Hate Mail

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(One of our admins sent the following email:)

Email: “A black t-shirt has been found outside our building. If it is yours, I hate it.”

(She meant to type, “I have it.”)

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No One Speaks English Anymore…

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Me: “[My Department], this is [My Name]; may I help you?”

Caller: “I’m glad you speak American.”

Me: *to myself* “I take it you were an American major in college?”

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Mom Thinks Your Problem Is Licked

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(One teacher sends drug dogs to do a search at my high school. I have undiagnosed autism and bipolar disorder. The mere idea of anyone, even a dog, touching my backpack is enough to freak me out for days. My mom is also a teacher there.)

Mom: “Don’t worry. The dogs didn’t actually sniff anything. It was just practice.”

Me: *pulls out my breakfast* “Well, someone licked the cream cheese on my bagel.”

(My mom continued to insist no one had been in the bags. I got another breakfast.)

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Mess With My Family And You Mess With Me

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(I am 19 and have been in and out of the hospital for over three months. I’ve suffered two strokes and a seizure and have had to relearn how to walk. I also can not eat or drink because I’ve developed a problem with my intestines. At the same time, my brother is graduating from the Marines, so I insist to my parents that they leave to attend. My parents still stay with me to make sure I make it out of surgery all right, and then leave. A few days later, a nurse comes in.)

Nurse “I can’t believe with as sick as you are your family just leaves you here. You’re a little girl!”

Me “Ma’am, I’m 19. I am fine. It was my choice.”

Nurse “No, it is not okay. Your family should be staying here with you. I should call protective services. I can’t believe they would just abandon you when you needed it most!”

(Note: this is the last straw for me, because I’ve been in pain all day due to a combination of physical therapy and another rude nurse.)

Me “Look, lady: you don’t know s*** about my family. My mom has slept with me almost every day she could in a cot in this d*** hospital, and my stepdad has been taking me to physical therapy. They have also made sure to give my best friend a place to stay while they’re gone and a way to get here every day to hang out with me so I’m not lonely. I am the one who told them to leave and see my brother graduate because I can’t. I am so proud of them for leaving to see their only son do something great. You don’t know me and you don’t know s*** about my family, so back the f*** off before I report you for b******g about my family when you know nothing about what is going on in my life and not doing your d*** job! GET OUT!”

(After this, she just stares at me and turns to leave, but not before muttering the following…)

Nurse “Still isn’t right… little child alone…”

(I told the nursing supervisor about the incident. The nurse was fired later that week because of that and other behavior issues.)

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