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It’s been a busy day, and all workers have sales targets to adhere to, so although answering queries is also a part of our job, it’s better if we don’t spend all our time doing so.

Customer: I want to change my billing date for this phone
Me: Certainly, if you just want to follow me and we’ll take a seat at the desk.

(After going through the gentleman’s bills we find that his next one is considerably higher)

Customer: That can’t be right! I only pay £x.xx for my contract!
Me: Well, I can check why it’s that high.
Customer: This is disgraceful, I haven’t done anything.
Me: I can guarantee sir that you will have done something that charges extra.

(The extra bill came from phone calls that were made outside the agreed contract allowance)

Me: Okay, so that’s why the bill is considerably higher, it seems that your son has gone over his allowance.
Customer: But I was told he can do ANYTHING he wants!

(Losing my patience)

Me: Unfortunately there is always some form of ‘cap’ or ‘allowance’ that your son has to adhere to. Was that not explained before you signed the contract?
Customer: No! Otherwise I would have gone elsewhere!
Me: What exactly does your son need ‘anything’ of?
Customer: Internet.
Me: Right well, he hasn’t gone over that, it’s his phone calls. You’re only paying for X amount.
Customer: But I was told he could use ANYTHING.

(Baring in mind the son is over 18, I’m told the son doesn’t want to check what’s left of his allowance using our very useful app)

Me: Well the next plan that could work is (considerably more). But you can’t upgrade to that for another 11 months.
Customer: Right, he’ll just have to never use his phone!

(I go on to explain he has unlimited texts and internet usage, it’s just his minutes. The son pipes up and asks about sending pictures, I thought he meant through apps, but he meant through texts. I then had to go through a 45 minute break down of what an MMS (multimedia message) is, and why they cost to send. It wasn’t until after all of this the customer told me he didn’t understand anything I just said and needed it explaining again.)

Me: Okay, so what don’t you understand?
Customer: Can he use the internet?
Me: Yes
Customer: But only X amount of minutes?
Me: Yes
Customer: And what about apps?
Me: They class as internet usage if they connect to the internet for them to work.

(The customer leaves, satisfied and with a long sheet of paper where I had hand written the basics of his contract that he had at home. He then proceeds to turn up 2 hours later whilst I’m with another customer to ask if his sons football app is free to use! Safe to say it was a long day)

Helping Her To Get Rid Of The Voices…

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(An old lady enters the store.)

Customer: “I have calls on my phone and I’m not able to delete them!”

Me: “You want to delete calls?”

Customer: “Yes! They are on my phone and I can’t remove them.”

(I look at her phone.)

Me: “Oh, I understand! You have voicemails.”

(I show her how to access her voicemail and she begins to listen to it.)

Customer: “Oh! Hello! Yes! Okay!”

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am. You know it’s only a voicemail. The person that left it on your phone cannot hear you.”

Customer: *to me* “Yes, yes!” *to the phone* “Okay! See you later. Bye!”

Me: “You know the person couldn’t hear you, right? It’s only a voicemail. It was recorded.”

Customer: “Yes, I know. Thank you very much!”

(She went out happily.)

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The Screen Exploded, And The Customer Is About To

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(I work in a cell phone store. A young client comes in with what I later learn is her legal guardian.)

Client: “Hey, you need to send this s*** to be repaired. It’s not working.”

Me: “What seems to be the problem?”

Client: “Well, it was really cold outside, and all I did was touch the screen and it exploded.”

(I take a look at the phone.)

Me: “Unfortunately, this is not covered, as it would be considered ‘user damage.’”

Client: “What? It’s not my fault; it was the cold and this s*** phone!”

Me: “First of all, glass is non-insulating, so it is not possible that winter breaks your glass. Furthermore, you can clearly see bite marks along the edge of the phone, as well as these scuffs indicating fall damage.”

Client: “But the glass is not the problem! I have trouble touching icons and sometimes it calls on its own!”

Me: “The digitizer—” *pane which registers touch* “—is basically glued to the glass, so yeah, you’d have trouble with it if the glass is broken.”

Client: “But this s*** phone still calls on its own in the middle of the night, even when I turn it off! I turn it off and it calls on its own! That’s why my bill is so high!”

Me: “Let me get this straight. You shut your phone down and it calls on its own, in the middle of the night?”

(Incredulous, I took a look at her bill. Not only was she over her minutes by a large amount, but the calls were all placed during the day. All in all, I ended up finding a plan that better suited her needs, despite her constantly spitting out insults about my person and the phones, my favourite being, “Pawn shops don’t accept your phones because they are crap!” We deal in high-end devices.)

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Friends With Money (Problems)

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(I am at the mall with a friend, who is also my roommate. We head into a cell phone provider, as I’m going to change my plan and buy a new phone. We get to talking about how expensive it all is. Side note: he’s notoriously bad with money.)

Friend: “I can barely pay my phone bill as it is. I can’t imagine paying [price] for a [brand-new model phone].”

Me: “I can’t afford it, either; that’s why I’m getting the older model. It’s on sale now, essentially free if you extend your contract.”

Friend: “Make sure you ask about cancellation fees. [Other Phone Company] was the worst when I couldn’t pay and tried to cancel my plan.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ll ask.”

Friend: “Or you can do what I did and just disappear.” *laughs*

Me: “What?” 

Friend: “Yeah, instead of giving [Other Phone Company] like 200 bucks to get out of the contract, I just stopped paying.”

Me: “But you still owe them that money, right? They can come after you for it.”

Friend: “Let’s see them find me.” 

Me: *silence*

Friend: *proudly* “I’ve moved twice since then. They’ll never get a penny from me.” *laughs*

Me: “That would kill your credit rating.” 

Friend: “What does that matter? I already have a credit card.” 

(It still boggles my mind. He was a good person, and smart in general, just absolutely clueless about money.)

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Stolen From The Amazon

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(I work at a major cell phone retailer. We get a lot of prepaid customers that bring their own devices as we are right in front of the mall’s drop-off point for shuttles from the nearby airport. A gentleman in his 80s with a walker comes in.)

Me: “Welcome to [Store]. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I need a prepaid account for this phone my daughter bought me.”

Me: “Great. I can help you with that. Which plan would you like?” *goes over available plans*

Customer: “I’ll take plan B.”

Me: “Okay, no problem. I’d be happy to help you with that. Before I set it up, I need to ask if the device is unlocked, because if for some reason the phone does not work on the network, I cannot refund the cost of the service for any reason and I cannot test the device beforehand.”

Customer: “Oh, no, it’s no problem. My daughter bought this phone from [Store]!”

Me: “Great. Let’s set this up. That’ll be $50.”

Customer: “Here you go.”

Me: “Sir, this phone is not activating; let me check a few things that may cause it.” *checks to see if it is reported stolen and it is* “Sir, it appears this phone is reported stolen. May I ask how you received this item?”


Me: “Sir, as I told you before, since you provided your own device I cannot refund any service provided, as the sim card is ready to go, but your device is reported stolen so it will not work. I can happily sell you a newer and better phone for $29.99 that will work on the service, if you wish.”

Customer: “You’re just trying to steal my money! I’m not afraid to die, you see! You’re stealing from me and I’ll take you out! I’M NOT AFRAID TO DIE!”

Me: “Sir, all I can do is offer you a solution. Please stop yelling in my store.” *while considering how hard it would be justifying hitting an eighty-year-old man, whether he threatened me or not*


Me: *as my managers are small women and I don’t want to risk them getting them involved* “I can tell you now that they will say the same thing, but with the way you are acting, I will not get one until you calm down.”


Me: “Sir, where did your daughter buy this phone?”


Me: “Your daughter bought this phone from someone whole stole it and put it on Amazon. We don’t sell phones on Amazon and we aren’t responsible for your daughter’s stupidity. If you want to threaten me again, I may take it personally.”

Customer: *finally defeated, walks out*

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