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I was working the drive through at a local fast food place during Ramadan. I did the overnight shift and part of the breakfast shift, so I’d see a couple people regularly on their way home from the mosque. This day, a man in a big black SUV pulls through my window, and I see that he has tattoos on his arms in Arabic.

Me: Ooo, nice tats. What do they mean?
Him, paying: This one means ‘demon’ and this one means ‘infidel’.
Me, grinning as he drives away: Happy Ramadan, sir!
Him: I f*cking HATE Ramadan!

Pimento No No

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(This takes place at an Italian restaurant. I almost never eat at Italian restaurants as I have a LOT of food allergies, including tomatoes and peppers.)

Me: “Does the chicken and vegetable soup have peppers in it?”

Waitress: “No. There shouldn’t be. I’ll check with the chef just in case.” *leaves and comes back* “No, there aren’t any peppers. You’re good.”

Me: “Perfect. Then I’ll have that.”

(The waitress comes back with the soup and puts it in front of me. At this point, I check my soup. I always check everything, just in case, and this turns out to have something red in it… a pepper.)

Me: “Excuse me. This has peppers in it.”

Waitress: “Oh, no! Let me see that. I’ll go ask the chef immediately!” *returns five minutes later* “You can eat it. That wasn’t a pepper. It was a pimento. It’s the thing from inside the olive, you know. So you can totally have it!”

Me: “The other half of the word is ‘pepper.’”

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