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(I work two jobs, both in retail. On this particular day, I work a double shift–going straight from one job to the next–with no break in between, making it a 12-hour day for me. I also worked double shifts for the previous two days, and I’ve been sleeping badly and not having time to eat enough. Needless to say, I’m exhausted, but I’m trying to make the best of it and be cheerful and friendly for my customers. At my first job, I have a lot of stocking to do but I keep getting called up to the registers because we’re very busy in spite of the thunderstorm going on outside. A regular comes through my line. I’ve seen her a lot. I ring her up, and then…)

Customer: You know, I just love it when you’re here. You’re always so kind.

Me: Oh! Thank you so much!

Customer: You’re just wonderful! You’re so good at this. I’m so glad you’re here.

Me: Well, it’s always good to see you, too! You’re always polite.

Customer: So are you! Thank you so much! And have a good day, okay?

Me: You too!

(Thank you, sweet customer, for being awesome. Your kindness meant more than you know. It was a lot easier to smile for the rest of the day!)

Their Vocabulary Is Like Their Handwriting

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I worked as a nurse in a coronary care unit. Medical professionals have their own language, and sometimes forget the average person doesn’t speak “medicalese.” One of my patients was newly diagnosed with myocardial infarction, the medical term for a heart attack. I accompanied his doctor in as he talked to the patient, telling him he had a myocardial infarction.

After we left the room, I asked the doctor if he thought the patient understood what he was told. He assured me he did. When I returned to the patient’s room a few minutes later, I asked him if he understood what the doctor told him.

He said, “Oh, yes. I’m so relieved. I thought I’d had a heart attack.”

Urine For A Real Treat

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My friend is a great prankster. He was in the hospital one time and the nurse came in to leave a specimen cup so they could collect a urine sample. My friend had received apricot nectar with his breakfast. After the nurse left, he poured the apricot nectar into the specimen cup. When the nurse returned, she looked at and commented that it looked pretty bad. Picking up the cup, my friend drank it down, commenting, “Well, I’ll run it through again!”

Strawberry Shakes, Forever

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(I work at a restaurant commonly known for its ice cream treats. A table of teenage boys sits down.)

Me: “Hi, guys! I’m your server tonight. What can I get you to drink?”

Teenager #1: “Can I get a vanilla shake?”

Me: “Absolutely!”

Teenager #2: “Can I get one, too?”

Me: “Sure thing!”

Teenager #3: “I want to do a strawberry.”

Me: “Not a problem! I’ll be right—”

Teenager #2: “Oh! That sounds good. Can you do strawberry and vanilla all mixed?!”

Me: “So… a strawberry shake, then?”

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(I went through a long period of self-harming when I was younger. I have scars and it took me a long time to get the confidence to wear short sleeves. Unfortunately, I was working as a cashier that summer, and the way a lot of people treated me didn’t exactly make me feel like I had made the right decision. Here are just a few examples:)

Customer: *eyeing my arms* “What did you get into?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Customer: “NOTHING?!” *throws up hands and storms out the door*

Customer: *grabs me by the wrist* What the hell happened to you? You look like you got hit by a weed whacker!

Customer: What happened to you?

Me: I got attacked by a bear.

Customer: No, you didn’t. What was it really?

Me: What if I said I did this to myself?


Customer: *without warning, runs her finger down my arm as I’m ringing her up* Were you a cutter?

(And finally–)

Customer: I hope this isn’t presumptuous of me, but I can see that you used to hurt yourself, and I just want to let you know that no matter how bad things get and how alone you feel, you’re always loved. Always, no matter what. Sorry if I’m out of line.

(It makes me a little sad that I have so many awful stories, and that one woman is, to this day, the customer who’s ever said anything like that to me.)

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