The Penny Dropped Twenty-Four Months Later

, , , | Right | August 12, 2020

I work in the customer service department for a company that sells phones, subscriptions with the phones, and all kinds of accessories you might need with them. My job consists mainly of answering calls and replying to emails, but we also have a WhatsApp number people can text and a live-chat which customers can enable through our website.

Most phone subscriptions with providers can be made for one or two years, with the latter being the most popular option. As I’m on live-chat duty, I can see which page on our website customers have visited last before enabling the chat.

Customer: “Hi. I’d like to make a subscription with [Phone Type] at [Provider]. I keep clicking on ‘twenty-four-month subscription,’ but when I try to place my order, your website keeps changing it to ‘two-year subscription.’”

I start laughing out loud and tell my colleagues what this person just asked. I answer the customer.

Me: “Good afternoon. I understand there is some confusion about the length of the subscription. It may occur that our website phrases things differently, but twenty-four months is equal to two years. The duration of your contract won’t change.”

After this, the customer didn’t reply anymore. As my colleague put it, he must’ve been too embarrassed after he realised his mistake.

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Too Busy To Bother About Being Busy

, , , | Right | August 4, 2020

My fiancé and I are switching cell phone carriers, so we go to a physical store location to do so. There is currently only one employee on duty who is helping us, and when another customer comes in to have his screen protector on his phone replaced, she excuses herself to help him since his transaction will be fairly quick. She leaves us with forms to fill out so we’re not just standing there doing nothing, and we obviously don’t mind since she is there alone. The store is otherwise empty.

She is finishing up with the other customer when a female customer throws open the front door and marches in quite aggressively.

Employee: “Hi!”

Female Customer: “Never mind; I’ll just call!”

Employee: “Ma’am, is there something I can help you with?”

Female Customer: “You’re all customers, aren’t you?! You’re all waiting?!”

My fiancé and I and the second customer sort of look at each other. I gesture that my fiancé and I are together and already being helped.

Female Customer: “Ugh, and you’re the only one working?!”

Employee: “Yes, ma’am, but I’m just finishing this up now; I can help you.”

Female Customer: “Forget it! You’re too busy; I’ll just call. This is ridiculous!”

She storms back out the door. The employee looks defeated and sighs.

Me: “Don’t worry. She was angry before she even walked in the door.”

Employee: “The funny part is, she’s coming in to pay her bill, which she could have done online or by calling or mailing it in.”

Me: “And yet she drove all the way down here just to storm in and scream at you for being so busy.”

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You… Just Saw Me Do It

, , , | Right | July 27, 2020

I work for a popular phone company. I usually just sell phones, activate plans, do some cleaning, etc. Often, I will have to do some tech work for customers, which is often pretty simple, especially as I learn more the longer I’m in the job. One day, a man comes in for a tech problem.

Me: “Hello, and welcome to [Store]. What can I do for you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I was wondering how you make the video big on the screen.”

I take the phone which has a video playing and turn it on its side before pressing the full-screen button.

Customer: “Wow! How did you do that?!”

Me: “…”

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Would’ve Been Cheaper To Take His Two Cents

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This is a story my uncle told me after he decided to switch cell phone carriers due to terrible customer service. He has closed his account and started with a new company; about a month later, he receives a final bill in the mail.

Uncle: “Hi. I have canceled my service with you and just received a bill in the mail for eight cents. I was wondering if you could write that off.”

Agent #1: “No, sir, we expect full payment. If you do not pay the remaining balance, we will charge you a late fee and eventually turn you into collections. I can process the payment over the phone but there will be a $3 service charge, or you can mail a check.”

Uncle: “But it’s eight cents; it will cost more to mail a check than that. Are you sure you can’t just clear out the balance?”

Agent #1: “No, sir, and if we do not receive payment by [date], you will be charged a late fee.”

Uncle: “Okay, I guess I will mail you a check.”

My uncle then mails them a check for sixteen cents and waits for a month to pass when he receives his next bill.

Uncle: “Hi. I just received my bill and I have a credit on my account for eight cents, but since I have closed my account with you I would like a check mailed to me for the remaining balance.”

Agent #2: “But sir, it’s only eight cents; it costs us more to print a check than that, plus the cost to mail it. Could we just close out the account?”

Uncle: “When I called a month ago about just writing off the eight cents I owed, you threatened to charge me a late fee and turn me into collections over eight cents, forcing me to write and mail a check, so no, I will not allow you to just close the account. I want my check for eight cents, and if I don’t receive it, I will file with small claims court and you can pay legal fees on top of it.”

Agent #2: “But it’s only eight cents.”

Uncle: “It was also only eight cents last month when you demanded I pay my bill. I’ll be waiting for my check, thanks. Have a nice day.”

A week later, he received a check in the mail for eight cents, which he happily deposited next time he went to the bank. The company has since gone out of business.

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The Fifth Entitlement

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I work at a popular phone service store selling the phones and doing tech when needed. We’re a smaller store, so we’re not generally busy, but today, we are. There are only two of us helping out two customers each, bouncing between a sale and a tech problem. All of the customers understand that we are doing our best. Then, a fifth guy comes in, waiting patiently for a few minutes. Eventually, though, his face fills with rage.

Customer: “Can you serve me?! I just need to pay a bill!”

I smiled sheepishly at the person to whom I was selling a phone. He got the idea that it was better to just give this guy what he wanted. I rang out the bill pay and chatted with the guy and then he left.

The next day, my manager sent me a review the guy gave ripping us apart because he couldn’t wait his turn like an adult. Bad surveys mean we lose money out of our paycheck.

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