Can’t Even Make A Clean Break

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(I am moving out of an apartment for which the landlord requires professional cleaning in order to receive back the full deposit. About a month in advance, I make an appointment with a cleaning service for 2:30 pm on the day before the walkthrough with my landlord. The cleaning service is headquartered in a small town about 20 miles outside of my city, but their website clearly lists my city as within their service area. On the day of the service, I am at work in the morning, and on a break around 11 am, I check my phone to see three missed calls and a voicemail from the cleaning service. I call back.)

Me: “Hello, this is [My Name], and I missed a few calls from you.”

Cleaning Service Owner: “Hello, the maids are at your house now and need to be let in.”

Me: “My appointment is at 2:30. It’s 11:00 and I’m at work. I can’t let them in now.”

Cleaning Service Owner: “The appointment before you cancelled, but the maids had already arrived in the city. They can’t drive back here and then back to the city, so you need to let them in now.”

(There would have been more than enough time for them to drive back and forth in time for my appointment.)

Me: “They could do that, or they could find somewhere to wait. It is not my fault that the appointment before me canceled. I can’t let them in now because I’m at work. We had an appointment for 2:30, and that’s when I expect them to be there!”

Manager: “That will not be possible. Either you need to let them in now, or we can reschedule.”

Me: “I can’t reschedule! The apartment will no longer be mine after tomorrow morning, and if I don’t get it cleaned today I will lose my deposit. We had an appointment, and the cancellation is not my fault!”

Manager: “There’s nothing I can do. Either you let them in now, or we will reschedule, and that is final.”

(I was absolutely furious at this point, but I desperately didn’t want to lose my deposit, so I told my boss the situation and he graciously let me leave to let them in. On top of all of that, they refused to clean the basement because “they didn’t have the right tools,” so I ended up having to do that part of the cleaning after they left. On the bright side, I got my full deposit back, and I left the cleaning service a cathartically scathing online review.)

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Can’t Clean Your Hands Of This Crime

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(We have someone come in once a week to clean our house. She is, in a word, amazing; our house looks fantastic, and she always goes that extra mile to make it look even better. When a friend tells me that she is looking for a cleaner, I gladly recommend my cleaner. A few weeks later, my friend phones me.)

Friend: “This is a little awkward, but… have you noticed any money missing from your house?”

Me: “No. Oh, wait a second. [Eight-Year-Old Daughter] said that she can’t find some money that she’s been saving. She’s kind of careless, so I assumed she’d just misplaced it. Why do you ask?”

Friend: “I keep noticing small amounts missing, say, $5 or $10, and it’s always after [Cleaner] has been here.”

Me: “Oh, dear! I hope I didn’t let a thief into your house!”

Friend: “Tell you what: my husband has tomorrow off, and [Cleaner] is coming to clean. I’m going to deliberately leave $10 lying under a chair, and he’ll see what she does.”

Me: “Okay. Keep me posted.”

(The next day…)

Friend: “Well, she tried to steal the $10. She picked it up and put it in her pocket, and when my husband confronted her, she pretended that it was hers. We fired her on the spot.”

Me: “Guess I’ll have to do the same. Ugh. I’m so sorry about this!”

(I phone our cleaner.)

Me: “My friend told me what happened at her house. My little girl’s money is missing as well. Did you steal it?”

Cleaner: “What? No! Of course not! I would never do such a thing to a child!”

Me: “I’m thinking seriously about phoning the police.”

Cleaner: “NO! You don’t need to do that. Listen… I’m completely innocent, but just to show good faith, I’ll return… um, I mean give you half of the missing money. That’ll be $65. How’s that sound?”

Me: “I don’t remember telling you how much was missing.”

Cleaner: “…”

Me: “Forget it. You’re fired.”

(We changed our locks, of course, and I gave my daughter her money back out of my own pocket. To this day, I still miss my cleaner. She was such an awesome cleaner, and if she’d only taken money from ME, I might have turned a blind eye to her stealing.)

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I work for a cleaning service. We get a new client and I’m assigned to clean the house. It’s a gorgeous spring day, so I open all the doors and windows as I’m cleaning and the scent of the garden comes in – lots of jasmine and daphne as well as many other fragrant flowers. By the time I’m finished, the place smells divine. The client arrives back just as I’m finishing, with several shopping bags.

Client: Oh, the house looks lovely. But why are all the windows and doors open?
Me: Just to give it a good airing out, I’m about to close them.
Client: Oh yes? What’s that smell?

I’m non-plussed; has she literally never stopped to smell the flowers in her own garden?

Me: That’s the scent of all your lovely jasmine just under these windows here. Glorious, isn’t it?
Client: Oh, I don’t like that. Close the windows and use this instead!

She pulls from her shopping back a can of air freshener. Jasmine scented.

Clocked Out For The Last Time

| Working | May 22, 2017

(I am the new hire in this story, and I am working as an evening cleaner with two other girls, who have been there longer than I have. These girls are very unhelpful and right off the bat don’t like me because I take my work seriously while they spend most of their time slacking off and sitting in the office or even skipping some of their tasks so they can sit in the office for two hours until it is time to leave. Being that this is a cleaning job and only the three of us are in the building at this time, they expect us to clean every room until it is time to go home, and with all the tasks it is almost impossible to finish within two hours. One night, about five minutes after our shift has started, I go to ask my coworkers if I can borrow their keys to the paper towel dispenser, I notice they are nowhere to be found and my coworker’s car isn’t in the parking lot. I text them to see what is going on and this exchange takes place:)

Me: “Is everything all right? I noticed your car wasn’t in the parking lot and [Coworker #2] is nowhere to be found, either.”

Coworker: “Yes, everything is all right! [Coworker #2] was very tired and didn’t feel like cleaning so I took her to [Coffee Chain]. We’ll be back in five minutes.”

(I know my boss isn’t going to be too happy with them if she finds out about them leaving. My boss has made it clear we are not allowed to leave while on duty since it is only a four hour shift and there is no need to take a break, but not wanting to get anyone in trouble, I decide I am not going to say anything. An hour goes by and I notice they are still not in the building and two hours later, when I finish all of my assigned areas and go to clock out, they are in the office, drinking their [Coffee Chain] drinks. When I grab my things, one of my coworkers speaks up.)

Coworker #2: “Where are you going, [My Name]?”

Me: “I am finished with my rooms and I am clocking out, as it’s the end of our shift.”

Coworker #1: “Oh, I didn’t realize it was time for us to leave! Did you clean our rooms as well?”

Me: “No, I didn’t. I had my own rooms to worry about. You should’ve thought of that before you clocked out, went to [Coffee Chain] for two hours, and sat in here for another hour.”

Coworker #2: “We didn’t clock out. [Boss] doesn’t care if we have to leave and don’t clock out but now we’re going to have to stay later because of your laziness! You should stay, too.”

Me: “That is not my problem. You two sat in here all night. I am not staying. I cleaned my assigned area and I am going home.”

Coworker #1: “Wait until [Boss] hears about this! We’re supposed to be a team!”

(Having enough of them constantly slacking off, I left, went home, and immediately sent an email to my boss explaining what happened. The next morning, she looked at the cameras and caught them leaving the building, not coming back for two hours, and sitting in the office for another hour, and also saw me cleaning my assigned areas like I was supposed to. It turned out my boss *did* care that my coworkers left the building without clocking out, because the next night, I went in to find out they were going to be let go!)

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Making A Clean Break

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(I work as a house cleaner. I work individually, in very large fancy houses, and spend a whole day working on cleaning a house. This particular house has a housewife with too much time and money on her hands, who enjoys hiring people to criticize, humiliate, and harass them. I am in one of the upstairs bedrooms vacuuming when my arm gets grabbed from behind. This already has crossed a line with me. I spin around and pull my arm away. The “lady” of the house looks furious.)

Lady: “You didn’t clean the mud room bathroom yet, did you?”

(I have, because she asked me to, so I tell her I have.)

Lady: *face turning red* “NO, you didn’t. The toilet hasn’t been cleaned; it’s disgusting.”

Me: *confused, because I know I cleaned it* “I’ll check when I get back downstairs. I have a little bit more to do upstairs, then I’ll check on my way out.”

Lady:  “No, come with me right now.”

(Annoyed, but resigned, I follow her downstairs. All of my cleaning supplies are upstairs as I don’t have time to grab them. We get to the bathroom and, indeed, there are s***-stains in the toilet, obviously from a recent “drop.” It was not there when I had cleaned it an hour earlier.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but I cleaned the toilet. This must have happened after I cleaned it.”

Lady: “How dare you call me a liar! I’m the only other person here and I didn’t do it. You’re going to clean this up right now.”

Me: “I can re-clean it on my way out after I finish the upstairs, if that’s okay. My cleaning supplies are upstairs.”

(Before I can stop her, she grabs my hand and shoves it into the s***-streaked toilet, using it like a toilet brush.)

Lady: “You’ll do it now.”

(When I finally realize what is happening, and the initial shock has worn off, I stand up, wash my hand, walk out of the house, get in my car, and drive away, leaving all of the companies cleaning products and expensive vacuum behind. The next morning I go into the office to face the consequences for my actions and get my walking papers. My boss gives me a big hug when I walk in.)

Boss: “That woman called after you left and tried to get you fired. She called me every name in the book, and relayed to me how she had to force your hand into the toilet to teach you a lesson. Then her husband interrupted the phone call to correct his wife. It seems that he had actually come home while you was upstairs, and had taken a giant s*** and left the mess, but didn’t tell his wife he was home because he wanted some peace and quiet before dinner!”

(As my boss relayed this I started crying. My boss then asked me to go back to the house to pick up the gear I left. When I knocked on the door, the client answered without a word, turned around, and walked back into the house. On her way, she gave a big, angry kick to the expensive company vacuum cleaner and hissed, “b****” under her breathe. I drove back to office instead of my first client for the day and quit on the spot. I vowed to never let anyone treat me like that ever again. It’s never worth the money.)

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