Run So Fast You’re Panting

, , | Chicago, IL, USA | Related | March 8, 2017

My son, husband, and I are traveling home after visiting family. Thanks to a delay in our first flight we have 15 minutes to get from one part of the airport to another, which means that we have to run with the hopes of catching it. This also means that my husband has one of my son’s hands, and I have the other. Keep in mind that my son is only four years old.

We are running along when we both notice the four-year-old is suddenly not moving as fast and is yelling about his pants. Turning to look, we both burst out laughing as we realize his pants have managed to fall down to his ankles. The poor little guy is waddling in an attempt to keep up with us even though his pants have fallen down.

Everybody around us just burst out laughing and now I have yet another story I can embarrass him with when he is older. Thankfully it didn’t happen again. We did miss our flight and had to wait another hour and a half in order to catch our next one. The lesson is to make sure the child has better fitting pants next time we have to make a mad dash through the airport.

Took That Photo Opportunity

, , | Lehi, UT, USA | Related | December 4, 2016

My entire family has come from various parts of the county to a family reunion during the holidays. On a Saturday, we headed to a local museum and outdoor park for the day.

About midday, my niece, age six, is playing with our various children while the adults sit and talk. A few minutes later, she proudly comes to us and says that she has gotten the family reunion photo done.

We are confused and try to understand what is going on. We press her for more information, as we are worried that some stranger was taking photos of random six-year-old girls.

However, it turns out that, when she was out of our direct view, another family had been taking a professional family reunion photo and had accidentally included her in it, thinking she was a member of their families.

I have always imagined, somewhere in America, there is a set of grandparents and siblings trying to figure out which of their families this random, not actually related, six-year-old belongs to.

Going Ape Over The New Baby

, , | Louisville, KY, USA | Related | December 1, 2016

When my younger sister was born, my parents announced it with several banners throughout the house proclaiming “It’s a girl!,” including one on the nursery door. I was two, nearly three, so while I could recognize certain letters, I couldn’t read.

My mother found me standing on front of the nursery room door, staring at the banner with an intense look of concentration.

Why? Because I was convinced the sign said “It’s a gorilla!”

Love Bites

, , | AZ, USA | Related | November 14, 2016

Growing up, I lived less than a mile from a well-known ice cream business. My dad and I would go there every so often, order a couple of cones, and sit in the back of his truck. My dad’s order never changed: large vanilla cone dipped in chocolate.

When I was still little, somewhere between 6 to 10 years old, I got into the habit of biting the tip off of his cone. He would pretend to be angry and I would get a kick out of it. I did this every single time, even when he “sternly” told me not to, well into my teens and even my twenties.

One day, I pick us up some ice cream and his usual order by myself. When I get home, I hand him his cone. He looks at it, then at me, and hands it back. I hadn’t bitten the tip off and he wouldn’t take it until I did!

He no longer gets his cones dipped in chocolate, but I still try my best.

Themed Giveaway Final Roundup: Smart-Mouthed Kids!

, , | Not Always Related | Related | May 5, 2013

Themed Giveaway Roundup: Smart-Mouthed Kids! Here’s a final roundup of stories from last month’s themed giveaway!

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  5. In Your Face (337 thumbs up)
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  7. Joined In The Conversation (419 thumbs up)
  8. Hiss-terical Parenting (489 thumbs up)
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  11. Rounding Up When You Should Round Down (408 thumbs up)

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