Some Customers Will Forever Be A Gamble

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I’m on my way back from my lunch when I notice a guest I checked into our hotel sitting at a slot machine with her child in her lap. I stop to tell her she cannot have a child on the gaming floor while she is gambling.

Guest: “That’s a bunch of BS! I asked specifically before we made our reservations and they said it was okay!”

Me: “Ma’am, no one would have told you that.”

Guest: “Then y’all need to get your act together, because I did not pay hundreds of dollars on an upgraded room to not be able to gamble! I will speak to your manager about this.”

I gave up at that point and went back to my desk to call security. I’m sure they told her to take the kid off the floor. I’m gonna find out from one of my security buddies, but man, you would think you wouldn’t want your kid to grow up with your same addictions!

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The Day You Stop Caring Is The Day They Might Start

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Our check-in time is 4:00 pm; we try to get people checked in earlier IF their room is ready but never before 1:00 pm.

An elderly guy who is one of our high rollers — those who spend way too much money in the casino — requested a specific room and made the reservation earlier today after housekeeping had their morning meeting (where they discuss VIP rooms that HAVE to be done for early check-in) and he arrived at noon before I got here for the day. My coworker told him to check back later to see if we could check him in.

I have a line in front of me and I am in the middle of helping a guest by myself when he interrupts my current guest at 2:30 pm.

High Roller: “I just need a key made!”

Me: “You will have to wait in line just like everyone else, sir. That requires more than just handing you a key card.”

I am focused on the job at hand so I don’t see his reaction, but I do notice him go to the back of the line. He gets to me and, you guessed it, his room isn’t ready. He hasn’t checked in or even run his card for deposit. I am wondering why he thought he could just get a key and go.

He goes into a tangent about how the previous guy told him his room would be ready and how his host (the employees who manage high rollers) told him his room would be ready. Blah, blah, blah…

Me: “Sir, neither I nor the hosts can control how fast our housekeepers work—”

High Roller: “I know that—”

Me: “But I can request a push on your room. There is no guarantee that it will be ready so I suggest you come back around 4:00 pm, and by then, it should be ready.”

He left his bag with me and had issues in general about me touching it and wouldn’t even let me put it on the floor. I checked on his room periodically and it was ready at 3:30; he showed up not even five minutes later. After I told him his room was ready it was like he was a totally different person, smiling and laughing. I felt like I was being cat-fished.

I told his host that they need to make a rule that if hosted players don’t treat employees nicely then they get kicked out of the host list — meaning no more free rooms beyond what their rewards give them and no more extra stuff. But of course, they would never do that.

I am surprised at how I treated him. Usually, I let people walk all over me and it gets to me all day. I guess I finally stopped caring.

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Skimpy Clothes, Skimpier Morals

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I work in a casino. The waitresses at this casino have to wear very thin, sexy clothes. They aren’t borderline legal, but it is noticed. One day, management calls all the waitresses to come in and explain that they are changing their outfits to something even sexier. Now, these new dresses are very, very borderline legal.

Staff: “No way. We’re not wearing that.”

So, Friday night came, and the staff worked their whole shift. Then, at the end of their shift, they were all called into a meeting and they were all fired. We had no waitresses for a couple of days.

Welp, the father of one of those ladies was a pretty big-time lawyer. He brought the casino to court and won. They won big. Good for them!

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The Curse Of The Babyface

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The local casino is near both my mom’s work and my university, so some days, when our lunch breaks overlap, we and my stepdad meet for lunch there. I turned twenty-one about eight months ago, but I still look young for my age. This means that the staff looks a little extra hard at my ID when I enter the building. I sit down with my family at a table, and while we’re waiting for our food, we notice a security guard walking nearby.

Stepdad: “Is he looking at [My Name]?

Mom: “I think he is.”

I have a feeling this means he’s debating how old I am, but we brush it off for the time being. After passing us about three times, the guard comes over.

Security Guard: “Excuse me. Can I see your ID?”

Me: “Sure.”

I hand him my ID, and he stares at it for a long time.

Security Guard: “I’m sorry. The staff in the security room noticed you and thought you looked really young. I had to check.”

Me: “It’s okay. I understand.”

Security Guard: “You just look really young, and if I don’t check, I could get in trouble.”

Me: “That’s fine! It’s no big deal.”

Security Guard: “You just… look really young.”

My mom and stepdad love to joke about the time I got carded twice, but I’m more interested in knowing how young the guard thought I was!

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It’s A Gamble If She Makes Her Way To Your Restaurant

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I’m an employee in a casino’s food and beverage department. One morning, I go to the in-house fast food chain for a coffee on my break. The cashier takes my order but needs to run to the back for a moment and leaves the counter alone. An old woman walks up in a huff.

Customer: “Well? Aren’t you working right now? Don’t you work here?!”

Me: “I don’t work for [Fast Food Restaurant]; I’m also a customer here right now.”

Customer: “NO! DO. YOU. WORK. HERE?!”

Me: “In the casino or [Fast Food Restaurant]? I work in the casino’s restaurant. They just lease the space; we don’t share staff.”

Customer: *Rolling her eyes* “Well. No one is taking my order!”

Not a second later, the cashier returns in full [Fast Food Restaurant] uniform and cheerfully apologizes for the wait. She hands me my coffee and quickly begins taking the old woman’s order when she’s immediately cut off.

Customer: “Hold on! I don’t know what I want! Do you have [Famous Item from another fast food chain]?”

I shot the cashier a sympathetic glance and returned to my work area as fast as I could.

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