You Kanji Be Serious

, | UK | Working | November 10, 2015

(I’m chatting to a coworker before we swap over.)

Coworker: “Are you still at college? I heard you were studying Japanese.”

Me: “Yes. I’m really enjoying it.”

Coworker: “Don’t they have like 12 alphabets?”

Me: “Three.”

Coworker: “Oh… so, have they got more words than us?”

Me: “…”

The Salon Doesn’t Make The Cut

, | Seattle, WA, USA | Working | July 18, 2015

(I’m helping with a fundraiser at the local mall. We have various stalls set up selling special items or offering special services, with all the profits going to charity. A woman that recently opened a hair salon arrives and asks to speak to one of the staff as she sets up.)

Woman: “You know, I was thinking on the way over here. This is usually a day off for me, yet I’ve agreed to come in and work for you.”

Me: “Yes, well, it’s for a good cause.”

Woman: “Yeah, but I’m not going to see a single penny for today.”

Me: “Again, that’s because it’s going to charity.”

Woman: “I know but… well, I’m just going to come out and say it: I don’t think this is at all fair for me, so I want to ask for an amendment to be made.”

Me: “And that is?”

Woman: “Either I get 50% of the profits from today, or I walk.”

(There is a moment of stunned silence. Slowly I look around at the other people, many of whom have likewise agreed to come and work on their days off without protest.)

Me: “Well, I guess you walk, then.”

Woman: “…What?!”

Me: “If you don’t want to work for free, then you’re free to leave.”

Woman: “Wha… but… I’ve got folks coming for me to do their hair today! They’ll be wondering where I am!”

Me: “Then I’ll tell them what you said about demanding the right to take money from charity.”

Woman: “WHAT?! But that’ll kill business for me!”

Me: “Well, that’s on you. Everyone here agreed to the hours and the terms of this fundraiser, and none of them have expressed the selfish attitude I’m hearing from you.”

Woman: “Okay, I’ll stay! I’ll stay!”

(She frantically begins setting up, then goes to work without a peep. Thinking that’s that, I go back to helping with the other businesses who’re participating. A few hours later I’m approached by another lady.)

Lady: “Hey, I don’t want to complain, but the woman from the hair salon over there? She’s been telling every customer she’s worked with how unfair it is that you’re not paying her for this charity event. It’s making several people rather uneasy.”

Me: *sigh* “Hold on. I’ll get my manager.”

(We contacted security and promptly have her removed from the mall. Surprisingly, she still managed to stay in business afterwards.)

Refuse To Be His Charity Case

| UK | Romantic | June 22, 2015

(I have just finished work and am walking home. There are a few charity workers on the street leafleting and trying to get donations.)

Charity Guy: *in his early thirties* “Excuse me, miss, do you mind if I ask how old you are?”

Me: “17.”

(I’m actually 19 but they aren’t legally allowed to continue the conversation if I’m under 18.)

Charity Guy: “Awh, hun, that means you’re too young for me. Well…” *looks me up and down* “You’re too young for the charity. I’d be fine with it.”

Me: *walks away as quickly as possible*

Remained Unchanged Throughout

, | TX, USA | Right | May 28, 2015

(While volunteering at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I notice a middle-aged man walk up to the cashier and hand him a $20 bill. He is buying a $2 tire gauge, normally priced at twice that amount. I overhear the exchange.)

Cashier: “Excuse me, sir, do you have anything smaller?” *gestures at nearly empty money jar* “Our cash register isn’t working and I don’t think we have enough change in here to cash a 20.”

Customer: “But it’s legal tender.”

Cashier: “Yes, but we don’t have sufficient change.”

Customer: “It’s enough, isn’t it?”

(This goes on for about five minutes, with the cashier clearly attempting to keep his cool. Finally, he gives up.)

Cashier: “Here.”

(He reaches into his own wallet and pulls out $20 in fives and ones, takes $2 and gives the remaining $18 to the customer. The customer counts the money in his hands, then attempts to take the $2 sitting on the table.)

Cashier: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Customer: “You only gave me $18. I gave you a 20.”

Cashier: “Yes, but you want to buy this gauge, don’t you? It cost $2, so I took that out.”

Customer: “How do I know you didn’t short change me?”

(At this point, the cashier is about ready to explode. He grabs the cash and clearly counts the amount out. It amounts exactly to $20.)

Cashier: “There, you did get exact change. Now I will need $2 for the item.”

Customer: “I want a discount for the trouble you put me through.”

Cashier: *exasperated* “The item normally cost $4. You are getting it at half off. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?”

Customer: “No, that’s all. I ought to complain for the amount of time this took. Now I’m late.”

(He grabbed the tire gauge and left. I saw him, about two hours later, still wandering about the store.)

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Not Feeling Charitable Towards The Mistake

| ON, Canada | Working | May 22, 2015

(I’m 23, and I’m only five feet tall. I look very young, though I’m starting to get grey hair. My doorbell rings.)

Me: “Hello?”

Charity Worker: *looks at me for a second* “Oh, is your mom or dad there?”

Me: “I can talk to you.”

Charity Worker: “Well, I’m here to collect donations for [Charity] so I really need to speak to your mommy or daddy, all right?”

Me: “No.” *closes door*

(If he had just noticed I was greying and didn’t ask about my ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ I would have given a donation.)

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