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I see a customer walking in very frustrated.

“My phone is not working . FIX IT! ”

Me: Lets see, i’ll try my best

i open up her account and see , oh you don’t have a data plan thats why your internet doesn’t work.

Customer: i always had a data plan . You guys screw it up. Can you fix it?

Me: i can certainly give you a plan with data but its more expensive its 70$

Customer: i don’t want to pay that.

Me: i can only offer plans that are offered to general public, if you want to negotiate the plans you will have to call customer service.

Customer: Oh this is your service? what are you doing than? i have another problem, my phone gets too hot.

I removed the otterbox case from her phone to check.

Customer: Do you have a charger here ? i want to charge it.

I have her the charger.


Me: i did not, its an otterbox its really hard to break it with hand!

Her: well i don’t even know how to take it off so you did it!

Me: i did not do it.

Her: Give me a new otterbox case.

ME: Let me call my manager ..see what i can do.

i tell my manager the whole store and she tells me if i did not break it then don’t give her anything.

I insist that i did not break it.

She starts yelling karma is gonna get you.

i tell her she can escalate it to the manager but i am not gonna give her anything.

She is pissed an leaves the store !

No Fortitude For Longitude, Part 7

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(The shop is just about to close for the day when a customer comes in with a very minor issue, and while I am sorting the problem my colleague has closed the doors. The fix doesn’t take long, and I have just escorted the customer to the door to let him out when he appears to remember a separate issue:)

Customer: “Oh, yes, while I’m here I was wondering if you could take a look at this weird line that keeps showing up when I use my maps app. Now, where was it..?”

(He zooms right out on the maps so the whole world map is virtually visible.)

Customer: “Here we are, you see? Straight through Africa there”

Me: “Uh.. That’s the equator, sir. There’s not much I or anyone else can do about that, I’m afraid.”

Customer: “Well, it definitely wasn’t there before.”

Me: “I think it probably was…”

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Covered For The Next 20 Years

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Employee: “How can I help you, sir?”

Me: “I just bought this phone yesterday and I can’t hear anyone who calls me. They sound muffled and tinny.”

Employee: “Ah, I know what your problem is.”

(I haven’t even shown him my phone yet, so I assume he’s going to give me some smart-a** presumptuous answer.)

Employee: “Did you leave the plastic cover on the screen that ships with the phone?”

Me: “Well, yeah, at least until I buy a good screen protector.”

Employee: “…”

Me: “Oh. It covers the speaker, too, doesn’t it? That’s rather embarrassing.”

Employee: “Don’t worry; you’re not the first to come in here with that problem.”

Me: “Oh, good, that makes me feel better.”

Employee: “But you are the youngest by about 20 years.”