Refunder Blunder, Part 20

| San Diego, CA, USA | Right | April 14, 2016

(My department is small so when we go on lunch that there’s no one at our register. I go on lunch and leave a sign saying when I will return. Once I come back I find a box with a note attached sitting at my register.)

Note: “Hello, I’m looking to refund/return the items enclosed. You were out on lunch. Reason: Fit of the henleys and one duplicate shirt purchased. My receipt is attached. I can be contacted at [number]. Thank You.

(Customer calls an hour after I get back.)

Customer: “So did you return my stuff?”

Me: “Sir, anyone could have taken your merchandise before I returned to process it. You should have waited and come back another time.”

Customer: “But did you do it?”

Me: *sighs* “I returned your items and the money will be back on your card in three business days. But it was a really bad—”

Customer: *hangs up*


Not-So-Smart Phone, Part 13

, | Boston, MA, USA | Right | April 2, 2016

(I’m a manager for a national clothing retailer outside of Boston and our store is running a promotion where customers can get coupons via text message.)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, how do I get a coupon?”

Me: “You send a text message to this number **** and we will send you the coupon back.”

Customer: “So, do I need a cell phone in order to receive text message coupons from you?”

(Skipping a beat to see if she is serious.)

Me: “Yes. Yes, you do need a cell phone to receive text messages.”

Customer: *looking confused* “Oh.” *she walks away*


So Cheap It’s A Steal

| PA, USA | Right | March 26, 2016

(The store is featuring a huge sale on clearance. For example, items marked down to $19 from an original price of $50+ are ringing up for $8.99. A customer comes up with two items that ring up $4.99 each, at least an 80% markdown from the original price.)

Customer: “Can I use this $10 off coupon I got on my phone?”

Me: “I’m so sorry. That coupon can only be used on regularly priced items. And it specifies that it’s $10 off $50 in purchases.”

Customer: “Well, how can I get another discount, then? Do you have any coupons I can use to bring down the price?”

Me: *after blinking out of sheer shock* “I… I guess you could steal it?”

(Thankfully, my manager heard my reply and started cracking up.)

Unable To Size Up Their Sales

| Stockholm, Sweden | Working | February 24, 2016

(I’m trying on business suits in a fancy store. Size 46, the biggest size on display, turns out to be a bit too small.)

Me: “Excuse me; do you have this suit in a size 48?”

Saleswoman: “I’m afraid not. We only get one of each item in that size, and they get sold right away.”

Me: “May I suggest that you ask corporate for more size 48 clothes, then?”

Saleswoman: “Oh, no, we couldn’t do that. Nobody wants to buy such big clothes!”

A Very Cranky Sale

, | CA, USA | Working | January 21, 2016

(It is the late 1980s. I work in a women’s clothing store that has been open since the late 1960s. Nothing much has changed in those 20 years in terms of décor or clientele, who wear the same styles of clothing that were popular two decades earlier. Some of the cash registers are truly antiques; they are electric, but with a 10-key style system and a slot for a hand crank.)

Me: “Your purchase comes to [total].”

Customer: *hands me cash; I will need to make change*

(The main power goes out. It is about 10 minutes before closing time. It is not a power outage; the lights that stay on all night are still lit. The owner has turned off the power, apparently not realizing there is still a customer in the store.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I think the owner has shut the power off.” *sends coworker to tell owner to turn the power back on*

(The power controls are on the second floor. The coworker reaches the owner at the bottom of the stairs and he has to walk all the way back up to turn it back on.)

Customer: *laughing at the situation* “I can’t believe he would turn the power off before checking to see if there are still customers in the store!”

Me: “I know; I’m really sorry for the delay.”

Coworker: “You know, we’ve always wanted to crank out a sale on one of these old cash registers… Let’s try it!”

(By the time the power was back on, we had completed the sale with the old hand crank and enjoyed the joke at the expense of the store owner!)

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