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I work at a large clothing store. Please note that I’m a tall woman with very short hair.

(middle-aged woman comes up to help desk)
Me: How can I help you, Ma’am?
Her: Excuse me, but…it’s embarrassing. Can I please talk to a woman?
Me: I can help you, in that c-
Her: No, I need a woman.
Me: Ma’am, I am a woman.
Her: No you’re not! Stop trying to butt into this!
Me: Ma’am, listen to my voice. Does this sound like a man’s voice?
(store manager comes over)
Manager: Excuse me, ma’am?
Her: (pointing to me) He’s trying to creep on me when I said I only want a woman to help me!
Manager: First of all, that “he” that you’re talking about is a she. Second, she wasn’t creeping on you, she was just trying to help you with your problem. And third, she told you that she was a woman numerous times. Why did you not believe her, if you don’t mind me asking?
Her: I…uh….well…*lost for words*
Me: NOW can I help you, Ma’am?
Her: Y-yes, of course!

(As it turns out, she was trying to find out how to get her daughter’s period stains out of her clothes.)

Congratulations: You’re Even More Annoying Than Upselling

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(I’m working at a coffee shop and part of our training is offering food with a drink purchase.)

Customer: “I’ll have a large brew.”

Me: “All right! Any bagels or muffins with that today?”

Customer: *suddenly sounding irritated* “Well, is it free?”

Me: “No, sorry. They would add to your total.”

Customer: “Then why would I want it?”

Me: “Sorry… Your total is [total], and your coffee will be ready at the end of the counter.”

(Just for clarity, there wasn’t anything to suggest the food would be free, and he asked every time anyone attempted to upsell him)

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How Retail Has Worked Since 1972

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(The local supermarket uses a self-checkout line in addition to the normal, staffed checkout lines. This helps some shoppers avoid long lines, and is convenient for students to finish shopping quickly. One day, I’m in line behind a man in his forties or fifties at the self-checkout line.)

Customer: “Hey, I need help over here. I’m not able figure this machine out.”

Salesman: “Certainly, sir. You just look for the barcode printed on each item you wish to bag. For fruits and vegetables, you simply weigh them on the counter and look up the item on the menu.”

Customer: *blinking rapidly* “Wow… You guys are so sophisticated. You went all out, didn’t you? Having to print these codes and s***.”

Salesman: “Actually, sir, there are barcodes on every item everywhere else. In other stores, the cashier checks them out.”

Customer: “Wait, there are barcodes on all items?”

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From The Mouth Of Babes, Part 5

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(A man and his four children are in the booth next to my family. I am four years old and am sitting next to my younger brothers. We are all quietly coloring at the table. The children at the next booth are climbing on top of the booth and playing with my father’s hat, throwing food, and running around the entire restaurant.)

Waiter: “Sir, your children are bothering other customers. They need to calm down, or you will have to leave.”

Other Dad: “They’re fine. They’re just running off some energy.”

(The waiter is called away to another table. The kids begin raising another ruckus. They are just getting to an unbearable level when a carrot lands on our table.)

Me: *sets crayon down* “Daddy, may I get up?”

My Dad: “Um, okay…”

(I march to the next table and assume an assertive stance with fists on hips.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir. You really need to learn how to control your children.”

(I get back in my seat and resume coloring. The other dad turns bright red. He gathers his kids and hurries out of the restaurant just as their food arrives. Later, my parents ask for the check.)

Waiter: “Actually, sir, even if this meal wasn’t on the house, almost every other customer asked to cover your check for you.”

(20 years later, my mom still calls this her proudest parenting moment. We even got a $50 gift certificate out of it!)


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