| TX, USA | Working | October 8, 2016

(I’m a cashier, but after closing everyone present is expected to help out in the fitting rooms and on the floor once their personal duties are done. Having heard that the men’s dressing rooms need help I head over there. What I had heard was an understatement: every single room is in a state of disarray, and the re-shelving area is even worse.)

Me: “Is this why men don’t like going clothes shopping?”

Every Man In The Room: “Yes.”

I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 22

| MO, USA | Right | October 4, 2016

(When I was twelve years old, I was about 5’2” or 5’3” – about 155 or 160 cm for you non-Americans. Not the tallest girl in my class, but taller than average for my age. One day, my mother takes me and my younger sister shopping. While she is in the fitting room with my sister, she tells me to wait just outside the door. Bored, and seeing that a display table of shirts is a stirred up mess, I start folding shirts.)

Customer: “Hey! I’m talking to you!”

(I realize a woman I’d heard and tuned out is looking at me.)

Me: “Me?”

Customer: “Yes, you! Where are your capris?”

Me: “Uh, I… I don’t…”

Customer: “Don’t give me that. I know you sell them! They’re in your flyer.”

Me: “I don’t know.”

(The woman steps into my personal space and raises her voice, berating me about a sale being advertised. I am frozen, wide-eyed, and speechless. A sales associate on the other side of the store starts toward us, but my mom comes out of the fitting room first.)

Mom: “You don’t talk to her like that!”

Customer: “She was being rude to me!”

Mom: “I don’t care! You don’t talk to her like that; you don’t need to talk to her at all!”

Employee: *finally arriving* “Ladies, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Are you the manager? This girl ignored me and then refused to help me!”

(I am wearing a girly-girl sundress, while the store uniform is a polo shirt and khaki pants.)

Employee: “She doesn’t work here, but I can help you.”

Customer: “But she WAS working!”

Mom: *catching on* “She’s twelve!

Customer: “Then WHY was she FOLDING SHIRTS?!”

Employee: “Just to be nice. Ma’am, what do you need? How can I help you?”

(The employee guided her away from us, while the customer threw a parting shot over her shoulder that I shouldn’t fold shirts if I didn’t work there.)

Mom: *loud enough for her to hear, and earning a dirty look* “Next time a strange adult yells at you, you run away from them and you find me.”

(Later, the employee came back and made a point of thanking me for being helpful – even though I later saw her refolding the shirts more neatly. And for a few years it was a running joke in my family to ask me WHY I was FOLDING the laundry.)


I Shall Return… In Ten Years

| Seattle, WA, USA | Right | September 28, 2016

(I am waiting in line to make my purchase. There are plenty of cashiers.)

Lady In Front Of Me: *beckons to an employee* “Can I return this here?” *shows the employee a bag with something in it*

Employee: “Should be no problem, if you have the receipt!”

(The lady is then called by the cashier, who is shown the receipt and the merchandise she wants returned.)

Cashier: “I can’t return this!”

Lady In Front Of Me: *turns around to the employee and points* “SHE said I could!”

(The employee rapidly comes up to the cashier, who points out.)

Cashier: “This receipt is from ten years ago!”

Lady In Front Of Me: *wails* “YOU SAID I COULD RETURN IT!”

Flip Flopping On The Price

| Salt Lake City, UT, USA | Right | September 2, 2016

(We’ve just opened up the store and I’m ringing up the first customer of the day. At the end of the transaction, I hand the woman her receipt and the customer scans it carefully.)

Customer: “The sign back there said that the flip flops were two for $6. Why was I charged $4.95?”

Me: “Oh! You only bought one, so they’re regular price that way.”

Customer: “But the sign says two for $6, shouldn’t they be $3?”

Me: “If you bought two pairs, yes, they’re $3 each. But… you only bought one pair of flip flops. The sign clearly says ‘Two for $6.’”

Customer: *getting angry* “Yes, but at some stores that doesn’t mean anything! You can buy just one and still get the sale price!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, you only get the $3 price if you buy two pairs.”

Customer: *angrily storming away* “You know, you people should really put that on the sign!”

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who Is Skinniest Of Them All?

| NY, USA | Working | August 26, 2016

(I’m in the dressing room of a small mom-and-pop clothing boutique. This particular store doesn’t have mirrors in the stalls but instead has several mirrors around the common part of the dressing room area. I just tried on a dress and am looking in the mirror. I’m overweight, which makes it hard for me to find outfits I look good in, and this one seems to fit the bill. All of a sudden:)

Attendant: “Excuse me?”

Me: “Yes?”

Attendant: “Just wanted to mention… we have a lot of mirrors, and, um, we call this one our skinny mirror, um, because it makes you look skinnier than, um, you are, and, like, we just try to tell customers, so, um, they can look in other… mirrors…”

(I am really upset; it feels like a comment on my weight. I turn to her, about to say something about it, when I see that she’s bright red and stammering.)

Attendant: “I’m so sorry! We have to tell that to customers! The dress looks beautiful on you! I’ve only been here for a week and I haven’t figured out a nice way to say it yet!”

(I had to feel bad, so I just told her it was fine. I looked in another mirror… I ended up not keeping the dress.)

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