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(The rooms in our clinic have two numbers on the door signs, one is the number we use to refer to a patient location the other is a four digit code used by maintenance to track room locations. The numbers are totally different and do not relate in any way to one another. I am rooming a patient in Exam room 10)
Me: “OK, ma’am come on in and have a seat and we’ll get started.”
Patient:”Oh, I don’t want to go into that room. Can I go into this one across the hall?”
(I’m a little confused by this, but go ahead and put her in the “room across the hall”)
Patient:”Thank you for putting me in here. You know, I don’t want to be in a room with THAT number”.
Me:”Number ten?”
Patient:”No, the OTHER number.”
(I finally catch on. The four number room identifier in 1013- she is afraid of the number 13)
Me;”Oh, we don’t even refer to that, that’s an identifier code for the building management to use. OK, doctor will be in in a little bit.”
(I go out and explain to the doctor why the patient isn’t in the exam room she usually uses)
Me”…so she’s in the room across the hall from 10″.
Doctor:” You mean…?”
Me “Yup, room 13″.
Doctor:”Does she realize that.”
Me:”Nope, and Im not going to tell her.”

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( I am an office manager at a small chiropractic clinic. When a new patient comes in, we are required to make a copy of their license and insurance card. This patient just sat down to fill out her intake paperwork.)

Patient: I don’t need to give you my social security number if you have a copy of my drivers license number, do I?

Me: Well actually we do still need your social, just because the license number is for our records while the social is required by insurance.

Patient: But I gave you my drivers license number.

Me: Yes, that is for our personal records here in the clinic. Your insurance requires that we have your social on file when we bill them for your services so they can verify that it’s you obtaining the services.

Patient: *eye roll* I REALLY don’t understand why you need both.

Me: I apologize for the confusion, but your insurance requires that we have your social so we can bill them for your services correctly.

Patient: But I gave you my drivers license number.

Me: …

Patient: I gave you my drivers license number.

Me: Yes, ma’am, but I still need your social.

Patient: Okay, fine, whatever. Makes no g**d*** sense. *writes down her social*

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I work in the sales department for a major health care company. Sadly, we get asked this question on just about every other call.
Customer: How long does it take to receive the information in the mail?
Me: 7 to 10 business days.
Customer: Does that include weekends?
Me: No, just Monday thru Friday.
Customer: So, not on weekends?
Me: No.

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I work as a receptionist in a busy clinic. Our proprietor is generally good at running to time and only works off ten minute appointments as it is. A notoriously unreliable woman walks in, only about five minutes before her scheduled time.
Patient: Is he running early?
Me: I wouldn’t say early, but he’s definitely keeping to time today!
Patient: Oh. Well, that’s not good.
Me: I’m sorry?
Patient: No, he needs to be early. I need to be early. I’m in a rush, you see, to pick up my grandchildren in [neighbouring town].
Me: Alright, well, take a seat and we’ll certainly see what we can do for you.
*I catch our chiropractor between treatments and tell him what this lady said. He rolls his eyes and laughs.*
Chiropractor: She should have booked an earlier ****ing appointment then. If she’s in a rush, take her through and I’ll get to her ASAP.
*I go to take the patient into the treatment room and find her making herself a coffee at the coffee machine.”
Patient: Oh. I was going to sit and have a nice coffee. Ok then, girl, you make it for me and make sure you set it to one side. I’ll come through and drink it once I’m done. Make sure you do that.
*She comes out of her urgent appointment and sits for fifteen minutes drinking her coffee! I’m never taking her seriously again.*

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(I am a medical assistant in a family medicine clinic. We often have difficulty with refills for patients, but this was a memorable one. Note: the patient is elderly so I was trying to be really patient and understanding!)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Clinic]. How may I help you?”

Patient: “I need to find out which medications Dr. [Name] refilled at my last appointment.”

Me: “It looks she filled two: [Medication #1] was sent to your mail order pharmacy, and [Medication #2] was sent to your local pharmacy.”

Patient: “I didn’t need [Medication #1] refilled!”

Me: “I am sorry about that. Which medications are you needing refilled today?”

Patient: “All of them.”

(I start to go through her list.)

Me: “How about [Medication #3]?”

Patient: “I don’t need that one.”

Me: “How about [Medication #4]?”

Patient: “I don’t need that one, either.”

(This repeats several times.)

Patient: “I just need the ones I take regularly.”

Me: “Well, you only have two medications that you take daily, and [Medication #1] was filled last month. Are you needing [Medication #5]? I can refill that for you, though our records show you should have about ten months of refills at your mail order pharmacy.”

Patient: “I don’t know what that is. Just fill all of them for me!”

Me: “I don’t know which ones you are needing; it looks like you have refills on all of your regular medications.”

Patient: “Just ask Dr. [Name]. She’ll know what I need.”

Me: “I have your list in front of me, she won’t know more about what you need refilled than I do.”

Patient: “I’m trying to bake a pie. Just call me when you figure it out.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you as I’m not sure what you need.”

Patient: “Fine, I’ll call you back later. Try to figure it out for me.”

(This was one time, that while frustrating, I actually felt really bad that I couldn’t help her! She wasn’t particularly rude, just confused.)

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