, we start packing up around 3:30 pm, an hour and a half past our normal end time. We have half of the remaining dogs packed up and sent to their foster homes, our table is broken down and put away, and all of our paperwork and event items are out in the car. While the other volunteers are hauling some crates to the back room, I am waiting with the last few dogs to make sure a pet store customer doesn’t just come by and decide to take a free dog home with them. A man approaches with his dog and starts looking at some of our puppies.)

Customer: “Are these dogs up for adoption?”

Me: “Yes, they are; we’re just packing up for the day now.”

Customer: “Well, that’s not the right answer!”

(I am tired enough that I am not sure what he means, so I just stare at him for an awkward few seconds. He doesn’t say anything else, so I figure I’ll say SOMETHING, still having no idea what he meant by his last comment.)

Me: “Yeah, we were supposed to be done at two today.”

Customer: “Oh, so, you make it about you and not the dogs, huh!?”

(At this point, I’m so mad I can’t even respond to him. I just glare at him, hoping he’ll go away. I was in food service long enough to have learned when to keep my mouth shut, and I don’t want to give our rescue a bad reputation, so I make sure I don’t say anything I’ll regret. After another awkward ten seconds or so, he “apologizes.”)

Customer: “I don’t mean to be so hard on you; I just want to make sure the dogs have a fair chance of getting adopted.”

(I then got up and went over to talk to him, since he might be interested in adopting. We talked for probably close to ten minutes about how he wanted another dog since his was getting pretty old. He seemed really interested in the puppies, wanting his dog to meet them, etc. I don’t have a problem staying late if dogs are getting adopted. I’d stay all night if it meant all our dogs found great homes, so I happily talked to him about the rescue and the adoption process. He did not adopt a dog.)

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(Second to last customer approaches my register and starts placing items. Customer is an older woman with younger girl in tow, either her daughter or granddaughter.)

Me: Hi! Is that all for you today? (NOTE: I have a tendency to talk a bit fast and I ask this as the customers are placing their items)

Customer: *Sigh* Must be a Millennial thing. (I am a Millennial)

Me: (Utterly confused) I’m sorry? What’s a Millennial thing?

Customer: Oh don’t get me started Honey.

I guess manners are Millennial thing too these days.

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(my father owns a restaurant up north in Westminster, it’s not a huge place it’s just a small ‘mom and pop’ style tavern that had gotten very popular, especially with bikers whom my dad has become very good friends with. One day while taking inventory he notices that they have far less bread there than they should, he speaks to the head cook who is equally confused to the lack of bread as he said he already put in a delivery order. My father reviews the security feed and sees that the bread was delivered at 8:00 am like it normally is, but roughly half an hour later a bright red pickup pulls up a guy gets out and he loads all the boxes of bread into the back of his truck and drives off. my dad is absolutely livid that someone would do that, because the camera didn’t get the licence plate he put the clip on facebook and asked if anyone knew this guy. Someone responded and gave out the guy’s name, phone number and home address. Instead of calling the police he chose to call the guy first)

father: “okay listen I know you stole my bread, I’ve got you on tape, I know who you are and I know where you live so you’ve got three choices: you can return the bread you stole and we forget about this, I send over the police to arrest you for theft, or I come over there with my biker friends and ‘convince’ you to give it back.”

(there was a brief silence on the line before the guy hung up. My dad, being the tough guy he is, decides to go with option three and confront the guy personally. The next day he drives over there with around four or five burly, tattooed, bikers with huge beards, walks right up to the door and starts pounding away on it)


(he kept this up for about half an hour before he gave up and left, about one week later the barbershop a few stores down from my dad’s restaurant called up and said someone had come by and dropped off all the missing bread, telling them to deliver them to the tavern. You can probably guess who the mysterious person was.)