Hold The Mustard… And The Green Stuff

, , , | Working | December 17, 2020

I’m recovering from surgery, and due to a combination of conditions, I’m VERY limited on what I’m allowed to eat. I’ve been craving a sandwich from a specific chain, and my boyfriend checks the ingredients online and verifies that it’s safe for me, with a minor modification. We go through the drive-thru.

Boyfriend: “Can I get a [sandwich] with no mustard, and a [combo] meal?”

Cashier: “A [combo] with no cheese?”

Boyfriend: “No, a [sandwich] with no mustard and a [combo].”

Cashier: “A [sandwich] combo?”

Boyfriend: “No, just the sandwich. No mustard.”

Cashier: “[Other sandwich], no mustard. Got it.”

Boyfriend: “No, it’s a [sandwich].”

This goes on for a few minutes. The cashier either gets the wrong item or the wrong modification. Finally, my boyfriend looks like he’s about to scream.

Boyfriend: “You know what? I’ll come inside.”

Cashier: “Okay, two ; it’ll be [amount] at the window.”

He went in by himself and was inside for a while. When he came back out, he told me that the cashier at the speaker looked stoned out of her mind. Luckily, the counter cashier was at least sober enough to take his order first try.

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She’ll See Worse Eventually

, , , , | Working | December 16, 2020

I’ve run the kitchen of a small cafe for six years, and I always get free coffee to go after my shift ends. Over time, the girls running the front have taught me how to use the large coffee machine myself so I can just step behind the counter and get my drink without bothering them with my order.

One day, as I do so, the new girl at the till just… stares at me with utter shock as I start pulling a shot.

Cashier: “Um, miss, you, uh, you can’t—”

It took me a moment to realise she’d just started that day and had only seen me twice, for a few minutes, in my chef’s outfit, while now I was obviously in street clothes with my hair down. The poor girl thought a “normal” customer had just casually walked behind the counter without even saying hello and started making coffee! 

We had a good laugh about it after I explained and the initial shock wore off. What a way for her to start off her new job! She now jokingly scolds me that I have to order like any other regular whenever I pass her to get my coffee.

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Dismembering Their Policies

, , , , , , | Working | December 4, 2020

I am at a bulk purchase store that requires membership. I am purchasing a number of items for my household, as well as some snacks for myself which I want to pay for separately. I’ve set these in two piles accordingly, separated by a divider.

Cashier: “Welcome! Can I have your membership card?”

Me: *Gesturing* “These ones are both mine; I just want to do them as separate transactions.”

Cashier: “Oh, unfortunately, with a [membership], you’re only allowed to do a single transaction.”

Me: “Okay, so then, if you want to put these—” *indicates my personal items* “—aside, I’ll just come back in and buy them later.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, what?”

Me: “There’s nothing stopping me from coming back, right? Like, my membership isn’t going to be denied at the register if I come back in five minutes and make another purchase? So go ahead and put these aside and I’ll buy them another time.”

Cashier: *In a huff* “Well, I’ll put them through this time, but next time, you need to do them as one transaction.”

Me: “Okay, sure, thank you.”

I get that you have a policy in place to stop people buying things for “non-members” and paying separately, but don’t get mad at me for pointing out the unenforceable nature of it!

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This Cashier Has Checked Out Of Cheer

, , , , , | Working | November 17, 2020

I am out shopping at a craft store that is currently three days into a two-week deal for a fancy reusable shopping bag, while supplies last. When I get up to the checkout, the cashier rings me through and doesn’t mention the bag. I figure the two options are that she forgot or that they have run out, so I decide to ask if they have any left. It’s worth noting that the cashier has been short and had a slight bit of an attitude from the get-go.

Me: “I read online that there is a deal for a free—”

The cashier cuts me off abruptly.

Cashier: “We’re out! The bag was very popular and there are none left!”

Me: “Oh, that’s fine. I thought that might be the case. I just figured it didn’t hurt to ask.”

The cashier starts lecturing me like I’m a naughty child.

Cashier: “These deals usually run out within the first day! If you wanted the bag, you should have taken responsibility and come in sooner!”

Me: “We don’t shop here often, so I didn’t know. I just thought I’d see if you still had any, seeing as it’s only three days into the promotion.”

Cashier: *Raising her voice* “Well, it’s not my fault that you don’t know how things work around here, and I can’t do anything about being out of stock!”

I figure this is just not worth the argument since this woman is obviously not listening and is spoiling for a fight. I just smile sweetly and collect my purchases.

Me: “Well, thank you very much anyway. I hope you have a wonderful day.”

I begin to walk away at that point and the cashier speaks again, not to me but in a volume obviously meant to be heard by me.

Cashier: “Why do I always get the absolute worst customers?!”

I left without asking for a manager. I was in too much of a hurry that day and I also figured that the cashier has already been given the worst punishment imaginable… having to live with that sour attitude of hers for the rest of her life.

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Wait Until The Wine Moms Catch Wind Of This

, , , , , , | Working | October 8, 2020

I am at the grocery store where I used to work, picking up a few things for the week, including a case of beer. The cashier, who I do not know, asks for my ID. I show her and she moves on with the transaction. I am twenty-one and she had no problem with me purchasing this alcohol.

She is almost done with the rest of my items when one of my mom’s former students sees me and runs up to give me a hug. She is in middle school now, so she is only twelve or thirteen. Remember that this girl has only just shown up and our conversation indicates that we have not seen each other for a while and we are not together.

Cashier: “You’re going to need to wait for my manager to come void the alcohol; I can’t sell this to you.”

Me: “But I already showed you my ID; it clearly states I am old enough.”

Cashier: “Yes, but you are with a minor, and store policy states that I cannot allow you to purchase this.” 

This confuses me because I clearly remember from training that there can be some exceptions to selling alcohol to people who are accompanied by minors, mostly parents who are shopping with their kids.

Me: “She is not with me. I just happened to run into her. It’s not like we are going to the same place.”

Cashier: “You could have planned to make it look like you just ran into her. I have no way of knowing and I’m not going to get fired because some kid asked you to buy them beer!”

The student’s dad is aware of the situation and steps in at this point to confirm that we definitely did not come to the store together and I am not purchasing alcohol for his daughter.

Student’s Dad: “Look, I know they can be strict about this, but I can promise you that [My Name] is telling the truth.”

Cashier: “Well, we’ll see about that!”

One of my former managers finally arrives, and after listening to the situation, just rolls his eyes.

Manager: “Yeah, [Cashier], why don’t you just go bag on another lane; I’ll take care of this.” 

The cashier leaves.

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], sorry about that. I’ve had to talk to her a few times about this. Last week, she tried to deny cigarettes to a guy who was with his eight-year-old son! Looks like I might need to ask another manager to try and get through to her. Here’s your receipt!”

I saw that same manager a few weeks later, and he told me they had to fire her for stealing loyalty points from customers!

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