When Fast Food Hires The Slow

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(I have ordered food through the drive-thru of a well-known fast food restaurant.)

Me: *looking at the screen* “That isn’t right; I ordered [item], not and .

Cashier: “Yes.”

Me: “So, can you fix it?”

(There’s no response for like thirty seconds, so I decide to drive forward to the window.)

Cashier: “That’s [amount].”

Me: “The order is wrong. I want a [item], not and .”

Cashier: “That isn’t an option on my till, so I put in something else to make up the same price.”

Me: “You’ve charged me nearly twice what the order should be. Just take the stuff I didn’t order off and I’ll have the rest.”

(She huffs but takes the food off. I assume she has seen my card as she hands the card reader to me. I put my card in and see the price.)

Me: “Hold on. That’s still too much.”

(She then pulls on the wire attached to the reader, taking it clean from my hands, tells me to move on, and closes the window. She puts her back to me. She still has my card. I knock several times and shout for her attention, but she is totally blanking me. After about a minute of me getting increasingly angrier, a manager appears and opens the window.)

Manager: “Sir, could you please move on to the next window? We have other customers waiting.”

Me: “She has my card.”

Manager: *taken aback* “What?”

Me: “She has my card. I haven’t even paid yet because the price was wrong.”

Cashier: *now turning back* “NO! YOU USED CONTACTLESS! He’s just trying to get me fired.”

Manager: “Sir, I can assure you—”

Me: “Check her till. Does it say that I’ve paid?”

(The manager looks at the till, looks extremely confused, and asks the cashier where the reader is. The cashier proudly picks it up.)

Cashier: “SEE?! NO CARD!”

(The manager and I share a glance.)

Manager: “The card is in the bottom.”

Cashier: “No, it isn’t!”

Manager: “It’s bright orange. How could you miss it?! And why did you charge him for twenty bags?”

(The manager took the reader, removed my card, and handed it back to me. I got my meal for free as an apology and I left. A few days later, I checked with my bank in case the cashier was attempting something less moral, but there were no unusual costs.)

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Has Some Baggage About You Using Your Bag

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(New Zealand supermarkets have recently stopped giving out single-use plastic bags at the checkout, and now encourage you to bring your own, or if you forget you can buy them at the checkout for a dollar. I always remember to bring mine, as I’ve been using them from before they were compulsory. This particular supermarket’s self-check area throws a fit if you put your bag down without first telling the machine you’ve used your own bag, as everything is done by weight. Up until about last week, there was always a prompt which came up asking if you were using your own bag; with the change to all-reusable bags they have, unbeknownst to me, removed that prompt, and instead, you have to find a little button on the screen before you start scanning your groceries. I put my bag on the scale, scan my first item, and wait for the prompt, which isn’t coming. The machine locks up and a cashier approaches me.)

Cashier: “You can’t just put your bag down there like that. You have to tell the machine that you’re using your own bag or it won’t work.”

Me: “Sorry, there was no prompt, so I didn’t know—”

Cashier: “There isn’t a prompt! You have to tell it you’re using your own bag!”

Me: *after a pause* “How do I tell it I’m using my own bag if there’s no prompt?”

Cashier: *massive eye roll* “Ugh, you have to hit the button, obviously! Are you blind?”

Me: “What button?”

(She points to the button in the bottom corner of the screen; it’s far from obvious what it’s purpose is, and it’s tiny.)

Cashier: “You need to use the button; otherwise, the machine will lock up! Either that or go through the main checkouts if you can’t figure it out!”

(I am so done with her attitude that I just say “thanks” and try and get her to go away. What kind of a customer service rep gets grumpy with their customers for not knowing about changes to their software immediately? As I’m walking away:)

Customer: *in line behind me* “What a b****y attitude. There’s no need for that.”

(I agree. Rude.)

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Did Not Pass With Flying Colors

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(I am checking out groceries at a local supermarket. It is early in the morning so there is no one behind me, so I decide to chat with the cashier. I have naturally curly hair that I’ve bleached and dyed a vivid purple colour.)

Me: “I love your nails; great colour choice!”

Cashier: “Thanks! I decided on the colours, even though it took me ages; too many choices!”

Me: “Well, they’re bold and beautiful. Good choice.”

Cashier: “Yeah, there was an older lady getting a pedicure across from me and she looked over at my nails and scoffed at them…”

Me: “Oh, no. Really?”

Cashier: “Yeah, she said that those colours don’t belong outside of primary school children! Can you believe it?!”

Me: “Well, some people are a bit judgmental, not that I can talk!”

(I motion to my vivid, purple, and curly hair. The cashier visibly scrunches up her nose in a look of disgust.)

Cashier: “Well, purple is a hideous colour.” *sighs heavily* “But I guess we have to be accepting of other people and their choices, right?”

(I had no idea how to respond to that. Her nails were multi-coloured, sparkly explosions, but she had an issue with my hair?)

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Paging Manager To Checkout Catch-22

, , , , , , | Working | August 21, 2019

(I live in a somewhat isolated rural area, so we only get pomegranates for sale for about one week before Christmas. When they come out this year I pick up a half-dozen with the rest of my shopping and bring it all up to cash. As the cashier picks up my pomegranates…)

Cashier: “What are these?”

Me: “Pomegranates.”

Cashier: “Where did you get those?”

Me: “From the bin over there. I was excited to see them so early this year.”

Cashier: “Where? We don’t sell these!”

Me: “The sign said they were $8.99/kg.”

Cashier: “No, we don’t sell these! I don’t know where you got them from, but you can’t have them in here. We don’t have any here!”

Me: “So, can I have them back, then?”

Cashier: “What? No!”

Me: “Well, if you don’t sell them here I must have brought them in with me, so can I have them back?”

(I am planning on bringing them to the lotto desk and trying to buy them there.)

Cashier: “What kind of a scam is that? You can’t just take them; you have to pay for stuff!”

Me: “So, can you ring them up, then?”

Cashier: “NO! We don’t sell them here. You can’t just bring your own stuff in to buy!”

Me: “You think I’m scamming you by bringing my own groceries to the store to buy them from you?”

Cashier: “Yes! That’s not allowed!”

(Sadly, the whole interaction stressed me out enough that I left with the rest of my groceries, and when I next went shopping there were no more pomegranates. Fingers crossed for next year!)

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Gravimetric Distortions On Aisle Four  

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(I go to a farm supply store to get a bag of dog food. As the cashier is handing me my receipt, all of the change falls out of my wallet.)

Cashier: “Yeah, sorry, I spilled some gravity there and I guess I didn’t get it all cleaned up.”

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