The Couponator 14: Multiple Attack

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(Customers have been offered a coupon that takes 30% off one purchase made today, with some emailed as printable coupons. A customer, who regularly tries to annoy and harass our cashiers into exceeding our coupon limits, is on her third such coupon of the day.)

Customer: “Okay, and I have coupons for that.”

(She hands me two physical coupons, and then presents the 30% coupon on her phone.)

Me: “You need to print that coupon out to use it.”

Customer: “No, I don’t. The barcode is right here.”

Me: “Yes, you do. When I scan a coupon, I need to actually have the coupon to turn it in.”

(I point to where the coupon states, “Print to use in store.”)

Customer: “Yeah, well, look at the line below that!”

(The line she is pointing to is a code to use the coupon for online purchases.)

Me: “I can’t do anything with that. This isn’t online.”

Customer: “Ugh, then just forget it. I don’t want that.”

(I cancel the sale and return the coupons she actually had.)

Customer: “I don’t understand why you always have to give me a hard time.”

Me: “Because I don’t want to get fired.”

Customer: “Well, we’ll see about that after I call this 1-800 number.”

(The customer stalks out with her earlier purchases. Several minutes later, she comes back inside.)

Customer: “I am buying that, anyway.”

(I begin ringing the sale again when she suddenly sneers.)

Customer: “By the way, you forgot to give me my coupons back.”

(As she says this, she’s handing me two coupons — the exact same two I apparently didn’t return.)

Me: “I… couldn’t possibly have forgotten.”

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Keep A Watchful Eye On That One

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Customer: “Hi, I was in here earlier and I left my watch here. I called corporate, and they said I could just come back and get a new one.”

Me: “What?”

Customer: “I was in sometime between 5 and 5:30 today when I left my watch.”

(This is taking place at 1:30 pm.)

Me: “We… wouldn’t have been open.”

Customer: “I have to track everywhere I go for my work. I can show you.”

(Customer begins pulling something up on her phone.)

Me: “This store opens at 8:00 am.”

Customer: “Okay, it was at 3:30 pm that I was in.”

Me: “…Today?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “It’s 1:30; it hasn’t been 3:30 yet.”

Customer: “Is there a manager I could talk to about this?”

(While I call for the manager, she continues to talk.)

Customer: “Look, I know that you try your hardest, but I think it would be better if I talked this over with a manager.”

(After I hang up the phone, she gestures to the back of the store.)

Customer: “I’ll just take care of it meanwhile. Are they back there?”

Me: “No, that’s our pharmacy. The manager will be up here soon—”

Customer: “No, I mean your watches.”

Me: “We… don’t sell watches.”

Customer: “I can show you that I got it here. I have the bag in my car.”

(The customer walks out of the store just as my manager reaches the front.)

Manager: “Did you still need me?”

Me: “I’m really not sure…”

(If she ever returned, it wasn’t before the end of my shift a half hour later, so I can only guess at what she was talking about!)

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