Been Carrying That Since ‘Nam

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(It is a Sunday afternoon, and as such, even though I work for an authorized retailer for a major cell phone company, I am running the store alone. I work in a small town and this usually isn’t a problem and, therefore, there are no cameras. Two customers walk in: an older man, sporting a beard and overalls, [Customer #1], and the other, a younger guy, [Customer #2].)

Customer #1: “Hey, man, I have an issue with my cell phone bill; I keep gettin’ charges I don’t want and don’t have a clue how they get on my cell phone.”

(The man is carrying a cane, so I offer a chair for him to sit on. I have to call customer care, and I’m not sure how long it’ll take, so I offer the other customer a chair as well. Everything is going smoothly. [Customer #1] is talking to [Customer #2] about his time in ‘Nam and how Charlie killed a couple of his buddies. I ignore the remark, as [Customer #2] is being polite and nodding and smiling. It has been about fifteen minutes now.)

Me: “It should only be a couple of minutes more, and then everything should be resolved.” 

([Customer #2] simply smiles, being a patient customer.)

Customer #1: “Not a problem. You guys want to see something cool?”

(The old man then proceeds to pull out a pistol and wave it a few times, in a nonthreatening way. I tense up, as does the second guest. Unsure of what to do, I ask the customer if he has a permit for that, as customer service comes back on the line. I hurry up the call, making sure not to offend the customer, who has holstered his pistol by now. Customer care finishes the credit.)

Me: “All right, sir, you are all set. I hope you have a good day.”

(The customer shakes my hand and leaves. His account has his address on it and I catch a glimpse of his truck.)

Customer #2: “You realize he said he had no permit for that, right?”

(I hadn’t heard this, and therefore asked the guest if he minded if I called the police, assuming they would need his statement. He agreed, all the while being the best customer ever. Not sure what happened to [Customer #1], but I got a $100 credit for [Customer #2], and the DM had cameras installed the following week.)

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The Government Stole His Information Before He Stole A Thing

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Back when I used to work for a specific big-brand cell phone store, our biggest competitor was directly next door due to bad lease agreements. We would trade stories of customers who came into both stores and this is my favorite.

A guy came into my store, looking to purchase a phone and plan. We ran his credit and informed him that he needed a fairly large deposit. He left, saying that he would try next door. It was a common occurrence, so we thought nothing of it. The next day, I found out the rest of the story, as my shift ended shortly after.

The man went in next door and did the same thing: filled out an electronic application for a phone plan. Now, for those who don’t know, we have to see and type in your driver’s license — or government-issued ID — and your social security number. When they did this, they informed the man that he had a deposit, but smaller than our store’s. The man seemed pleased and said he’d be back.

The man came back an hour later with a knife, held the store up, and robbed them of cash and phones. He had no mask or anything concealing his identity. When the state police came out to fill out the report, they laughed when the employee was able to pull up his cell phone plan application and give them every bit of identifiable information they needed. That man was arrested later that day.

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Unfiltered Story #160942

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There’s two employees on the floor at the time, me and our new employee ( who’s only worked here for a month). I’m assisting a customer with a warranty exchange on her phone, when my co-worker gets a customer. This older man comes in, obviously slightly annoyed. Be has our only
Man- “this phone isn’t working. No one can hear me when I’m talking on it”
Co-worker “ok let me just take a look at it”
Man ” the lady at the other store (a franchise, while we are the corporate location) tested it. She said you’d just give me a new one.
Co-worker “we still have to test it in our store”
She proceeds to make a test call with the man’s phone to our store phone. She didn’t have any problem hearing on the phone, so she brings it to me to test from the other side of the store. Once again, no problem with hearing on either end.
Me “Sir, we would have to recreate the problem in our store for us to give you a warranty exchange.”
Man “i thought she was helping me, not you!”
Me “well, you seemed upset, so i thought i would inform you of corporate policy”
Man “well I’m just going to go to ( competitor) !”
As he was walking out the door, he stopped and looked at me.
Man “and i wasn’t talking to you bitch!”

Becoming The Butt Of Their Own Joke

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(I work in a cell phone store.)

Customer: “Can you delete my butt pictures?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “My butt pictures!”

Me: “Your what, sir?”

Customer: “My butt photos! You know, photos my phone took with my butt, kind of like when you butt-dial someone!”

Me: “Oh! Okay, I see.”

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It’s been a busy day, and all workers have sales targets to adhere to, so although answering queries is also a part of our job, it’s better if we don’t spend all our time doing so.

Customer: I want to change my billing date for this phone
Me: Certainly, if you just want to follow me and we’ll take a seat at the desk.

(After going through the gentleman’s bills we find that his next one is considerably higher)

Customer: That can’t be right! I only pay £x.xx for my contract!
Me: Well, I can check why it’s that high.
Customer: This is disgraceful, I haven’t done anything.
Me: I can guarantee sir that you will have done something that charges extra.

(The extra bill came from phone calls that were made outside the agreed contract allowance)

Me: Okay, so that’s why the bill is considerably higher, it seems that your son has gone over his allowance.
Customer: But I was told he can do ANYTHING he wants!

(Losing my patience)

Me: Unfortunately there is always some form of ‘cap’ or ‘allowance’ that your son has to adhere to. Was that not explained before you signed the contract?
Customer: No! Otherwise I would have gone elsewhere!
Me: What exactly does your son need ‘anything’ of?
Customer: Internet.
Me: Right well, he hasn’t gone over that, it’s his phone calls. You’re only paying for X amount.
Customer: But I was told he could use ANYTHING.

(Baring in mind the son is over 18, I’m told the son doesn’t want to check what’s left of his allowance using our very useful app)

Me: Well the next plan that could work is (considerably more). But you can’t upgrade to that for another 11 months.
Customer: Right, he’ll just have to never use his phone!

(I go on to explain he has unlimited texts and internet usage, it’s just his minutes. The son pipes up and asks about sending pictures, I thought he meant through apps, but he meant through texts. I then had to go through a 45 minute break down of what an MMS (multimedia message) is, and why they cost to send. It wasn’t until after all of this the customer told me he didn’t understand anything I just said and needed it explaining again.)

Me: Okay, so what don’t you understand?
Customer: Can he use the internet?
Me: Yes
Customer: But only X amount of minutes?
Me: Yes
Customer: And what about apps?
Me: They class as internet usage if they connect to the internet for them to work.

(The customer leaves, satisfied and with a long sheet of paper where I had hand written the basics of his contract that he had at home. He then proceeds to turn up 2 hours later whilst I’m with another customer to ask if his sons football app is free to use! Safe to say it was a long day)