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Playing Hard And Fast With The Rules

, , , | Right | August 25, 2021

Generally speaking, all casino games are strict on procedure. This is to prevent disputes, reduce the number of mistakes, and ensure that no one is taking advantage of the games. However, on rare occasions, and only if the Floor (supervisor) allows it, some procedures can be bent.

A high-limit player on Blackjack wants a fast game, with the cards dealt and the hands settled as fast as the dealer can manage. This requires skipping some of the procedures regarding hand signals. For the fast game, the dealer simply waits for the player to grab the chips and then pulls the card as the player is placing the chips.

The player is betting $100 a hand and is in the double-down situation. He grabs another $100 chip. The dealer being, well, fast, has already pulled the next card and then flipped over the dealer’s cards. The player has lost but is still holding on to the second $100 chip, and he refuses to place it on the betting spot.

Dealer: “Sir, please place the chip on the betting spot.”

Player: “What? I didn’t want to bet!”

Dealer: “You clearly did. You were going to place the chip down and bet as you normally would in this situation.”

Player: “No, I just wanted to hold my chip. I’m not betting!”

The dealer calls the Floor over and explains the situation.

Floor: “Technically, the player did not make the bet.”

The dealer then puts on his very best customer service “I actually want to bite you” smile.

Dealer: “Very well. I will endeavor to avoid making this mistake again!”

And so the dealer continues to deal… as slow as he reasonably can.

Player: “Deal faster!”

Dealer: “I apologize, but I need to ensure a proper game without any mistakes.”

The dealer continued to deal very, very slowly. The player left the table upset and went to another Blackjack table, but found that they, too, were not dealing a fast game.

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The House Always Wins

, , , | Right | August 23, 2021

I’m a table games dealer. One of the sillier games is “The Big Six”. It’s a wheel with a bunch of numbers with pay-outs on the wheel, and whichever it lands on will pay out. E.g., if it lands on the “5 to 1”, whoever bet that gets five times their bet but all other bets lose. There are two “45 to 1” playouts, but it only pays out on the “45 to 1” that you bet.

My coworker is at the wheel when a player walks up and puts $10 on one of the “45 to 1” bets.

Coworker: “Sir, we have two poss—”

Player: “Shut up and spin the wheel!”

My coworker spins the wheel, and lo and behold, it lands on the other “45 to 1” bet. The guy starts cheering until my coworker takes his losing bet.

Player: “What?! I won! Pay me!”

Coworker: “As I was trying to say, we have two ‘45 to 1’ bets. I was going to recommend that you split your bet to play both; however, the other ‘45 to 1’ bet won.”

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King Of Bad Behavior

, , , , , | Legal | August 1, 2021

It’s my first week working as a dealer at a casino, and I am placed in the back because during that first week, everyone makes mistakes constantly and it’s easier for the “floor” to watch us. But some players know this and willingly seek out the weaker dealers, because if your dealer makes a mistake and there’s a dispute, it usually goes in the player’s favor.

A player sits down at the blackjack table next to mine, and starts betting heavily, $400 to 500 per hand. At one point, he has a twelve and the dealer has a six, in which case anyone will tell you to stay and hope the dealer busts. He stays, the dealer has a two under, then pulls a six, and then a four, for a total of eighteen. The guy starts cheering and says, “Sixteen!”, trying to convince the dealer she has to pull another card.

It works; the dealer pulls a king, and then she looks down and counts twenty-eight. She immediately turns to the floor, who explains that the dealer had eighteen and the player has lost, and as the king was exposed, it has to be “burned” or discarded. The player begins screaming and cursing, but she takes the money and there’s nothing he can really do.

Now the player has a meltdown. He realizes that he can’t win but that in trying to confuse the dealer, that king would’ve been his next round. No guarantee it’d actually be a good hand, of course, but it has a better chance of being something good. He’s yelling and screaming, and the floor calls over the pit boss, who also has to call over the shift supervisor, who all explained that an exposed card has to be burned.

At this point, in front of everyone and on I don’t know how many cameras, the player screams that the money means nothing to him, throws his drink at the dealer, and then grabs about $3,000 of his chips and throws them against the ceiling. It’s raining chips everywhere. Security then grabs him. Some of the workers gather the chips they can and give them to him. He’s given his cash, escorted out, and then banned from the casino.

Sadly, though, he does not get a pair of shiny bracelets or a free car ride to the hotel with the orange jumpsuits.

The poor dealer held it together on the floor, but in the break room, she was sobbing. But since then, she has ended up becoming one of the better dealers.

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Some Customers Will Forever Be A Gamble

, , , , , | Right | June 11, 2021

I’m on my way back from my lunch when I notice a guest I checked into our hotel sitting at a slot machine with her child in her lap. I stop to tell her she cannot have a child on the gaming floor while she is gambling.

Guest: “That’s a bunch of BS! I asked specifically before we made our reservations and they said it was okay!”

Me: “Ma’am, no one would have told you that.”

Guest: “Then y’all need to get your act together, because I did not pay hundreds of dollars on an upgraded room to not be able to gamble! I will speak to your manager about this.”

I gave up at that point and went back to my desk to call security. I’m sure they told her to take the kid off the floor. I’m gonna find out from one of my security buddies, but man, you would think you wouldn’t want your kid to grow up with your same addictions!

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The Day You Stop Caring Is The Day They Might Start

, , , , | Right | June 1, 2021

Our check-in time is 4:00 pm; we try to get people checked in earlier IF their room is ready but never before 1:00 pm.

An elderly guy who is one of our high rollers — those who spend way too much money in the casino — requested a specific room and made the reservation earlier today after housekeeping had their morning meeting (where they discuss VIP rooms that HAVE to be done for early check-in) and he arrived at noon before I got here for the day. My coworker told him to check back later to see if we could check him in.

I have a line in front of me and I am in the middle of helping a guest by myself when he interrupts my current guest at 2:30 pm.

High Roller: “I just need a key made!”

Me: “You will have to wait in line just like everyone else, sir. That requires more than just handing you a key card.”

I am focused on the job at hand so I don’t see his reaction, but I do notice him go to the back of the line. He gets to me and, you guessed it, his room isn’t ready. He hasn’t checked in or even run his card for deposit. I am wondering why he thought he could just get a key and go.

He goes into a tangent about how the previous guy told him his room would be ready and how his host (the employees who manage high rollers) told him his room would be ready. Blah, blah, blah…

Me: “Sir, neither I nor the hosts can control how fast our housekeepers work—”

High Roller: “I know that—”

Me: “But I can request a push on your room. There is no guarantee that it will be ready so I suggest you come back around 4:00 pm, and by then, it should be ready.”

He left his bag with me and had issues in general about me touching it and wouldn’t even let me put it on the floor. I checked on his room periodically and it was ready at 3:30; he showed up not even five minutes later. After I told him his room was ready it was like he was a totally different person, smiling and laughing. I felt like I was being cat-fished.

I told his host that they need to make a rule that if hosted players don’t treat employees nicely then they get kicked out of the host list — meaning no more free rooms beyond what their rewards give them and no more extra stuff. But of course, they would never do that.

I am surprised at how I treated him. Usually, I let people walk all over me and it gets to me all day. I guess I finally stopped caring.

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