Don’t Worry, Your Order Will Be Apples

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(We sell squeezable pouches of applesauce, but usually only with our kids’ meals as a side. As I’m reading back a woman’s order, she decides she wants to add just one more thing.)

Me: “Can I get you anything else tonight?”

Customer: “Actually, would you mind adding some applesauce, please? That’ll be all.”

Me: “All right.”

(I start searching the order screen for how I can just put a pouch of applesauce; I look through sides, extras, value menus…)

Customer: “Hello?”

Me: “Yes, I’m sorry; it’ll just be one moment.”

(Finally, I find a button that says “substitute applesauce,” and go with that. Unfortunately, the system thinks I’m trying to substitute a side for applesauce, so on the screen it puts the last item that the lady ordered, which happens to be iced coffee, with a plus sign and applesauce.)

Customer: “It’s not showing a charge for the applesauce.”

Me: “That’s because I had to put it in as an add on.”

Customer: “But I don’t want it with my coffee. I just want one of those pouches y’all have.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry; that’s just the only way I could put it in the system.”

Customer: *pauses* “It won’t be in my coffee, right?”

Me: *looking out the corner of my eye, as I hear my manager laughing, trying not to laugh myself* “I promise there won’t be any applesauce in your iced coffee.”

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“Pretty” Obvious Why He Was Reported

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(I’m the only one in the drive through at a pretty deserted fast food place. When I pull up to the window, the only employee I can see is the cashier taking my payment. I am a non-confrontational person by nature.)

Cashier: “I’d tell you that you’re pretty, but two people have already called in to report me for sexual harassment, so I can’t.”

Me: *flabbergasted* “…um, people suck, I guess? Thanks anyway?”

Cashier: “Yeah, it’s lame. Wanna hear some excellent jokes?”

Me: *trying to look behind him for any sign of my dinner* “Uh, sure?”

(The cashier tells me several puns without moving to check on my food. Several minutes later, an employee I hadn’t seen brings a bag to the cashier, who is still telling jokes.)

Cashier: “Oh, here is your food. Have a great night!”

(I checked my food when I got home a few minutes later, and it was cold. I think I know why that particular restaurant wasn’t busy at peak dinner hours.)

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Trying To Re-Coup From A Grumbling Cashier

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(I stop at a popular local convenience store to pick up some things, including a pack of cigarettes for my boyfriend. I have a $1.50 coupon for them. I also purchase two drinks that are on sale, 2 for $3. The cashier rings everything up, and I see the deduction come up for the drink sale. When she goes to scan the cigarette coupon, she accidentally scans the pack of cigarettes again. I realize she thinks she just rang up the coupon when she tosses it in the register and tells me my total.)

Me: “You rang the cigarettes up twice.”

(The cashier stares blankly at the screen, then begins to stress and grumble about how she needs to get a manager to void the extra pack. There is a line, so, trying to be nice, I tell her to just give me another pack of cigarettes that she charged me for and I will buy them both. She does so.)

Cashier: “Your total is…”

Me: “The coupon did not scan.”

Cashier: “Yes, it did.” *refers to the deduction for the drinks that were on sale*

Me: “No, that was for the drinks. The coupon was for $1.50, it’s not there. Can’t you scan it again?”

Cashier: *stares blankly at the screen*

Me: “Scan it, or it give it back it to me and I’ll use it another time.”

Cashier: *still acting confused*

(Finally she rang me out, threw the coupon back at me, and grumbled about agreeing to work that day. I didn’t understand the issue. It was clearly listed that it never rang up, all she had to do was scan it. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized she stamped the coupon with “PAID” so I couldn’t use it again.)

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Their Back Is A Pain, And So Is This Customer

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(I am a cashier at [Fast Food Restaurant]. I’m not feeling so hot this day. I’ve been putting up with a lot of back pain for the last two weeks, so I’m not as upbeat as I normally am, but I’m still really polite with my customers. This woman and her four kids come in, and they place a huge order.)

Me: *after reading back the entire order* “Okay. For here, that’ll be $26.14.” *trying to remember to smile*

(The customer hands me $30, and as I’m counting out her change, she tells me she has a quarter.)

Me: “Oh, okay.”

(I adjust my posture, trying to negate my back pain, and hold my hand out to receive her quarter.)

Customer: “Oh, you got an attitude problem. You don’t like how I count my change.”

Me: “Ugh… I…”

Customer: “Okay. I want a refund. Kids, we’re going to [Other Restaurant].”

(I literally didn’t say anything else to her. I gave her a sideways look and got my manager. At first, my manager took the customer’s side and went to write me up. The manager left me in the office for ten minutes while she went to get the customer’s complaint. When my manager came back to the office, she apologized and told me to get back to work. Apparently, at least two customers and a coworker pleaded with my manager, and told her that I didn’t do anything wrong. I came back just in time to see the customer’s kids looking extremely confused as they walked out. This isn’t an uncommon scenario, either.)

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You’ll Have The Devil To Pay

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(I decide to stop at a convenience store for some snacks.)

Cashier: “So, how has your day been?”

Me: “It’s been all right. I just worked a six-hour shift and I’m about to head back. I just got these snacks for my break. I have another seven-hour shift ahead of me! I’m just so glad these [sports drinks] are on sale!”

Cashier: “Ugh, good luck! Okay, your total will be… $6.66. Do you want to buy something else so that’s not your total?”

Me: “No, thanks. I don’t really mind, and I only have $7, anyway.”

Cashier: “Please buy a pack of gum or something!”

Me: “I really don’t have enough money for that.”

Cashier: “Then I’ll remove one of these drinks from your purchases! It will be fine!”

Me: “But I need those for myself, my coworker, and my boss! They’ll be pissed if I don’t bring them! Just ring me up for $6.66! I really don’t care!”


(She shouts the whole prayer incredibly dramatically while counting out my change.)

Me: *takes change silently*


Me: “No problem, lady!”

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