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Customer: Are you the library near the Chesapeake Bridge?

Me: Which bridge? There are several bridges here in Chesapeake.

Customer: The Chesapeake Bridge! The Chesapeake Bridge! Near 213.

Me: I’m not familiar with that route number. Could you give me more information? *as I frantically type in Google*

Customer: Oh, just never mind. We will just figure it out. *hangs up*

When I later googled, “Chesapeake Bridge Rt 213” and came up with Chesapeake City, MD. So no, this is not the library you are looking for. Unless you really want to drive 4 1/2 hours.

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(I’m walking into a store when I witness a woman trying to keep her kid from walking the wrong direction. She walks back over to the exit side of the sliding glass door, when the man behind her nearly runs into her, in spite of watching her the whole time.)

Man: “Hey!”

Woman: “Huh?”

Man: *snidely* “Watch where you’re going.” *under his breath* “Idiot.”

(I guess we’re all supposed to have eyes on the back of our heads now.)