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(This was a couple of years back when I was working at a poplar toy store to pay some extra bills. A customer called me on the phone to ask a question about one of our products.)

Me: Thank you for calling Toys “R” Us in Castle Rock, this is Jeff

Customer: Yes, I saw you had a the newest Ferby on sale in your store, is that correct?

Me: Yes, ma’am we do, it’s 50% off until Friday (it was still a fairly expensive product, coming in at $69.99 after the discount)

Customer: Oh, that’s fantastic. My little girl has been saving up to buy two so I was wondering if you might be able to hold one in each color up that front?

Me: (Usually this is something I would say no to being it is a sale item, but we are very slow and out of the holiday season and the item wasn’t exactly flying off of the shelve) Yes, I can do that for you. It’s not something we normally do, but I’ll keep them up here until 8 tonight so if you can make it by then, have your pick!

Customer: Great! Thank you! Okay but I have one last strange request. You see, my daughter has been saving up all her change for weeks now and she wants to buy them herself with her own money, so you wouldn’t mind us paying in all change right?

Me: (Bear in mind, we are a small outlet store that is usually staffed by one to two people at a time with one register that only has $200.00 in it at a time, so we have no place for $130.00 worth of change) No ma’am, I’m sorry but unfortunately because of the small size of our store, we don’t have a way to carry $130.00 worth of change, but there is bank just around the corner from us that will exchange your change out for cash and your daughter can pay us with that!

Customer: (I hear the mom try to explain this to her daughter, who is roughly 14 and the daughter throws a fit screaming about paying with her own money) I’m so sorry but that’s not going to work. We’ll just find somewhere else, thank you! *click*

I had just finished moving one of each of the Ferbys up to our front counter (I was moving them while on the phone), so I start to load up my arms to take them back, figuring that was the last I had heard of her. Maybe an hour passes when I turn to our front door and feel my stomach drop as a mom and her 14 year old daughter walk through the front door, holding a massive fake baby bottle that is as a change jar, filled to the brim with change.

Customer: Hi, yes, I believe I spoke to you earlier on the phone about the Ferby’s? I’m so sorry, but she just refused to exchange it for cash, so we’re just gonna go ahead and pay in change. Where are you holding them for us?

(At this point, just shocked, I lower my head and take her to the Ferby’s section)

Customer: I thought you said you would hold them up front until 8? IT’S ONLY 6:30? HOW UNPROFESSIONAL!!! HOW MANY DID YOU SELL? ARE WE MISSING OUT BECAUSE OF THIS? (Asking too fast for me to respond)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, I though on the phone you said you weren’t coming in after all considering I told you we would not except change as a payment. We haven’t sold any though tonight.


Me: Well, I’m the store manager, and the only person here, so I’m sure of it.

Customer: (Looks me up and down) *scoffs* You’re like, 18, and I should believe that crap? Whatever, just ring these up (slams two Ferby’s in my chest, and the daughter slams the change jar and they walk away)

(I go up to the register in order to start checking them out, I no longer care about the change, I just want them gone. They don’t follow me)

Me: Ma’am you have to come up here for me to so I can check you out (I shout because they are in the back of the store and we are alone)

Customer: It’s gonna take you forever to get through that change (Laughs), call when you’re done

(I finish up the transaction and begin to count the change. Over $15.00 worth of it is in pennies, so by the time I’m finished, it’s roughly been 45 minutes. They end up being $15.00 short.)

Me: Ma’am, almost done can you come up here.

(She walks up, hand extended, waiting for me to hand her the receipt)

Me: It looks like the remaining balance after the change is $15.00

Customer: You stole from us! We should be getting change back you thief!

Me: (I have worked retail since I was 16, I am 22 years old at this point, and I KNOW I did not miscount her money) Ma’am, you are welcome to count it yourself outside and come back tomorrow if you don’t trust me, but I close in 15 minutes and I’m not dealing with this. Give me the remaining balance, or get out

Customer: Ugh, whatever. I don’t have time for this (hands me the remaining balance and heads for the door) GET AN EDUCATION, YOU F*****G MORON!

Me: Tell your daughter to grow up so she can be a big girl and get out of the kid’s store! (slam the door behind her, lock it and, start closing.) People suck sometimes.

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(I am at a popular coffee shop with a friend. We order our drinks without issue, and take a seat at the table across from the counter. An older couple orders after us, and the woman decides to wait at the counter for her drink. My friend’s drink is up first, so I walk to the counter to grab it for her and wait for my own order. My drink comes up fairly quickly, and when the barista calls out my order the lady next to me at the counter strikes up a conversation:)

Lady: “Ooooh, [drink name]! Aren’t those good?”

Me: “I’ve had them before and they’re great on a hot day!”

(The barista sets down my drink.)

Me: “Thank y—”

(Before I can finish my sentence, the lady next to me snags my drink and walks over to her husband.)

Me: “Um, ma’am, I think you may have grabbed my drink by mistake…”

Lady: *ignores me and starts drinking my drink, while sighing to her husband about “Kids these days…!”*

(The barista then sets down the lady’s drink, which is a much smaller, less expensive drink made with regular milk, not coconut milk like mine had been. I explain to the barista what happened, and she apologizes profusely and remakes my drink for me. All the while, the older lady is smirking at me, as she just got a more pricey drink for less. The barista has my coffee ready a moment later, and continues to apologize. I let her know it’s fine, and that these things happen sometimes. As I rejoin my friend, the older lady and her husband finish their drinks and leave. Just as I’m about to take a sip of my drink, the barista rushes over to our table.)

Barista: “I am so, SO sorry, but can I remake that for you again? I just now noticed that our coconut milk is expired! I don’t want you getting sick from that! I have a fresh container of coconut milk out now! I’m so sorry!”

Me: “What? Oh my… yes! I’m glad you caught that!”

Barista: “Sorry! I should have been paying more attention!”

Me: “Not a problem… wait. That lady who stole my drink… you’re telling me she was drinking expired coconut milk?”

Barista: “…yes?”

Me: “Well, that’ll teach her not to steal someone else’s drink!”

Barista: “I suppose it serves her right, doesn’t it?”

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