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Avoiding Contributions Can Lead To Retribution

| Working | October 25, 2012

(In Leicester, there’s always a group of people collecting for various charities in the city centre. I get stopped at least once every time I go out. Note: I am a student living off loans.)

Charity Dude: “Hey, pretty lady, have a minute to spare?”

Me: “Not really.”

Charity Dude: “Oh, go on. It’ll only take a minute and I get points for everyone I talk to.”

Me: “Go on, then, but I’m warning you now: I have no spare money.”

Charity Dude: “That’s all right, that’s all right. Just listen up, and if you do come into some money then think of us!”

(He goes into the spiel, explaining what the charity is, and I’m nodding along. Then this happens.)

Charity Dude: “You’re a student right?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s why I’m poor.”

Charity Dude: “I know how much those loans are. I’m sure you can spare £2 a week.”

Me: “No. I can’t. I budgeted my loan for the year, and my loan wasn’t very much because of my parents’ incomes.”

Charity Dude: “I know how much the loans are. Don’t lie.”

Me: “The loans are different for each person. I should be going.”

Charity Dude: “Whatever. Look, you must have some spare cash somewhere. Maybe skip a couple of those binge drinking sprees!”

(He grins like this is the best joke ever. I give him the benefit of the doubt and smile back.)

Me: “Actually, I don’t drink alcohol. I’m mildly allergic, so I only have a little on special occasions. And I really have no spare cash at the minute.”

Charity Dude: “Wait, you don’t drink?”

Me: “No.”

Charity Dude: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yes.”

Charity Dude: “Then what do you do for fun?

Me: “I’m going to go now. ”

Charity Dude: “What? You aren’t going to give anything?”

Me: “I told you at the start that I can’t afford it at the moment. Besides, if I was going to give to charity, I’d want to do more research than this.”

Charity Dude: “Wow. Piss off then!”

Obviously, She Was Dyeing To Know

| Right | August 11, 2012

(I am volunteering at a charity when a seemingly normal woman approaches my till without any items. Note: I have dark brown hair naturally.)

Me: “Hello, how can I help you today?”

Customer: “Is that your natural hair colour?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Don’t lie to me!”

Me: “Um, I’m not lying to you.”

Customer: “YOU’RE SUCH A LYING B****!”

Me: *taken aback* “I… I’m not lying.”


(At this point, my coworker comes over.)

Coworker: “Ma’am, what’s the problem here?”

Customer: “This b**** won’t tell me what dye she uses! She’s being selfish! I want her fired!”

Coworker: “Well, our manager isn’t in today, so no one has the authority to fire her. I feel obliged to add this is her natural hair colour, though.”


(The customer storms out, knocking things off the hangers as she goes.)

Coworker: “What the h*** was that?!”

Generosity That Knows No Bounds (Or Much Of Anything Else)

, , , , | Right | July 16, 2012

Me: “Would you like to make a donation to help support children who are sent back to school without supplies?”

Customer: “Oh, fine.”

Me: “Okay, you can make a donation in any amount that you like, or you can donate a back to school kit, which has nine essential school supplies in it. The kits are five bucks.”

Customer: “Fine, I’ll donate a kit.”

Me: “Great, thanks for your contribution!”

Customer: “How long is this going to be going on for? Because this is my third time coming into the store, and I get asked every time to donate! I’m going to run out of money!”

Me: “It’s going on ’til September, but you know, you’re allowed to say ‘No’ when we ask you.”

Customer: “No, I’m not!”

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Making A Difference

, , , , , | Right | May 28, 2012

(We have a big display of used books just outside our doors that we sell to raise money for a local charity. Paperbacks are $1 and hardcovers are $3, but we sometimes let them give less money if the books aren’t in great condition. An older lady comes to the counter with a brand-new-looking hardcover that I had originally thought she bought at the bookstore in the mall.)

Me: “That’s just from [the used books outside the mall]?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Okay, that’ll be $3, please.”

(The customer puts a single loonie on the counter.)

Me: “Oh, sorry. It’s $3.”

Customer: “WHAT?! But I got some paperbacks the other day and they were only $1!”

Me: “That’s because the paperbacks are $1, but the hardcovers are $3.”

Customer: “Well, that’s just ridiculous! I don’t want it, then!”

Me: “Well, I can take it for the $1 because it’s just a donation, but they’re supposed to the $3.”

Customer: “Huh?”

Me: “The money for the books goes to a charity, so since it’s just a donation, I can give it to you for a dollar. But, just so you know, the hardcovers are $3.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! $3 for a book!” *leaves the loonie on the counter and takes her book*

(About 20 minutes later, a teenage girl and her boyfriend come into the store with a hardcover book.)

Me: “That’ll be $3, please.”

(The teenage girl hands me a $5 bill. I open the donation jar to get her change.)

Teenage Girl: “Oh, it’s a donation?”

Me: “Yes.”

Teenage Girl: “Well, you can just take the whole $5, then.”

Me: “Thank you very much!”

Teenage Girl: “No problem!”

(Funny, the differences between some people!)

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Clothing That Just Takes Control

| Right | March 9, 2012

(Note: I work at a charity that accepts donations.)

Customer: *quite loudly* “Where can I leave my domination clothing?”

Me: *stares shocked*

Customer: “That’s the wrong word, isn’t it?”