Causing Some Pay(n)

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(I work for a large grocery chain with locations all around the country. As part of my job, I get a staff card that entitles me to a 5% discount when presented. The only rule is that we can’t give it to others to use, but we are allowed to use it for family and friend’s purchases as long as we are the one presenting the card. One day, I tag along with my mum as she does the weekly grocery shop so she can use the discount. The store we visit isn’t the one I work at. We get to the checkout and I present my card.)

Cashier: “Are you the one paying for this?”

Me: “No, my mum is.”

Cashier: “Then I can’t scan your card. You have to be the one paying.”

Me: “It’s fine to do as long as I, the cardholder, am present. That’s the rule.”

Cashier: “No, it’s not. I can’t accept it. It’s against the rules. Technically, I should be confiscating your card just for suggesting it.”

Me: “What?”

Mum: “But we’re here together. They always let us do it.”

Cashier: “Sorry.”

Me: “That’s how it’s done at my store.”

Cashier: “Then you’re breaking the rules.”

Mum: “I have the money here. If I handed it to him to pay you, would that be okay?”

Cashier: “Yes, that would be okay, I guess, because then he’d technically be the one paying.”

Mum: “But if I just give the cash straight to you, without going via him, we can’t get the discount?”

Cashier: “Correct.”

(My mum made a big show of handing me the cash, which I then handed to the cashier, along with my staff card, which she finally accepted, with a look on her face like she’d put us in our place. The following day I mentioned this to my manager, who agreed that the cashier was in the wrong. We tend not to do our grocery shop at that store anymore, and I’ve since learned that that particular store isn’t held in very high regard by many of my fellow employees.)

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A Not-So-Gifted Scam

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(My grandparents give me a $20 gift card to a popular store for Christmas. I attempt to use the gift card a few weeks later on groceries.)

Me: *hands cashier the gift card when it’s time to pay* “I have a little gift card to use first.”

(The cashier rapidly types in numbers from the card, which I think is odd, because usually they just scan the card’s bar code. The computer gives an error.)

Cashier: “There’s nothing on the card.”

Me: “Really? It’s never been used.”

Cashier: “Yeah.” *he tosses the gift card under the register*

Me: “Oh… Okay.”

(While it seems strange, I consider that because my grandparents are elderly and forgetful, they might have accidentally given me an old gift card, so I don’t push back, and pay with a credit card. As we’re leaving, my boyfriend prods me and whispers in my ear.)

Boyfriend: “Get that card back.”

Me: *turning back to the cashier* “Excuse me? Can I have the empty card back, please?”  

(The cashier looks very inconvenienced, and shuffles through a box of old gift cards, making me almost tell him to forget it so the line doesn’t get held up.)

Boyfriend: “I think you put it under the register, bud.”

(The cashier turned and reluctantly reached under the register, and found my gift card. As he handed it to me, he looked around furtively. On the way home, I checked the gift card balance on my phone, and it said it had $20. I’m glad my boyfriend pushed me to get the card back, even if it was just twenty bucks! At first, I thought the cashier might have just made a mistake, but the whole thing, including him rapidly typing in the card’s number incorrectly to get a computer error, seemed really contrived in retrospect, so I later called the store to explain the situation. I haven’t seen that cashier in the months since.)

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Seriously Checked Out

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(I am at the cashier to buy groceries, including a six pack. People under 18 are not allowed to sell alcohol. As the cashier sees the beer, he looks at me.)

Cashier: “I’ll need to call a manager over to ring this up since I can’t.”

(He calls for a manager on the phone, and then stands and stares at me.)

Me: “Um, how about you go ahead and ring the rest of my stuff up while we wait for the manager?”

Cashier: “But I can’t ring up your beer; I have to wait for him.”

Me: “But you could ring the rest of it up in the meantime, and then they could ring up the beer.”

Cashier: “I have to wait.”

Me: “But you don’t need them for the food, and this way you’d already have the rest of it rung up.”

Cashier: *looking very confused* “Why?”

Me: “Because it would save time for you, me, and the people in line behind me.”

(He looked at me suspiciously, then slowly began ringing up my groceries, eyeing me the whole time as though I was trying to pull a scam he didn’t quite understand. The other customers in line just shook their heads.)

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The Checkout Has Totally Checked Out

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(I put two items on the bench at my local supermarket. The young man at the cash register rings it up and asks me to put my card in the reader. At that point, I realised he’s only rung up one of the two items.)

Me: “Aren’t you going to ring up the cheese, too?”

Cashier: *stares vacantly*

Me: “You’ve only rung up the orange juice.”

Cashier: “Oh. Yeah… Thanks.” *cancels and re-does the transaction* “Oh, well… It’s Monday, eh?”

Me: “No, actually, it’s Tuesday.”

Cashier: “Really? Huh…” *stares*

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Cut Down His Plan

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(I have just done my grocery shopping after an eight-hour shift. I am tired and a bit irritated. I have put my things on the belt when three girls with a few things come up behind me. The middle girl has an adorable puppy in her jacket. I coo over the puppy, and the girls smile, before I turn to watch the cashier finish ringing up the person ahead of me. Then, instead of ringing mine, he GESTURES AT THE THREE GIRLS BEHIND ME and goes:)

Cashier: “You can go first.”

(I freeze, they freeze, and they stare at me with wide, surprised eyes. I have dealt with rude customers all day and am not going to be cut in front of, so I turn to the cashier.)

Me: *in a stern, but polite voice* “CAN they?”

Cashier: *stammers* “Well, I mean, if you’ll let them.”

(The girls from behind pipe up.)

Girls: “No! She was here first!”

(He just sighed and huffed, ringing my groceries up without issue. I paid for them and left. I get that he wanted to chat and flirt with the pretty girls, and not with the tired, chubby girl, but of all the NERVE!)

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