Their Credit Card Bill Is Blooming

, , | Right | January 14, 2019

Customer: *to my colleague* “Hey. I bought a card the other day and you charged me for the wrong thing.”

Colleague: “Oh, I’m sorry. Do you have the item and your receipt?”

Customer: “I don’t have the card, but here’s the receipt. Here. See? It says, ‘Vase of flowers.’ I didn’t buy a vase of flowers! It’s ridiculous!”

Colleague: “This isn’t the code for an actual vase of flowers. We don’t sell those. This is a card with—“

Customer: “Uh, no, it clearly says, ‘Vase of flowers’. I want a refund. You’ve overcharged me.”

Colleague: “You were charged £1.50, the price of the card you bought, which has a picture of a vase of flowers on it.”

Customer: “Yeah, but… I…”

(Long silence…)

Customer: “I… uh… Yeah.” *snatches up receipt and walks out*

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(It was late one night and me and two other co-workers were in the shop alone, a gentleman holding a bottle of vodka came swaggering into the shop)

Me: Hello sir can I help you?

Customer: Do you sell any lucozade in the shop

(I stood there a bit baffled)

Me: Um, no I’m afraid not sir but they do sell lucozade in the shop that you’ve just come out of

(Customer waddles out of the store mumbling, a couple of hours later I tell my co-worker this and she looked at me kind of confused)

Co-worker: Lucozade? What was he on?

Me: Well he had a battle of vodka in his hand when he came in so probably that

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(It is the day before Valentine’s Day. I go to my local card shop to buy a card for my partner. I am non-white male.)

Woman: “Did you make a mistake? It says here “To my boyfriend.””

Me: “Yes, that is right. It is for my boyfriend.”

Woman: “Just making sure. With all the politically correct words like “partner and fiancé” these days people are getting confused. That would be £3.50 then please.”

Me: *nervous laugh* “Here is £5.”

Woman: “Here is your change; have a lovely evening.”

Me: “Thanks, have a lovely weekend.” *rushes out*

(I still do not know whether she thought I made a vocabulary error because I do not look white or whether she thinks I made a mistake for being gay.)

You Reap What You Bow

| Cambridgeshire, England , UK | Right | December 20, 2016

(I have just served a customer who bought a card, wrapping paper and two identical bows. After serving another customer, she comes up to my till.)

Customer: “You’ve overcharged me! How hard is it to not double scan an item?!”

Me: ‘I’m sorry, madam… Please show me your receipt.”

(She does, and everything is as I scanned it.)

Me: “I only scanned what you gave me.”

Customer: “How stupid can you get?! You charged me for TWO bows!”

Me: “Madam. If you look in your bag, you will see that you bought two bows.”

Customer: “I only wanted one. You should have known that!”

Make The Yule-tide Gay

| Folkestone, England, UK | Right | December 25, 2014

(I am browsing the Christmas cards. Next to me is a man also looking at the cards. He has two different ‘for my brother and his boyfriend at Christmas’ cards in his hand, deciding which one he wants. A woman walks past.)

Woman: “Disgusting! They shouldn’t sell such filthy cards in this shop!”

Man: “Um…”

Woman: “It’s a sin! Political correctness gone mad! They should NOT be promoting queers!”

Man: “Er…”

Woman: “What sort of thing does that say to my children?”

Man: “It would say that I would like to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to my brother and his wonderful boyfriend, whom the whole family adores, and it would teach them tolerance and understanding of others.”

Woman: “Well!” *storms off*

Man: *sweetly* “Merry Christmas!”

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