A Piece Of Crap Advice

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(I don’t need a smartphone. I’m still rocking’ an $11.99 flip phone. Perfect, but three times in the four years I’ve had it, it has mysteriously erased my contacts list. I finally call the provider and get an actual human. I explain my problem.)

Rep: “Yes, we’re aware of that flaw. It’s in the built-in software.”

Me: “Is it going to be upgraded any time soon?”


Rep: “Sir… in all honesty, the technology is about twenty years old. You paid twelve bucks for a piece of crap phone and you got a piece of crap phone. If you want something better, go get a better phone.”

(Got it. I actually appreciated that; at least it was honest! So, thank you to the guy for a breath of fresh air!)

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(I’m at the store to upgrade my phone. I’ve worked retail for seven years and have always had a bit of a twisted sense of humor. The associate and I are making idle conversation about retail and the upcoming Black Friday weekend.)

Associate: “So what’s your Black Friday plan of action to deal with it?”

Me: *without skipping a beat and completely deadpan* “Killing myself.”

Associate: “…soo, we’ve got these great phone cases.”